Saturday, 29 January 2011


I've been very busy this week.
I've made a whole lot of hair flowers, some really
cool price tags and the first hat of the year.
I'm off to Birmingham today to have a stall with
my girl Clare aka. Dolly Cool and to see my man
up on stage with his new band for the first time.

First hat of 2011. Very colorful.

I rarely make hair flowers for myself but these
hair combs turned out really well and will go oh
so perfect with most stuff in my wardrobe.

I love huge hair accessories. I'm keeping this for

Thursday, 27 January 2011


Found this jazzy little thing on Etsy not so long ago
and today it arrived by snail mail.
It's a house coat from the early 1960's.
I paid $9.99 and I think it's worth every cent!
The amazing novelty print suits me just right since
my dad is a musician and so is the man of mine and
my mother in law was a highly praised opera singer
back in the day.
I think this would be a perfect cover up after a day
on the beach or as a maternity dress for when that
time comes.

Click on the picture for larger version.

Click on the picture for larger version.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Went into work for a couple of hours today.
My boss is more than pleased with me and she's very
happy that I ask for more hours.
For me is not so much of a job, it's more a pleasure, I
get to rummage through cool stuff all day.
It's like an endless jumble sale! :))
Did a super quick scout in the shop before we closed
for the day and this is what I found...

Retro style bangles, 15 pence each.
I'm keeping the blue and the yellow.
I do have a whole bunch
of bangles from my own private
collection (most of them are "fakelite" and wooden ones)
that I guess I probably never gonna use so hopefully I'll
sell them all off this weekend.

2 metres 1960's fabric, £1.
My plan is to make a playsuit out of this, I got the perfect
pattern for it!!!

This is the pattern I'm gonna use.


Yup! Found another one of these bags! :D
This one cost me £10.50 and it arrived this morning.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Today hasn't really been a great day, mentally.
Had the worst panic attack, ever, it was long and
I felt like I was gonna suffocate for real I think I
scared my man half to death, poor sod.
He's good though, knew just what this girl needed.
He took me to the tanning salon, I've complained
a lot lately that I look awful and washed out and
he knows how much I love freckles.

On the way home I told him to stop by my new
job so I could ask if I can work a few more hours
a week, my boss was happy to hear that and said
that I can come in at any time I like.
(I work in a Marie Curie Cancer Care charity shop.)
As usual I couldn't just go in without finding and
buying something.

Today I snagged this...

Vintage lucite trinket box, 90 pence.

Corset top with beaded embroidery, £1.

Close up.

I do feel much calmer now and I'm gonna pamper
myself a bit, you know, doing my nails and give my
hair a bit of treatment.


A rare Japanese 1950's folding basket, £5.
I've been looking for one for almost 3 years now and last
week I finally managed to get one.
I have a feeling it's gonna be my best friend this summer.

Monday, 24 January 2011


Did my first day at my new job today and I did very
well, if I might say so myself, there was so much to
do, no dead second and no time for a break.
Some of my co-workers had plenty of smoke and tea
breaks but I don't smoke and I don't like naff tea.
I'm very diligent when I want to be.

And of course I didn't come home empty handed...

Vintage sunglasses, 30 pence.
I've wanted sunglasses like these for a while but they're
never cheap.

Faux fur, 30 pence.
Perfect! I'm gonna attach this one to a black cardigan.

Vintage wicker box bag, 40 pence.
Cute but I'm not sure I'll keep it for myself.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


As I said last week, I've been to an old house with
some really kitschy wallpaper, curtains and such.
Some of the rooms hasn't been touched since the
day the family moved in and thank G*d for that!

I didn't want to be rude and I was too excited for
words at the time so I just took a few pictures but
hopefully there will be a few more pretty soon...


The curtain material is terry cloth!!! *love*

Closeup on the curtain.

The classic zigzag coat hanger on the back of the door.

Wall paper.


Knitted toilet roll cozy and original toilet.



How funky is this?! :D


Welcome to the 1970's jungle. :)

It's like visiting a retro museum.
And I love the way the hang the pictures.


I could kill for this curtain, that's how much I love it.

Original vinyl chairs and Formica table.
I love the pale yellow tiles with the blue border, makes
me think of an old dairy.



If you have plans to head this way make sure you
check out The Vintage Guide to London, it might
be quite useful.

The Vintage Guide to London is also on Facebook.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Hello gals and dolls!
Got Photoshop CS5 installed yesterday so everything
is pretty much back to normal.

More good news!
I got one out of the three volunteer jobs I wanted and
I start on Monday.

And here's my latest finds.
I had a lot of time to kill during the time I was without
my computer...

Click on the images for a larger version.

Two Fiesta Ware pitchers, £2.50 each.

Belt, £1.20.

Skirt, £2.20

Vintage shorts, £1.50.

Closeup on the side slits and the waistband.

Monday, 17 January 2011


OK, I'm having trouble to remember the names
of some blogs I had on my bookmarks list on my
old computer.
I really need your help.
There's one blog in particular I'm looking for, it's
owned by a very cute lady who's living in a white
and pink bungalow somewhere in the US and she
is, of course, into the mid century era.
I've done searches on Google but without luck.
Also, I would love if you could send me URL's to
blogs about 1950's lifestyle and such.

Hopefully I get Adobe Photoshop CS5 installed
tomorrow so I can finally blog as normal.
Snagged a few finds last week and visited a house
with some really funky 1950's-1970's wallpaper
that I can't wait to show you! :D

Friday, 14 January 2011


I'm now typing on my brand new laptop, I now got a
Dell Vostro 3700 with a 17 inch screen.
I ended up with the basic silver, I wanted the red but
after some serious consideration I decided that I'm not
gonna be a flash idiot at Starbucks and I didn't wanna
pay £30 extra, in the end it's just for work and I work
from home.
It's just been properly set up, (thanks Jeff) all I need
now (and quite urgently) is Photoshop CS5.
I've been bored out of my mind, my entire life was on
my other computer.
Now I only have to order a new digital camera...

Hope you all have a nice weekend, I myself got a lot of
catching up to do.

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Dear readers.
I'm not gonna be able to blog much at the moment,
my beloved laptop died the other day, that is £649
straight in the bin.
All my bookmarks and and media is gone, I do have
some of my pictures on a memory stick but haven't
backed it up for about two months. Lesson learned.
I only had my for one year(!!!) and the guarantee
just expired.
My digital camera is also buggered so I'm not only
hunting for a new laptop with great spec, I'm also
hunting for a camera.
Yeah, great start of the new year, huh?

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I've been meaning to blog about this for quite some
time now but for some reason I haven't got round to
do it until today. