Friday, 31 August 2012


No matter how many dresses I already have and
how little space I got left I always manage to find
dresses I love. Here's the latest ones...

Click on the images for a larger view.

1950's wool and lurex dress, £3.
I managed to snag this one at a car boot sale.
I absolutely adore it!

1980's dress, £6.50.
This was a find from a charity shop and my lovely
man paid for it. :)
I feel like a sassy senorita in it and it looks fab with
my favorite shoes.

1970's dress, £1.
I found this in a pile of modern clothes at a car boot 
sale and it's SO Jill! (Weeds season 8) Love it!
Looks perfect with my stretchy lurex belt.

1950's/1960's lurex dress, £6.
I found this one on eBay and I feel like a sin in it. :))

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I've had this 1960's funeral dress for as long as I can
remember, I think I even wore it at my mom's funeral
back in 1997.
I've tried to sell it for a while but no one have shown
the slightest interest and I'm kind of glad to be honest
because I love the pattern.
I feel like I'm past my goth period, I feel a bit too old
to look like Wednesday Addams and I got a whole lot
of other black dresses that are much nicer, the shape
of this dress is not quite to my liking.
I asked myself the question how long can I hang on to
clothes I never wear, and then it occurred to me, why
don't I turn it into a top? I'm low on nice black tops for
fall and winter, and so I did this morning.
It was even handy for when I photographed my faux fur
collars for today's Etsy listings. :D



The pattern up close.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Friday, 17 August 2012


Preparing for this!!!
If you're going, come see me in the vintage stall area! :)

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Totally random thing I found in a local charity shop yesterday,
a gold lamé tail suit jacket for £2.50, so friggin’ awesome!
Now I’m just waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it,
perhaps a night at Madame Jojo's.

This jacket requires high heels, fishnet stockings, fringe bra,
high waisted tap shorts. Yeah! :D

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I love when the snail mail arrives!
Especially if I purchased something on eBay or Etsy. :)

Here's what arrived today:

H&M's Swedish Hasbeens, £19 on eBay.
Haven't really felt okay spending a heap load of money on
a pair of Swedish Hasbeens that you originally could snag
for £30 (all the clever fashionistas bought all of them back
then and sold them for way more than that) now the go for
£120 on eBay. Lotta from Stockholm does have reasonable
prices on her clogs but unfortunately more than I really want
to spend.
I was okay spending £19 on a pair, £20 was my limit. :))

Vintage colorful rattan bangle, $4.75, on Etsy.
It was too colorful to resist!!!

And it reminded me of one of the patio chairs seen in HBO's
mini-series Mildred Pierce. *silly nerd*

Hope you like my new banner, both in the blog and in my
Etsy shop. They sure needed a facelift!
I used the old Carlo of Hollywood frame as before and the
same artist behind the cats, Jim Flora.
In the text next to it I used the lyrics from two songs I really
like "Blue Black Hair" and "Brown Eyed Handsome Man".
(Since I got long blue black hair and my handsome man has
got brown eyes.)


Made this Frida Kahlo inspired fascinator last week!
I started working on this a year ago and I forgot about
it and then I tried to find the right stuff to put on it and
then I forgot about it and last week I found it again and
knew exactly what I wanted to put on it!
I'm VERY happy with this one, it's a keeper, I got tons
of compliments at the antique market last Friday.

Monday, 13 August 2012


After Saturday's car boot sale I was in a very creative mood
so I took some of the stuff I managed to lay my paws on that
morning and turned them into something nicer.
Sat outside all day, enjoying the sunshine while crafting. :)
(Sorry I didn't include these finds in yesterday's post because
I wanted a before and after post.)

This lot of bracelets cost me £1.50.
Too bad that you can't see that they look like old marbles
with silver lurex threads inside.
Anyway, turned two of them into a Battenberg necklace.
(I just love that color combination!)

Love this red straw bag, got it for 50 pence, the only thing
I needed to do was to attach some cherries and the bag got
a little facelift.

Now this is funny, got this carved rose bracelet for 50 pence
and I've been looking on Etsy the day before for some beads
just like these! :D
I got some cheap white beads for another necklace project
and had some spare, I think it worked out quite well!

And here's two things I found at a flea market in Sweden for
only 1 krona each that needed to be restored and revamped.

