Friday, 7 November 2014


Two weeks ago me and my little family went to our dear friend
Sue Kreitzman's birthday party.
In her honor I made this gold lurex outfit for Dixon.
She loved it and said it was her favorite birthday present. :D

I got myself a little present, the mermaid necklace around my
neck, made by Sue, of course.

Here's some pictures from the evening.

Saturday, 18 October 2014


As you might know I'm a huge fan of bangles, not just Bakelite.
Here's my latest bangle purchases...

Carved bangles, £12 for the lot. ($19.30)

Bakelite spacers, £13.60 for the lot. ($21.85)

Bakelite bangles, £28 for the lot. ($44.50)

Like mother, like son. ;)

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Got a stack of Bakelite bangles the other day and some was in
desperate need of some TLC.
In this stack there’s a marbled butterscotch/banana bangle that
got some ugly scratches, so I decided to rub it over with a fine
sand paper to get rid of them or at least make it look a little bit
As I’m sanding I discover that this bangle isn’t supposed to be
butterscotch/banana, it turned out it’s slightly off white with pale
brown marbling.
At first I think “Damn, I ruined it!” but after some quick research
I feel okay again, it just had the thickest patina ever.

Here you can see the work in progress…
I love how it turned out and I like that I got such a nice shine to
it by hand and not using a buffer machine.

Sunday, 12 October 2014


It's been a while!
Life as a new mother has been great so far, except getting a depression
after I had to stop breastfeeding. I'm still really blue but I'm not letting it
take over my daily life.

What else? Oh, I don't know, not much to tell really.
Here's a few things from the last two weeks...

I managed to snag two Cowichan sweaters recently for a really decent price.
One for me and one for Dixon. £11.50 (approx. $18) and £5 (approx. $8).

Revamped one of my belts the other day.

This handsome fella turned 6 months today!
I can't believe the time passes by this fast!!!

And a couple of selfies with Dixon for good measure. ;)

Thursday, 3 July 2014


I don't think there's many bloggers left, I think almost everyone
has emigrated to instagram nowadays.
I'm one of the few who doesn't own a modern phone (because
I have phone phobia and no friends over here in the UK) so I'm
staying here for now.

I thought I show you some neat finds I managed to snag for my
darling Dixon. All garments are deadstock from the 1950's.
He's gonna be a well dressed little man in a few years. :)

£4.70 for the lot. ($8)

£4.20. ($7.20)

£2.70 for the lot. ($4.60)

£9.40 for the lot. ($16)

£17 for the lot. ($29)

£20 for the lot. ($34)

£8 for the lot. ($13.70)

Oh! I almost forgot to show off the vintage pram we got!
It's a 1960's Marmet pram, near mint condition and it cost
only £30 on eBay! ($51)

Friday, 27 June 2014


It's been a while since I posted about any finds.
Here's some stuff I managed to snag on Etsy and eBay recently.

Vintage Chimayo bag, £8 ($13.60).

1940's "Telephone cord" purses.
White, £20 ($35). Multi color, £28 ($47).
My mother in law gave me money to buy myself something I 
really wanted as a "push present" and so I did! :)

Bakelite bangles.
Amber, £4 ($6.80). Banana £7 ($11.90).
I never turn down cheap Bakelite. ;)

1940's Mexican jacket, £31 ($52).
I've wanted a green one for ages!!!

Vintage belt buckle, £4 ($6.80)

Hand painted Mexican style skirt, £5 ($8.50).

Wednesday, 25 June 2014