Tuesday, 30 June 2009


We had one awesome party Saturday just gone.
Twenty crazy rockabilly's under the same roof.
I was the bartender, very generous with the Jagermeister and
Tequila, I might add, and managed to get half of them so drunk
that they didn't even know their own names by 3 AM.

Sue, me, Fay and Alan in the back.

Andy and Greg from Slim Slip & The Sliders + Rob.

Fay, Wolka, Rob and Greg.

Jam session at 2 AM.

Now to something completely different.
A couple of hours before the party my vacuum cleaner exploded.
My man was an angel as usual and drove to the supermarket and
got me a new one.
I was mowing the lawn today, I managed to finish the front one
and almost the whole back one as well before the lawnmower
decided to die as well.
What are the odds of that?!
Am I cursed?!

I've bought toys for my cousins kids and picked up some stuff for
my family and exchanged money while I was in town today.
We're off to Sweden tomorrow!
We're gonna stop by Peter from the Go-Getters tomorrow after
we landed for a cup of coffee before we go to my hometown.

Sunday, 28 June 2009


I'm drunk and this is funny.

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Has anyone seen the HBO series True Blood?
Any good?

Friday, 26 June 2009


I found this picture last night when I was going through
some photo CD's because I wanted to add some old pics
onto Facebook.
Looking at it now I can't believe I felt so bad about myself.
Now I think I actually look better back then than I do now.
And how I miss the Bettie fringe.
(No, I'm not gonna cut it off because it takes ages for it to
grow out again if I change my mind and trust me, I will.)

Thursday, 25 June 2009


Today I were listening to early 1980's Depeche Mode while
painting the bathroom and got the brilliant idea that me and
my man should go and see them at Arvikafestivalen while
we're in Sweden, for nostalgic reasons.
(It's not far at all from where my dad lives either.)
And the geezers from my old gang are gonna be there as well.
I checked the price for a one day ticket and got a chock as it
turns out that the ticket is 695 Kr (£ 56) per person!
I actually thought it was a joke, back in the day when I was
going every summer for three days I payed the same amount!
I changed my mind, I'm not that nostalgic after all.
I'm gonna take my man skinny dipping and maybe barbecue
a couple of veggie burgers instead.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Look what I got from my man yesterday!
Aren't they lovely?
They actually look a bit like Barbie shoes. <3

Monday, 22 June 2009


Sorry yet again for the lack of posts.
I've been awfully busy and hardly had the time or
energy to even take a shower. Yuk!
The house is a total mess due to the renovation.
The walls and ceilings are now painted and today
I'm painting two doors.

We took some time off to go to our favorite car
boot sales, of course.
We didn't find much this time though.
My man gave me a beautiful pair of sunglasses
and a polka dot jewelry box, both from the 1950's.
I'm happy that I got this very unusual bottle that's
actually a music box with a dancing couple.
You can fill it with liquid since the couple is safe in
their little glass hive.
I wish I knew more about it but I'm sure it's from
the 1950's or 1960's.
I got it as a birthday present for my man.

Jewelry box, 75 pence.

Sunglasses, £2.

Bottle, £7.

Friday, 19 June 2009


Sorry for the lack of post the last few days.
I've got a slight depression and we're giving the upstairs and
downstairs hallway and landing a makeover before our party
next weekend.

Look what I've got yesterday!
My wonderful friend Katarina sent me a big girlie package
from Sweden, since I need a makeover too!
This girl couldn't be more spot on!
She sent me most of my favorite Swedish candy, a very sassy
makeup bag with exotic pinups, hair and facial products, two
much needed makeup brushes, eyebrow pencil and some very
colorful eye shadows from Fyrinnae.

Thank you SO much darling! <3

I'm staying in, celebrating a milestone in our realationship.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I replanted my favorite house plants, Pilea Peperomoides
(also known as Chinese Money Plant) today.
A prefect opportunity to use my pots from the 1950's that
I found on car boot sales and Swedish flea markets.
I added even more kitsch by putting pink flamingo cocktail
sticks in two of the pots.
I think it turned out pretty neat.

Monday, 15 June 2009


Here's some of the finds from the weekend.
I finally found a flamenco doll in a yellow dress!
Don't you just love the hairdryer? I already have
one like it but with a European plug so I'm gonna
sell of them in the very near future.
The wicker bag was a present from my man, it was
actually a tea carrier but I got rid off the tea set, I
also removed the inside padding.
As usual the stuff are 1950's/1960's but the clothes
are new.
I also converted the prices into Swedish, American
and European currency.


Hairdryer, £1. (13 Kr, $1,60, €1)

Norwegian dish, 40 pence. (5 Kr, $0,65, €0,40)

Small bowl, 50 pence. (6,50 Kr, $0,80, €0,50)

Flamenco doll, £1. (13 Kr, $1,60, €1)

Top, 50 pence. (6,50 Kr, $0,80, €0,50)


Wicker bag, £2. (26 Kr, $3,25, €2)

Glass jar, 20 pence. (2,50 Kr, $0,30, €0,20)

Plate, 50 pence. (6,50 Kr, $0,80, €0,50)

Sewing kit 50 pence. (6,50 Kr, $0,80, €0,50)

(Sewing kit inside.)

Dress, £5. (65 Kr, $8,50, €5)
(I wrote about this dress yesterday.)


I finally restored this 1950's handbag today.
It wasn't much that needed to be done to it so I don't
know what took me so long.
I got it from a local charity shop for £1.50 a while ago.
It was in a bit of a state but nothing that I couldn't fix.
There was one pearl missing on the clasp but I found a
pair of pearl earrings at a car boot sale in the same size
for only 10 pence so I removed them from the earring
and removed the old pearl from the clasp and glued the
new pearls onto it and I also cut off some annoying gold
threads that was hanging off it.
Now it looks almost as good as it did when it was new.

