Friday, 25 January 2013


I must admit that this Bakelite bangle was a total  impulse buy.
I had a bad day and needed a "treat".
It's nothing about it really but I do however like the color.

I got it for $12.50 (= £7.90) maybe a bit more than you my
fellow Bakelite maniacs in the US or Canada would have paid
but over here in the UK it's a fair price.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I think I'm a little bit in love with my two latest clamper bracelets.
The top one I got myself and the chunkier one my man got me.

Monday, 21 January 2013


It feels like ages since I posted about finds.
Maybe because it's not car boot sale season and the
charity shops have started to really price their stuff.
Anyway, here's some of my latest finds.

1950's/1960's black sequin top, £2.50.
I almost missed this top, I was occupied talking to a friend that 
manages that particular charity shop and as I always do I had 
a second look before I left and there it was!

Close up.

1950's/1960's pale mint sequin top, £7.50.
This is what I call a splurge. I would never ever pay this much for 
a garment in a charity shop, ever, but this was in absolutely mint 
and unused condition. Haven't decided if I'm gonna keep it or not.

Close up.

Vintage embroidered angora cardigan, £3.75.
A bit more than I would have liked to pay normally (you know 
I'm cheap!) but a cardigan like this I just can't leave behind.

Close up.

Super cute gloves, £2.
My heart skipped a beat for these gloves, red and with a bow. *love*

Vintage Pyrex hostess set, £3.
Complete set! I just can't resist colorful Pyrex.

1950's shelf, £2.
I've got one in a smaller size and I can't wait to put them up on the wall!
This shelf wasn't supposed to be for sale, the manager of the charity shop 
was quite nasty about it when I asked, funny how I went there a few weeks 
later and there it was in a plastic box. This was meant to be.

1940's/1950's picnic bottle carrier, £1.50.
I guess this could also be used as a vase holder. :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013


I had one of those lazy days yesterday.
I didn't want to do anything, just lay in bed and watch
documentaries and feel good about finally have had a
proper shower.
We're having a nightmare with our bathroom, we were
just gonna have it re-tiled, this being England, of course
the tiler bailed on us and now we're taking legal action. 
So, after not being able to shower for 13 days it was a
blessing to do so yesterday.

Nightmare aside, I wanted to cheer myself up with one
of those moon manicures and since I really can't wait to
be able to bask in the sun I put some sunshine onto my
nails. Think Miami Art Deco.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


In October we did our last car boot sale for the year.
That's when I snagged this bracelet for 50 pence.
Last night I revamped this bracelet into a necklace.
The bracelet was too big, even tho I removed two of
the beads already and it gave me an icky feeling of
being static on the underside, quite annoying.
I also didn't like that I could see the elastic between
the "teeth", I know, this could easily be rectified by
some white beads but since the static feel was too
annoying I decided I didn't want to wear it around my
I couldn't list it on Etsy because I like the colors too
Last night, out of the blue, I saw this being a really
cool necklace and I immediately started to revamp it
and I was SO right!
I can't wait for sunny days so I can wear it with a cute
little outfit!

Click on the image for a better view.

Monday, 14 January 2013


Yep! Another eBay find!
I actually saw a set just like this in an antique jewelry
shop about two years ago but didn't get them, when I
went back they were gone.

Two eeks ago the appeared on eBay and I wouldn't let
them get away this time!
My heart was about to beat it self out of my chest as I
placed the winning bid. :D

1950's warped bangles, £9.50.

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Here's the first items to arrive this year!
(Except craft supplies, that is.)
I had that top on my watch list for a very long time
until they reduced the price.

I also had the shoes on the list for a while and I was
umming and arring over getting them because the last
thing I need is another pair of shoes!

Pink 1960's lurex top, £2.50.

Transparent wedges, £11.

Monday, 7 January 2013


Some of you might know that I really hate having my
picture taken, therefore the lack of outfit posts in this
blog of mine.
I thought I might as well show you what I was wearing
on NYE.

Here I am all glammed up for the Vintage NYE Party
at Royal Festival Hall.
My man was playing there that night so I had to go.

Bolero, 10 pence, car boot sale
Dress, £12, from a shop in Prague
Shoes, 50 pence, car boot sale
Jewelry, Coro, gift from my man

I had my hair down in the beginning of the evening
but the drummer insisted that I wear it up since it's
NYE and I'm wearing a party dress.

A few hair pins later...

My man and I at midnight watching the London fireworks,
quite amazing. Better than on TV.

Just before the third and last set.
We really match in our black lurex tops.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Here's the rest of the finds from Prague.
You've already seen the yummy Bakelite jewelry and the
lurex belt.
I might have forgotten a thing or two, I've got that feeling...

Old games, 40 CZK & 60 CZK
(= £1.30 / $2 & £1.90 / $3.15)
 I'm going to use these for future projects.

Black Bakelite trinket box, 50 CZK (= £1.60 / $2.60)
Yellow Bakelite ashtray, 30 CZK (= 95 pence / $1.55)
Old doll head, 20 CZK (= 65 pence / $1.05)
Needle card that looks like an old suitcase, 25 CZK
(= 80 pence / $1.30)
Jewelry box, Czech plastic doll parts, large cork (perfect
for the Swedish beet jar I got!) brush and mirror, and old
snap buttons on card, all 10 CZK each
(= 30 pence / 50 US cent each)

1940's flowers, 50 CZK each (= £1.60 / $2.60 each)
Add some pins and  I got some stylish brooches.
Like this!

Bakelite hairdryer, 250 CZK (= £8 / $13)
Jewelry box, 10 CZK  (= 30 pence / 50 US cent) 
Vintage ties, green 15 CZK,  silver & pink lurex 90 CZK each
(= 50 pence / 80 US cent & £3 / $4.70 each 
This is what I gave to my man on our 6 year anniversary.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Here's another find from Prague.
It's a vintage lurex belt with an over sized buckle.
It cost 80 CZK (= £2.50 / $4.20) and was, as you
can see, in need of a good clean.
Luckily I got a tube of Simichrome laying around,
it's not just for testing Bakelite. ;))

A tiny (I do mean tiny) amount on a cotton pad and
off I went, seconds later it's all shiny and nice. 

I got to wear it last night.
Here I am backstage at the Vintage NYE party at
Royal Festival Hall, London. (My man was playing.)