Saturday, 31 March 2012


I'm a bad girl, I totally forgot to blog about this lovely
bargain I made a few weeks back.
I won this baby blue 1960's hairdryer with matching
stand pink & cord on eBay for the tidy sum of £1.70!

Monday, 26 March 2012


Last Sunday (not yesterday) I finally managed to
get the man of mine to help me put up some stuff
on the walls!
I've been going on about this for 4 years!!!
So now, two Sundays in a row we have done a few
things around the house to make it look nicer and
it seems like he's willing to do something because it
all made a huge change for the better.

Hopefully a friend of ours will be willing and able to
help us out with some painting next month because
there's no stopping this house improvement now!

Got a mini sting shelf up by my side of the bed.

My 1920's peacock painting was hung over my vanity.

And last but not least my man's music room got a whole lot more
interesting with stuff on the walls!

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Click on the image for a better view.

I found this HUGE nightgown in a charity shop the other
day, on our road trip, for only £1 and I just loved the color
and the details on the front and knew this could be THE
top to wear this spring/summer.

This revamp was easy, I cut it to the length I wanted and
since I'm small I even cut quite a bit on the sides, zig zag
stitched it all and then sew it back together.
I think it didn't take more than 20 minutes.

Really glad I bought it.

Friday, 23 March 2012


Yesterday my man had a day off so we took a trip down
to the seaside, Hayling Island, to pick up a 1950’s glass
cabinet I won on eBay last week.

£18, eBay.

Afterwards we went to Chichester where I got two really
amazing dresses, one from the One Legged Jockey.
It was very sunny and warm and it was nice to get out of
the house and get some quality time together.
We also did something we haven’t done the 5 years and
three months we been together, we went to McDonalds!

I don't really blog about vintage shops because most of
them don't want you to take pics, so what's the point?
One Legged Jockey in Chichester however really must
and deserve to be blogged about!
I've been to a lot of vintage shops all over Europe and
Scandinavia but no one made an impression quite like
this one. Amazing stock and really awesome staff and
they played some really good music too! :)
If you're ever down that way I promise they are well
worth a visit.

You find One Legged Jockey at 9 Crane Street,
Chichester PO19 1LJ

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Hi there all my lovely readers!
I got good news! My mind is now set to craft, big time!
I'm most inspired and I've done a lot this week and it's
only Thursday.
Here's a revamp I did on Tuesday evening.
I found these 1960's stools at the antique market a few
weeks ago for only £1.50 each!
They sure were in a need of a revamp, I don't care that
the wood looks a bit iffy, that only brings character, but
the vinyl seats just had to go!
I don't like vinyl (it's not good for the lady parts if you sit
on vinyl for too long) so I removed the covers completely.

Last week at the antique market I found a pair of 1960's
curtains that were slightly sun bleached on one side and
the lady who got the stall likes me so I got them for free.
The color looked amazing after a wash and I knew they'd
be perfect for the stool seats. The wood and the blue were
like made for each other.
It doesn't look mega super perfect but I think it's my first
reupholstering so cut me some slack. :))

Oh, this is a bonus, the taller stool has got a compartment
unter the seat, which is very handy.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Click on the image for a much larger view.

I said the other day that I wanted something to revamp.

I had this dress listed on Etsy for 4 months but it didn’t
sell so I revamped it into a top.
Very easy but still a huge change, it’s actually useful to
me now.
I removed the ruffle on the sleeve and cut the skirt part
off and then hemmed it, not much else. :)

I plan to turn the skirt part in to a sexy pencil skirt, I just
need to get a white slip since it’s pretty sheer.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Feel like a pile of shit today, I'm run down and ill from
stress and more or less decided to semi quit my job.
I got my own shop to think about right now and I have
a major gig in Spain that I have to prepare for and I very
much had it with all the bloody drama at work.
I don't want to be treated like shit, they seem to forget
that my restoring skills is what bring in the money.
When all this is over and done with I'm thinking about
maybe working for a Jewish charity instead because
it's a mitzvah to be a mensch and they offer way better
snacks. :P

Sunglasses £1.19, Bird ring 99 pence, Nautical ring 99 pence, Belt £1.49 each

I tried a little retail therapy earlier, found some cheap
crap that might bring some flair and cheer to my spring
and summer outfits.
(And the shipping was completely free!)

Hope I don't jinx it's arrival by blogging about it before
it actually gets here. It wouldn't be the first time.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Still haven't steamed my recent clothes finds but I hope
the finds from Sunday's flea market will do for now...

