Monday, 28 February 2011


Woke up at 11:55 today, I never ever sleep that late!
Feels like the entire day is gone.
I hate to say I'm not getting any better, I'm now on
my second week of this chest infection thing.
I finished my dose of penicillin last night so I should
be feeling OK by now.
I've done nothing but trying to boost the system with
hot drinks, loads of vitamin C, honey and Echinacea.
Right now I'm also anemic.
Luckily I can do things from my bed! The person who
invented the laptop is my hero right now. :D
I'm happy to say that I've been quite productive so far
today. I contacted people about vintage fairs, packed
a few items that need to be sent, did a bit of tidying in
my hobby room and made a few hat designs that I'm
gonna start working on as soon as I've listed a bunch
of new items in my shop.

I got a thing for Swedish skorpor (crisp rolls) right now.
Preferably with cheddar or organic honey.
(Did you know that honey is good for your health?)

These are my latest creations...

This one makes me think of Swedish midsummer.
Available here!

Comb with red and black roses and heart shaped veil.
Available here!

Big red rose with three small green Cymbidium Orchids.
Available here!

Sunday, 27 February 2011


I felt bad that this beautiful 1950's three tier cake stand
were just sitting there in one of the cupboards, since we
don't eat much baked goods.
So I turned it into a jewelry display for my vanity table.
A bit whimsical perhaps but that's just me...

Click on the image for larger version.

Click on the image for larger version.

Saturday, 26 February 2011


This is pretty much my view right now.
A pint of fizzy cherry, penicillin and Sopranos.

Yesterday I was climbing the walls, I needed to get out
of the house and do something, add PMS on top of that.
If you're a man you know that the only thing to do is to
please your woman. HA HA HA! My man did it the best
way he know how, he took me out for lunch and a little
charity shop scout. I so needed that.
Today I'm back in bed, but it was worth it.

This is what I got:

Bangle, £1.50.
Not vintage but it's still very nice with silver stars and glitter.
Perfect buddy for my dreamy star dress.

Black gingham top, £1.50.
Perfect basic summer wear.

Pretty vintage style bag.
I'm not gonna mention the price since I decided not to keep it for
myself, I just needed to blog about it because it's so pretty and
it will be listed in my shop soon.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


No rant today, the sun is shining and I managed to
have a walk this morning so I'm in a good mood.

Yesterday I dragged myself into town to send a few
packages and to pick up vitamins.
While I was there I though I'd visit my two favorite
charity shops.
I found a few vintage summer bags for my shop and
also these...

Stunning long cherry red Cheongsam, £2.50.
It's one size too big for me but that could be altered quite easily.
The color in this picture isn't quite right.
Click here for a full picture and to see it's true color.

Vintage hat, £2.75.
From the 1970's/1980's, doesn't really matter since a straw hat
is more or less timeless.

The ugly cheap scarf ended up in the bin as soon as I got in.

I rather wear it like this. Or...

Like this with some Hibiscus flowers attached to it. Or...

With big Lilies.
The choices are many and it could be worn with several outfits.
Great buy!

I also started to work on a few more hats, finished one
last night and I'm about to finish one now as we speak.

And I just noticed that I now got 190 followers, as soon
as I hit 200 I will have a giveaway. I already got a few
vintage bits in mind.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Today is not my day, I'm still really ill but my voice is
finally back. I finally got an appointment with my GP
earlier today, turns out that I got a chest infection and
he put me on antibiotics.
I was gonna have a stall this weekend at an all-dayer
but that's not gonna happen if I'm not 100% well.
On top of this my man is stressed out because he got
too much work to do before this really big event he's
organizing and there's still plenty of things to be done
so we won't be able to go to the US this spring!
We were meant to go for 3 weeks but since he's been
working non stop there hasn't been any time to plan
anything so we have to postpone the trip until 2012.
We will however go to the Screamin' Festival, Spain,
we know the place inside out so we don't have to plan
anything, just book a flight and the hotel.
We so need a vacation!

Sorry for my rant, there's been too many lately. :(

One this cheered me up today though...
These sunglasses, they are 1950's deadstock and I got
them on eBay.

Gold glitter sunglasses, £4.20.
Red glitter sunglasses, £6.57.

