Thursday, 28 February 2013


My mother in law was such a stunning babe back in the day!
I was told that around the time these pictures were taken she
had a very promising career as an opera singer after studying
in New York.
(She's nowadays one of Europe's leading vocal coaches.)
I hope we have a baby girl that will look just like her one day.

Saturday, 23 February 2013


Hi, I'm a little bit bored!
Waiting for the hair dye to do it's magic.
I thought I kill some time by showing off some of my recent
Etsy and eBay finds. Hope that's all right with you.

1950's Leru earrings, $1.75.

1950's pagoda earrings, $1.75.

1950's rhinestone earrings, $1.75.

1950's Weiss earrings, £5.

1950's shell earrings, $3.

1950's glitter lucite earrings, $3.

1940's celluloid chain necklace, $4.99.

1950's Coro necklace, $2.50.

Vintage sunglasses, £2.50
Vintage glasses, £1

And this is me wearing the glasses.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


This might be my last post here, might.
I've lost interest in this blog since blogger changed
and I joined the more user friendly tumblr.
I hardly have time to read the blogs I used to love
and therefore no one read and comment here so I
don't see the point, nowadays this old blog is mostly
useful for checking where we'd been and how much
this and that cost. 

Anyway, I just wanted to post some pictures of our
newly rearranged and cleaned lounge.
It's a mix of everything we love, anything from tiki to
West German.
We still need to put some pictures on the wall and I
would love my fountain table and some other bits to
be on display but the lounge is long and narrow so I
can't put it all out at once, maybe next time.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


 This is actually post number 1000!

I had the best weekend ever!
We skipped Valentines a day forward so we could do lunch,
vintage scouting and then do a stall in the evening on Friday.
(It's getting quite popular to have stalls at events nowadays
and a very nice lady just loved one of my previous stalls so
she invited me to set up a stall at her club.)
I really had luck on my side because my favorite charity shop
decided to sell everything in the shop for £2 and I snagged a
whole lot of fab vintage, I actually did quite well in all charity
shops I went into!

On Saturday morning I checked FB as normal and discover
that my cousin had given birth to a baby boy! :D
We decided to celebrate this by going to a jumble sale and I
was lucky even that day, I got a lot of really nice pieces, some
to revamp.
After the jumble we went to the charity shop in that area and
I actually snagged a Bakelite bangle without even knowing it
at the time, I just liked the shape and color!
I had a closer look at it when I came home and had a feeling I
might just had snagged me a bargain, after some Simichrome
test I had a victory dance. ;)) 

On Sunday we took a walk in the sun (it was nice and warm!)
and we had to stop for a car and I look down and found a bag
of weed! LOL! Totally random, and no, I haven't smoked it.
We ended a perfect weekend by having homemade vegetarian
Mexican food.

 I haven't taken photos of all my finds, some are in the laundry
bin and some are waiting to be revamped and I honestly haven't
decided if I want to keep it all, when items are 20 pence each
you don't think, you just buy!

Here's my favorite finds:

Bangles, £2 each.
My heart skips a beat for all of them, so pretty.

Vintage necklace, £2.
This necklace makes me think of The White Stripes.

Vintage angora top, £10.
This was my Valentines gift from my sweet man.

Vintage pants, £1.50.
I've been looking for a pair of red pants with the zipper 
on the side, they look absolutely fab with the angora top!

1980's peplum dress, £2.
I know, it looks sad and wrinkly but it's newly washed
and I couldn't wait to post a picture!

Dark apple juice(?) Bakelite bangle, 25 pence!!!
That's 40 US cents, not bad, huh?

Leopard printed cardigan, 20 pence.
From the jumble sale, I doubt this was even worn.

I usually find pennies when I'm out walking...

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I'm very much in a revamp phase at the moment.
I found this bracelet in a charity shop last Friday, it was a
bit too loose on me and needed restringing anyway but I
ended up revamping it into a tribalesque necklace instead.
It looks better on than in the picture tho.

And I revamped these not so long ago.
The first pair I got a long time ago from H&M but I never
used them and the wooden ones I got from a charity shop.
They look so much better together.

Monday, 11 February 2013


I received these wonderful Bakelite pieces last week.
They were a find from eBay, I had them on my watch list
but forgot to bid and I was happy to see them be relisted,
this time I bid and won.
The listing was for two clover leaves and one Scottie dog
but the (generous) seller said she send her other Scottie
too but it needed a bit of TLC because he had some dark
green paint on the back.

I finally got round to clean the pieces up yesterday, couldn't
get rid of those awful hot pin test marks but I did get rid of
the excess bits from the cutting process (these were all cut 
from rods) and the dark green paint on the Scottie.
All of the pieces were also quite discoloured by age.
You won't believe how I did it, with a nail buffer!!!  
I finished by polishing them up with some Simichrome.
I kicking myself right now because I forgot to take before and
after pictures, that would have been neat to have.

I found something cool that involves similar Scotties on flickr, check this out!

Sunday, 10 February 2013


I picked up two old buttons for 50 pence in a charity shop
the other day, a bit steep for two buttons perhaps but I got
them for one reason only, they reminded me of pineapples.
As soon as I came back home I turned them into earrings.

I like to create my own things so I (might) have something
no one else has got and fun summer earrings are always a
good thing to have.

Friday, 8 February 2013


OK, so this might look like stills from some sexy music
video from the 1990's...
Nope, these are from today and they might be very sexy
if you're into Bakelite.
I got this stunning two tone ring today, I found it in one of
those £1 rummage boxes at the antique market.
I wouldn't have guessed that this was Bakelite if it wasn't
for the old price tag that was on there who said £12.
After some rubbing I knew I found a gem.

Isn't it stunning?!

It fits on my middle fingers but it's quite masculine looking
and perhaps it was meant to be a men's pinky ring?
Any ideas?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Meet my new friend!
I found him in one of the local charity shops today
for only £3.99!
He's quite tall and he looks happy in his new home,
can't you tell by that big smile of his? ;)

Monday, 4 February 2013


Hi friends!
I've been very busy and creative lately!
That means I feel good mentally and I'm just full of ideas!
It also means that the house is a total mess because I focus
so much on creating that I don't have the energy.
(Am I the only one who gets super consumed and live like
a messy hamster while being crafty?)
Today as my man is in the studio I got the house for myself
and it's easier to deal with my wifely duties. ;)

I just want to show you my latest revamp projects.
Click on the pictures for a much larger version!

Remember this necklace? I got it in July 2011 but I never worn
it because it's quite weird, even for me, so I decided to cut it up
and use some of the bits and here's the before and after!

My beautiful and oh so kind blog friend Heather sent me a package
with the most stunning necklace (I will show you when I got the time)
and there was some other pretty rose bits in there, like these earrings.
I never worn them and I hope she didn't make them herself because the
rose bead was the perfect piece to my new Sweetheart earrings!