Tray, 25 pence.
We got way too many trays, glasses, mirrors and lamps but
that doesn't seem to stop us... *sigh*

Wall hanger, 50 pence.
Always useful and I love the Magnolia print!

Vanity case, £5.
Another thing I got plenty of but I do not have one in mock croc.

Vanity case, £3.
I plan to store my insane bangle collection in this one.

Clutch and coin purse, 50 pence for the set.
Not that I need more black clutches but I'm sure it will be useful
one day.

Plant/coffee/tea stand, £5.
This thing is an enigma to me, the seller said it was a tea stand
of some sort but I saw it more useful as a plant stand.

Have you ever seen this kind of thing before? Any info?

Tiny birdcage, 10 pence.
I've been wanting a little birdcage as a necklace for quite a long
time but haven't found one for a price I agree with, not until the
other day that is.
It didn't come with the link, I added that one myself.

Hair dryer, £1.
I don't know how many 1950's/1960's hair dryers I got by now
but I'm sure it's quite a few.

How can I not when it's only £1 and with it's original box?!

Monday, 12 March 2012


One evening my man came home from work and had a
little gift for me, a very pretty 1950's chocolate box.
I was thrilled about the box itself and I didn't realize that
there were something else in the box. Hello bonus! :))
Inside I found an old beautiful fan with mother of pearl
Lucite holder and stems and a brooch with rhinestones
in more colors than the rainbow on it's original card.

Click on the images for a better view.

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Nice and sunny today, 19 oC to be exact.
It's been a quite peaceful weekend, which I very
much needed.
I had a bad panic attack at work on Friday (but
scored some neat vintage at the antique market
so it even itself out) and so my man ordered me
to stay home yesterday, so I did some laundry,
vacuumed the house, made some jewellery and
in the evening we went to a jazz gig with our new
Canadian friends, I actually had a great time for
once (I haven't been out for 3 months!).
This morning we woke up early so we went to the
Sunday flea market where I got some cool stuff,
had Indian for lunch and spent the rest of the day
in the backyard working on some projects, started
to revamp a few things and made some jewellery,
my man had a nap on the sun lounger.

I've started to focus less on work and more on life,
today I noticed that my roses, garlic and parsley is
growing like crazy, that I want a very retro hallway
and the joy of knowing that it's past 8 PM and our
bedroom window is still open, now it's a good time
to be alive.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012



WOW! Guess who finally had time and peace of mind
to blog about some recent and not so recent finds.
I haven't done this in a while so therefore plenty of pics.
I will try and post my latest clothing finds soon too!

This bunch are from the Friday antique market and a
few local charity shops.

Click on the images for a better view.

Trinket boxes 10 pence and 75 pence.
I'm always in need of cute trinket boxes, I got no more room on
my vanity nowadays so I have to drill up a shelf
this weekend.

Old doll, 25 pence.
She looks so 1930's in her cute little outfit! :)
I'm on the hunt for another shadow box to put her in.

Bangles, 50 pence each.
I'm a bangleholic, I just can't say no, there's always an
outfit that requires at least one of these. :))

1960's jewellery box, £3.99.
A bit more than I usually spend but this one was roomy
and the brocade sure hit the spot!

Old Bambi vase, £1.
He had a glued leg but who cares, he's SO cute!

A bunch of 1950's plastic tulips, 25 pence.
Something else I already got plenty of but not in this color.
Hey, nothing says spring as well as tulips, plastic or not.

Old hat, £3.
I should give this one a good clean and change the ribbon, I'm not
so keen on the mustard color to be honest. Love the berries tho!

1950's jewellery set in original box, 25 pence.
I can't resist stuff in their original box!
This set looks like it's never been used.

Pyrex Gaiety Snowflake dishes, £1 for the set.
I do need a lid for the round one, might find one at work.

JAJ Pyrex June Rose dishes, £1.75 for the set.
It's so frustrating when they don't come with a lid but for that price
I'm not just gonna leave them for someone
else to snag. :P

Vintage tins, £5 for the set.
A must for my hobby room!

Cute vintage bottle, £1.
I were thinking "future kid's room" for some reason...

Vintage repro ashtray, 25 pence.
These were a copy of the 1950's atomic ashtrays and they were
reproduced in the 1980's.

1950's jug/vase, £3.
Me and my fella love music themed stuff and I got this as a
Valentines gift for us. Might sound dumb but so be it. :))

1950's glasses, £1 for the set.
I can't count how many times I said "no more glasses" but I never
really listen to myself when I see something
nice like these.