My red glitter sunglasses is a perfect match to
my red glitter bangle I got last week! :D

Tomorrow I hope we get nice weather because I plan
to drag myself to the post office, I got a few packages
that need to be sent urgently and I do need to pick up
painkillers and vitamins.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


I almost forgot to blog about this really neat find me
and my man came across a week ago.
After a scrumptious lunch at Sazio we went scouting
at our favorite vintage shop, The Fleetville Vintage
Emporium, and little Miss Magpie (that's me!) found
this stunning set of four vintage placemats for £10.
I love the kitschy nautical theme.
My heart skips an extra beat because of the tiny sea
shells and the glitter AND confetti!

They are in mint condition, no damage or scratches
on the resin whatsoever.

Close up.
Click on the image for larger version.

I won't use them as placemats, (no way!) my plan
is to hang them on the wall in our bathroom.
They got a rubber back so I'm not sure if adhesive
discs will work and I don't really dare to have a go,
I don't want the placemats to break.
I think I'll go for the safest option and use good old
plate hangers instead.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Had a bad night and I have difficulties breathing and
swallowing my food and drinks today. I try my best.
Grumpy, bored and fed up.
On top of this I wasn't well enough to go to a jumble
sale where I snagged a whole lot of gems in the past.
(Hope it was all crap today!)

Two things did however brighten up this awful day,
my man got me fresh strawberries for breakfast and
this fabulous bangle arrived this morning.

Vintage glitter bangle, $4.99 on eBay.
The pictures doesn't do this bangle any justice.
This Cranberry red beauty is going to be best friend
my red
spacers and bamboo bangles.

And here's a pleasant surprise that wasn't mentioned in
the item description, it's marked W. Germany!

I love, love, LOVE West Germany jewelery and pottery!

And these came with the snail mail earlier this week...

Vintage pineapple earrings, $6.50 from Etsy.

Friday, 18 February 2011


I'm sooo bored!
Still no voice, everything aches.
I did manage to have a shower this morning, it felt
like it was nails that came out of the shower nozzle.
I also did my hair and went a bit silly with the nail
polish and put on a dress and a little bit of makeup
to feel better about myself.

There's not much to do around here, just lay in bed,
watch The Sopranos and eat.
Not that I mind but I rather be at work, doing some

I got a thing for Silvio Dante, he looks like an older version of my man.
It's kosher for me to think that older men are sexy since I'm over 30.
Right? :))

And I didn't have to leave bed to do it!
I know, it's not pretty but it did give me something to do...

Bring on the basil!
I love fresh basil, I always go mad when there's any in the fridge.
It's not only delicious, it's also packed with goodness such as anti-
oxidants, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and vitamin C.


OK, I just have to blog about this because it's so damn

Remember this bag that I snagged on eBay for £5?

Anyway, I looked through a fashion magazine from last
year and what do I see, the same type of bag from the
Chanel Spring-Summer 2010 Barn Show!

So I had a look around on the net and found that this bag
was featured on as part of their Spring 2010
Buyer’s Guide.
I also saw the price tag on this mess of a bag, $12,500!
Let me spell it out for you: TWELVE THOUSAND FIVE
With that kind of money I could have my bathroom done
and maybe have a conservatory built in the back!!!
I hope the Japanese guy who designed this back in the
day got a fat check from the house of Chanel before they
started to rip off his idea.

I'm sorry if I sound big headed but I bet I could have done
a much better flower job on this one.
The bag itself is way too exotic for poppy flowers, I would
agreed with poppy's on some rattan basket but not on this
This basket belongs on a sunny beach, not in a barn!

Click on the images for larger versions!

All pictures are borrowed from Chanel and

Thursday, 17 February 2011


This cold thing has taken the turn for the worse.
I think I might got the flu, I have no voice today
and my throat is really sore, so is my skin, every
part of my body hurts and I got a nasty cough.
I'm really pissed off!
Went through my craft boxes this morning and I
found out that there's enough material to make a
few more hats and some hair flowers.
That should cheer me up a bit...

And there's a mule madness going on in this house
at the moment. I, like most rockin' girls love Polly
mules but let's face facts, I would spend that much
money on a pair of heels nowadays, doesn't matter
how sexy they are.
(OK, if someone gave me a pair of Polly's I wouldn't
say no, I'm not stupid.)
So I've done the next best thing, a bargain hunt on
eBay. (Not necessarily for Polly's.)
It doesn't matter if they get ruined, they didn't cost
me that much to begin with.

These last two weeks five pairs have become mine.
I think I got 11 in total by now...

