Monday, 9 December 2013


It's our 7 year anniversary next week and we're going
to Prague (again!!!) for a while to relax and celebrate.
I got us a little gift in advance, these sweaters:

Sunday, 8 December 2013


I don't have instagram, I have a phone that's 5 years
old and the only one that calls me on it is my man.
I tried getting it on my computer but it only caused a
lot of problems.
I blog instead until someone donates their old iphone.

So here's my #thedailybake

Thursday, 5 December 2013


I've had a really good birthday today!
Even tho the plans we made went tits up because my man injured
one of his toes and got gout in the one next to it and he can't walk,
I must say it's been a very pleasant one.
We're going to Prague soon so we'll celebrate properly there.
I woke up early because I was very uncomfortable, went down to
the kitchen and did some housework and prepared some food for
our dinner. My man woke up and we had coffee and he gave me
the sweetest card with the most romantic content ever.
Afterwards I crawled back into bed to check some things on my
computer and in comes my man with a huge package, turns out it
is a case willed with small gifts and if you scroll down you'll see
what I got.

Today's been low key but it was nice to just relax.
I made Swedish style (vegetarian) x-mas food for dinner, tons of
lit candles and Dean Martin playing in the background, I felt like
I just turned 60! LOL!
Skipped the cake today, I made my Caribbean toffee instead.

1940's telephone cord clutch.

Amazing Bakelite bangle.

1950's confetti Lucite sweater guard.

1950's Coro Confetti Lucite necklace.

1950's doorknocker earrings.

1950's rhinestone earrings.

1950's confetti Lucite earrings.