Saturday, 31 May 2008


The day has been very nice so far.
I made American pancakes served with bananas,
strawberries and Maple syrup for breakfast.


My darling joined me on my walk after breakfast.
We ended up at my favorite home furnishing -
store who had a sale on.
I got a very pretty bed set, white with pink cherry
blossoms for only £9 and two lamp shades with
a Tiki-feel for £2.50 each.
I'm thinking about going back tomorrow to get
a new kitchen bin that matches the toaster and
the kettle.

On our way back we saw a gorgeous white
English Bull Terrier puppy, 11 weeks old.
I threw my bags and sat down on the ground to
get a proper cuddle.
I feel a bit blue right now because I miss my old
Bull Terrier who had to stay in Sweden. :(

When we got back I had got mail, these patterns.
I love the fact that we get mail on Saturdays...


I had too much of the good stuff yesterday so today
I decided to go for a walk, a useful one, down to the
craft supplier and get some bits I need.
I'm gonna do it in style this time.
Red pencil skirt, red glittery ballerina flats, a white
blouse and my cherry bag.

I made this one a couple of months ago.
It's very spacious even though it's not that big.
The handles used to belong to my grandmother.

Friday, 30 May 2008


My darling just gave me a present - a Hula Hoop!
I used to be pretty good at keep that thing spinning
when I was a kid, especially around my neck.
It sure is a fun and perfect way to keep fit.

Another way to keep fit is to dance.
When I moved over to England I actually learned
how to Jive, it's so much fun!
I can't hardly wait until my darling can use both
his arms again (his left arm is in cast at the mo)
and take me for a spin on the dance-floor.


The curtains are finished.
I'm gonna hang them up tomorrow when my
sweetheart can help me. I'm also gonna take
before and after pictures because it's gonna be
a huge improvement that I won't let go unseen.

I made another find again.
A lemon colored little piece of heaven with
polka dots and flowers for only £6.


Woke up early so I started to do my house
wife duty's like taking out the recycling bins,
washing up, clean the kitchen and started to
prepare for the Shabbat dinner tonight.
I also made proper coffee and oatmeal for us.

Bad weather, again.
Heard on the news this morning that parts of
England is flooded.
Since there's no sun I can sew the entire day
away without feeling guilty for staying indoors.
I'm gonna finish my projects and start making
the polka dot curtains for the shed.

Thursday, 29 May 2008


We were lucky to get a very sunny morning and
mid-day today, now it's poring down again.

Got the material for the project I started working
on last night, I finished one of them but I won't
tell or post anything until both of them are finished.
I'm also almost finished with an A-line skirt I've
been working on this week.
I found a piece of blue floral fabric from the 1950's
at a jumble sale for 10 pence and couldn't resist.
The last thing I need to do now is to stitch the pink
ric-rac onto it and then I'm done.

Talking about ric rac, I found a pair of peep-toe
pumps I very much desire...


I love returning customers.
There's four girls that buys my creations on
regular bases and always praise me.

Today I'm gonna send an envelope full of
hair-flowers to my new model.
She's a very classy rockabella and she's the
perfect spokesperson for my products.
Her myspace.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Creativity is sometimes born out of boredom.
I started a new project this evening and I can't wait
until I'm finished which will be tomorrow because
I need to get the rest of the material.
Lucky that I planned to have a walk to the local
indoor market tomorrow.

Music and sewing goes hand in hand.
I usually play The Andrew Sisters or The Skatalites
when I'm sitting by the sewing machine but tonight
I can't get enough of "Sugar Town" by Nancy Sinatra,
"Cat Claws " by The Kills, "Heartbreak Stroll" by
The Raveonettes and "Jumpin' at the Woodside"
by Count Basie, so I'm playing them on repeat and
driving my darling crazy. *smirk*

This is totally random but I want to recommend a
song that shouldn't pass anyone by.
"Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show.
You might hate country/folk but this song is so
terrible beautiful. Find it and play it.
You' won't be sorry...


I'm the queen of finds and
bargains. Just ask anyone
that knows me.
Me and my darling often
visit car boot sales during
the summer and we get
really cool clothes and
knick knacks for almost
I've totally given up on the
charity-shops here in
England, it's too darn hard
to get nice things for a good
price. If you find something
that is...

I do find baragins in random shops.
One of my favorite shops is Primark, yes, the quality is poor and
it's not really fair trade but sometimes a girl just can't help herself.
As you might have figured out I'm a 1950's devotee and nothing
that is inspired by that era goes past me.
Like last week. I found this cute t-shirt for a chocolate loving friend
(birthday present) and I decided that I also wanted one as well to
wear around the house. They cost me £3 each, that's a bargain!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I'm working late.
Packing tons of packages that I'm gonna send off
tomorrow morning.

I'm also thinking about calling the old lady that's
gonna help me restore my wedding dress and ask
if she's willing to give me some private lessons in
more advanced dress making.
I got so many 1940's - 1950's patterns that I want
to use but some are waaaay too complicated even
for me.
I'm gonna attend a class in September but I can't
wait until then.
My wedding dress is a lemon colored dream with
tons of tulle and frills, it's from the 1950's.
The seller said it was in mint condition and when
I got it the top had a lot of pink stains on it.
The seller claimed that it was age discoloration.
It was not, I asked five professional dry-cleaners.
The seller turned really nasty but my darling made
her pay back 20% of the selling price.
That will just about cover the restoration.


I'm on my way to the local craft shop to buy new and
wonderful fabrics for my future projects.
Gingham and polka dots.

I'm gonna give the shed a bit of a face-lift by making
new curtains, it's the small things that make a huge
I'm thinking white fabric with red polka dots.


I'm fed up with being compared to Amy Winehouse
because of my apperance.
Earlier this year when me and my darling was strolling
on a beach in Mexico, a man drops his book and I pick it
up, because I'm a very polite girl, then I hear his wife say:
"Thank you, Amy Winehouse." *sigh*

I've been hearing it since then...

Yes, I do wear my jet black hair in a beehive from time
to time (but on me it doesn't look like a bird nest) and
have done so for many years, I also got tons of tattoos,
I got my first tattoo when Amy were still in middle school.
I do like some of Amy's songs but I loathe her life-style
and her lack of class.
End of story.

Big hair isn't a new thing, you know.

Monday, 26 May 2008


The high-waist trend has yet again a grip around this seasons neck.
It seems like it looks good on everyone but me. I hate being short...

Sunday, 25 May 2008


Testing, testing...

Got a bit tired of my old blog and decided to try this place instead.

It's a rainy evening here in England and I have nothing better to do
than to eat yummy food and look forward to Celeberty Rehab on TV