Sunday, 30 September 2012


I'm so excited to show you my latest fascinators!
I'm very happy with the result and they were a lot
of fun to make!
These are from the red collection and I'm working
on more fascinators in pink and black.
Copyright is pending, I'm sick of people stealing my

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Before I write anything I want to wish my Jewish readers
well over the fast.

I'm unwell in bed and feeling a bit bored but I guess that's
the perfect time to update the blog, right?

Haven't been up to much lately, just working a lot.
In my spare time I've been scouting the local charity shops
and here's a few things I picked up not that long ago.

1950's head vase, £2.99.
Who can resist a head vase in good condition for that sum? 
Not me!

Vintage longline bra, £3.
Just what I've been looking for, I got a few in lace but needed a 
plain black one. Thank G*d for charity shops. :)

Hinged ring, 99 pence.
Reminds me of my goth days.

Vintage bangle, 25 pence.
I looove this bangle, it looks like milk, Kahlúa and coffee 
before you mix it all together.

Monday, 17 September 2012


Me and my man like to celebrate the little things.
Name days, monthiversaries (yes, still after nearly
6 years together) or when something really good
have happened.

The 14th was my name day, Mr. Handsome did
actually remember (I didn't!) and he gave me tons
of fresh cut flowers (all 4 bunches in the picture)
and also a nice green set of earrings and a bangle.

I asked him what he wanted for his name day and
all he could think of was sex and cake. :))

And since I'm writing about celebrations I would like to
say L’shanah tovah!
It’s Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.
Enjoy and better yourselves in 5773!


Thursday, 13 September 2012


OK, I must begin this post by warning you about an
insane amount of pictures.

I think we really hit the jackpot at two of our favorite
car boot sales during the weekend.
We woke up damn early both days without setting the
alarm so we decided to go after a cup of coffee.

This is just some of the things we dragged home...

1960's case, 50 pence.
It's too small to be a suitcase and too big to be a vanity case, so 
what do you call this then?
Anyway, this one is perfect for storage, I need it for my collection 
of sunglasses.

1960's suitcase, 50 pence.
I've had a few of these Polynesian style suitcases on my favorite 
list on Etsy but it was way too pricey and the shipping was out of 
this world so you can understand that I was happy to snag this one.

Vintage huge knitted shawl, £1.
I promised myself to stop wearing my ugly
fleece robe in winter time so this will be the 
replacement. It's really huge.

Knitted Scandinavian style cardigan, 50 pence.
I wanted this last year when I saw it at Primark but I 
didn't feel like spending whatever it cost back then.
Awesome knitted stuff comes to she who wait. :))

Vintage sequin vest, 50 pence.
Another thing I've wanted for a while. :D


Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume, £3.
Score! There's about 20 ml left but still a bargain since I don't
use it unless it's autumn and winter and a special occasion.

Vintage Bambi, 50 pence.
Another one to the collection.

1940's beaded purse, £1.
I've been sorting my collection of small handbags and purses because 
I have way too many and what do I do? Yeah... I buy another one.

1950's handbag, 50 pence.
Did I really need this one? Don't know but it was 50 pence. :))

Reverse carved bangle, 50 pence.

Necklace, 50 pence.
I got one in bone color and I love it, I bet this one will
be well worn next spring and summer.

1950's knitting bag, 50 pence.

Vintage Pyrex dish, 50 pence.
Another thing we don't really need but couldn't resist.
My man love the pink shade. :))

1960's string and scissor wall holder, 50 pence.
I already have two string holding cats but how could
I resist this owl who looks like it got glasses on?

1950's little brush set, 20 pence.
Too pretty to resist!

1950's vanity case, £2.
My man got this for me, it's in unused condition but the white
plastic has started to go yellow. I still love it.

Vanity case inside.

1950's metal wicker handbag, £1.
I actually haggled it down to £1 from £1.50 and on the
inside I was jumping with joy.
I got a metal wicker handbag in a silver tone at Hemsby 
for only £7 a few years back and I wanted one in gold 
but these have gone quite pricey lately. 
Too bad it doesn't show it's true gold tone.

Bag inside.

1960's jewelry box, 40 pence.
I always need these...

Jewelry box inside.

Monday, 10 September 2012


I really hate having my picture taken, therefore the
lack of outfit post, other blogs do it ever so often so
I don't feel like I have to. ;P
Also, this is not a fashion blog.

Anyway. These were taken yesterday.
(I will tell you more about this day as soon as I got
less work to do. There's SO many pictures!!!)
I know the full one is taken quite far away but still,
it's a full one. LOL! 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Today I turned my double bicycle bag into two messenger
style bags, one to wear on the shoulder and one to carry in
my hand.
It didn't take long to get the Velcro straps off and sew the
red straps on.

Here's the front.

And here's the back.

As you can see there's needle marks after where the Velcro
was stitched on and I don't want  there to become a hole so
I glued on a felt patch on the inside to prevent this.

I used normal glue stick for the felt patch, anything else
would have melted the material.
(I've learned from my mistakes.)

My next step with these might happen tomorrow, I need
to get into town to the haberdashery and get some double
edge lace and sew it onto the straps for even more of that
lovely kitschyness.

Monday, 3 September 2012


I must say that PMS and car boot sales are one bad
combination! Still I managed to get some pretty neat
Here's a few items of the load I dragged back home.

Red glitter vinyl clutch, £1.
How could I resist?

Big 1960's suitcase, £1.
Great storage!!! I got a few old suitcases and cases and they
are absolutely awesome as storage. Stylish too. :)

Vintage wicker bags, 50 pence each.
Yeah, like I need more? :))

Nine West straw tote, £1.
I'm no brand girl but I do like the black straw and the gold trim. 
Might remove the gold tag and add some exotic flowers instead.

1950's gold lamé handbag, 50 pence.
Another bag I couldn't resist.

1950's handbag, 50 pence.
This bag was awfully filthy on the outside but with some non 
scratch scourers and Fairy liquid it turned out great.

Mock croc jewelry box, 50 pence.
Nice and big box for bigger necklaces, all my old (1950's/1960's)
jewelry boxes are so damn small and I really needed something
this size. I managed to haggle it down to 50 pence because the 
clasp needed gluing.

Moomin book, 50 pence.
I saw this in a comic book store in Brighton last year but didn't
want to spend £13, glad I waited. :D

1960's and 1970's toys, £3 for the lot.
So awesome...