Clasp before:

Claps after:


It sure is a good morning!
I received a big package from my wonderful fellow
blogger Malin this morning!
I got a whole bunch of CD's, among the bunch were
a CD with Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings who I really
like, perfect since I'm stuck in a rut when it comes
to music at the moment and she also sent me a bag
of vegan salty liquorice from the Swedish company
Scandi Candy.
It was the yummiest salty liquorice I've ever tasted!
I wish more companies followed in their footsteps so
vegans, vegetarians, Jews and Muslims can enjoy a
much bigger selection of candy!
Thank you so much darling!

You can buy Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings CD
Tunes from the Bighouse from HepCat Store.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


I don't know about you but I had a very nice weekend.
Yesterday morning me and my man went to a car boot
sale where we did some nice finds and got a cuddle from
a huge Bull Terrier named Stanley, in the afternoon we
went to a friends house who had a BBQ and live music
in the back garden.
Today we went to three car boot sales where I got a nice
cuddle from a 7 week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier/
Bull Mastiff mix (my man wanted to bring her home)
and afterwards we went for dinner and kosher ice cream
with mother in law, who asked me if I want to go to
Florence (Italy) with her. Silly question, of course!

I don't have any pictures of the finds yet but I must tell
you about one of todays favorite finds.
I saw this floral wiggle dress, that I first thought was
vintage (from afar) and it looked a bit unusual,
so I took a closer look at it and it turns out to be a dress
from Bettie Page Clothing, and to be honest, I haven't
even checked the site out until now because I know the
stuff will cost more than I'm willing to pay for new items
and I'm more interested in authentic 1950's clothes.
(But for what I payed for it, it was a sin not to get it.)
I could tell the dress never been worn and the lady that
was selling it said that it was way to small for her (it's
a size small) and she wanted £10 but said I could have it
for £6 but I ended up paying £5. (65 Kr, $8)
I did some research and this dress actually cost £72
(950 Kr, $120) on a website but is now out of stock.
That's what I call a bargain.

Pictures borrowed from Blue Velvet Vintage.

Update 9:37 PM: I just tried it on and it looks gorgeous
with my black hair, tan and curves.

Friday, 12 June 2009


I treated myself to a new sassy lipstick,
Maybelline Moisture Extreme, Passion Red (535).
It taste a bit like soft ice cream and it's oh so kiss
friendly, according to my man.

I also borrowed porn at the library, my kind of porn...
Forties Fashion by Jonathan Walford.

Staying in tonight, I'm gonna do a proper manicure while
listening to a CD I got from a very handsome guy called
Jungle Jim that I dated briefly a hundred years ago.
I wish he could send me a new copy, this one is played a
million times by now.


I feel a bit down today, "a bit" is really an understatement
but I don't want to rant to much about it.
I want to be inspired and creative but I just don't feel it.
Packed stuff that I'm gonna send today and I plan to run by
Primark to see what's new and to pick up some stuff that my
stepmother want me to bring over to Sweden in July.
I can't wait to show my man where I grew up, meet my crazy
relatives, go to every flea market we can possible find and to
relax as much as we possible can.

I'm thinking about treating me to this cute top from Dorthy
Perkins, who by the way has a 20% off sale today.

Update 7:49 PM: I didn't buy the top, it looks super cute in the
picture but it's not as nice in reality.

Thursday, 11 June 2009


Hi my darlings!
I'm back home in cloudy England, where it's absolutely
freezing, drinking hot rose hip soup and running around
the house in woolly socks, unpacking and doing laundry.
For the first time in my life didn't want to go home.
We had a lot of fun and also relaxing quality time away
from everything.
I've toned up a bit by swimming and walking every day
(very much needed since I've been ill for 6 months) and
I also got a nice tan, without looking like an old leather

Screamin Festival was fun, we only did the beach party
and the pool party this time. We tend to party so much
during the day that the evening events seems to always
disappoint us for some reason.
Got rid of almost all my hair flowers thanks to my man
who put on lipstick and hair flowers.
My favorite customers was Bernie Dexter and Devil Doll.
(I still can't believe B wore a full make up on a hot day.
I did found out why, it's because she hates her freckles.)

It was nice to catch up with friends we don't see that often.
Made a couple of new friends too!

Rock n' Roll Holidays was crap, that's all I got to say...

Didn't do much shopping but I did find a charity shop where
everything cost like €1 each.
I got a whole bunch of stuff like vintage tops, cardigans and
a large piece of cute apple print fabric which I'm gonna turn
into a 1950's blouse as soon as I feel creative.
I also managed to get my sticky paws on some vintage fully
fashioned stockings
in an old shop that's been running since
the late 50's but were about to shut down, I got gray and beige
ones for only €2 for each pair.
Not that I really needed more but I'm a bit of a hoarder when
it comes to vintage lingerie.

I finally got myself a white Maneki Neko (Japanese lucky cat).
I've wanted one since 2003 but I've only found golden ones
and gold is not my cup of tea.
She's now sitting here on the desk, rocking her arm back and
forth and smiles.

Took a day trip to Tossa De Mar, what a beautiful place!
We went up in the ruins of the old town and sat on a bench
for hours, just absorbing the view of the ocean and relaxed.

I haven't had the time to empty my camera yet so pictures
will be uploaded eventually...

Bernie wearing one of my hair combs.

Me and my man at Tossa De Mar.
(I know I look like a baby, no makeup.)