Black suede mules with diamonds, £4.50.
(Feb 13)

White wooden mules with diamante buckle, £2.30.
(Feb 16)

Shimmery pink wooden mules, 99 pence.
(Feb 17)

Clear wedge mules, £7. (Feb 9)
7 inch clear mules (gift from my man, Feb 14)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Ill, again.
It started on Valentines, one of my co-workers thought it
was a good idea to go to work with a bad cough and spread
her germs all over the place.
She got sent home last week, the boss firmly told her that
she didn't want more staff to get ill! It's not like she lose any
money for staying home until she's fully recovered.

Anyway, since I'm not well enough to do much I'm gonna
show you what a fat score we made on our Valentine outing.

First I got this at work:

Vintage slip, 50 pence.

1940's style dress, 50 pence.
Suits me to a tee. Perfect for a night out as well as at home.

Top, 50 pence.
My camera wouldn't let me take a better picture but it look
very much like the top/mini dress I blogged about here!

Vintage novelty mug, FREE!
Isn't she the most! Marked "Foreign" so I know for a fact it's old.
(Please have a sense of humor.)

This is what I found at Charity Shop, Burnt Oak:

Coconut earrings, £1.50.
Gift from my man.
Goes perfect together with my tropical outfits.

1950's case, £4.
Perfect condition on the inside, outside is also well kept.
It's getting harder to find vintage cases on the cheap.

1970's chopping board, 75 pence.
I like vintage chopping boards, don't know why they don't
make them like this anymore.

This is what I found at North London Hospice, Golders Green:

Vintage fabric, £2.
Has got a 1930's look and I will probably make a bikini or
a playsuit out of it.

1950's faux fur hat, £2.
Gift from my man, forgot to post about it yesterday.

And the vintage faux fur jacket, £6.
You might think my man is a cheapskate but let me tell you, I don't
like expensive stuff, I feel uncomfortable
. I like a bargain more.

The cheaper the better. I'm very low maintenance and oh how my
man loves me for that. :))

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


This year was the first year we'd done Valentines day.
We felt we wanted to this year for some reason.
We didn't do it the "normal" way, with chocolates (I don't
eat sweets) and overpriced cards, we did it our own way.
My man is the master of surprises, when I got back from
work, feeling like crap, my plan was to have a cup of tea
and a nap. Nope, no nap for me, I got told to change my
clothes and hop in the car, turns out he booked us in for
lunch and then we went for vintage. Again!
He had already done all his work for the day before I got
back and wanted to take me out again.
I didn't have the heart to say no. ;))
We had a really nice day out, the sun was shining and
we did what we felt like doing.

In the evening we exchanged gifts, this is what I got:
(Click on the images for larger versions!)

A vintage faux fur jacket.
I found this at North London Hospice in Golders Green and my man
really liked it on me so he bought it for me.

A pair of really slutty 7 inch mules.
I'll give them a try at some point. I've mastered 7 inch heels before.
Pretty funny though, I looked around for insane heels the other day
and found these and sent my man a link, like,
"honey, look at these
slutty heels!" but he must have
thought I wanted them. :))

A stunning set of Coro Moonray confetti from 1956.
It's in totally mint condition, not a single scratch!
I actually bought this for myself since I got it for a real bargain price
and when
it arrived the other day my man said since I loved it so much
he wanted to pay for it.

Close up.
The pictures doesn't do them justice at all.

I got my man a very nice vintage Hawaiian shirt by Hilo Hattie.
It got coconut buttons and pineapple print on it.
He also got three jars of his favorite Swedish pickled herring.

Monday, 14 February 2011


You're all sweet cookies to me and I heart you all!

Sunday, 13 February 2011


It was spring over here yesterday, sunshine, crocus and
snowdrops in full bloom, today it's all gray again.
I do however try and think spring, like today, I painted
my nails Beyoncé Turquoise and looking at sexy mules
to get a few ideas what I want to walk around in when
it's warmer outside.

Right now I'm getting ready for a date with my man.
He's taking me for Italian and vintage.
We kind of doing an early Valentines because we really
don't have the time tomorrow, except for the evening,
then it's pink bubbly under the leopard print cover and
maybe a John Waters movie.

Today I heart:

Giuseppe Zanotti mules.

Turquoise nails.

Frenchie's pink hair.

Divine, everything he did is gold, especially this song
from 1984. Brilliant!
Best party song ever, if you ask me.