This necklace was broken but I liked the way it looked and
for 1 krona I won't leave it behind, got cheap white beads on
eBay and went on with "restoring" it. First I tried to copy the
original but it looked too messy so I simplified it a bit.
Not sure what looks best, any ideas?

I just love this straw hair bow!
I knew exactly what it needed, fruit! :D


Vintage brooches, $20 for the lot.

Sunday, 12 August 2012


I don't know about you but I've had a quite nice weekend.
The summer has finally hit England and it's HOT! (Love it!)
Sunshine and weekend equals car boot sales and since it's
been raining since April people have TONS of junk to sell!

Here's yesterday's loot!

1940's and 1950's knitting pattern magazines, £3 for the lot.

Vintage car blanket, £1.50.

Set of two small cases, £1.

1970's pull string music thingy, £3.

Vintage stencils, 20 pence.

Vintgae earrings, 60 pence for the lot.

Vintage pen pal/snail mail set, 50 pence.


Case, 30 pence.

1960's stag book, 50 pence.

Friday, 10 August 2012


I "revamped" Dolly today.
I was sick of that pale and dull face of hers and decided to
 add some more color and character.
Turns out that's exactly what she needed!
I started off by gluing on a pair of my used false eyelashes
(they were going in the bin anyway) and then I gave her red
lips and black eyebrows with permanent markers.

Yes, I do know that change of wig and color of background did help 
to enhance the before and after effect. :P


Went to Hitchin today, it's been a while.
Scouted the Friday antique market but didn't find much,
only Bambi's and some vintage cotton nightgowns and
a 1950's apron but they are currently in the laundry bin,
maybe they will end up on picture or maybe they won't.
(They will if I remember it.)
Met a few people we miss dearly and they miss having
us around too, glad it's not much of a distance for a visit.
We also went to a few charity shops and my man made
some new contacts for his new job.

Here's what I found...

Vintage metal deers, £1.
My favorite score at the antique market. I never leave a Bambi behind!

Vintage garter belt, 50 pence.
I've been looking for quite sometime for a red vintage lacy garter belt, 
today was my lucky day! Thank you Salvation Army! :))

Corset top, £1.50.
Found this in one of the charity shops, will look great with a black
pencil skirt and a black bolero for a sassy night out.

Wrapping paper, 5 rolls for £1.
That's a bargain for such cute wrapping paper!
Looks like I need to buy my man some presents now when I got the 
perfect wrapper. :)

Flamingo, £1.
I saw these at Poundland a few weeks before we went to Sweden but 
I didn't buy any at the time and I quite regretted that afterwards, lucky 
they had a few of them left! I got two today.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Remember that I posted about my Swedish (and also Dutch)
bag bargains 3 days ago and today I "revamped" one of them.
I can't really take cred because all I did was to remove the so
called clasps on it and add some cherries I had laying about.
Not sure yet if I like the tiny cherry bunch but it looks empty
without it. Maybe I should move it to the other side so both
bunches are on the same side but in each corner.
Anya ideas? Help, please...

Here's before and here's after:


Just wanted to let you all know that these cute double
bicycle bags are for sale in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


So when everyone’s buying flat screen TV’s we go and
buy one from the 1950’s.

I found this while we were in Sweden and I think I’m a
really bad influence on my man because he just wouldn’t
leave without it and I let him buy it.
It works but not as it should so I got it down to the sum of
150 kr from 250 kr.
(= $22/£14/€18 instead of $37/£23/€30)

We don’t watch TV but we couldn’t resist this beauty.

Monday, 6 August 2012


OK, here we go with some more finds from Sweden and Holland,
today I show you the bling and the bags.

White earrings 1 kr, blue earrings 10 kr, turquoise brooch 5 kr,
black and blue necklace 5 kr, white necklace was free and the
warped bangle cost 2 kr.

I found this vintage wicker bag in Holland, it cost €1.
This might get a face lift with some plastic flowers and maybe
I wrap the handles in plastic ribbon.

Vintage straw bag, bought in Sweden for 10 kr.

Vintage Mexican souvenir bag, bought in Sweden for 20 kr.
Yep, another one. This one is huge and perfect for shopping.

Vintage straw bag, bought in Sweden for 10 kr.
This one also need a face lift, there's a loop missing but it doesn't
really need any "clasps" so I might remove them and maybe add
some flowers or plastic fruit.

Vintage plastic tote, bought in Sweden for 1 kr.

Turns out it's inflatable.
Could this be used as a beach pillow, perhaps?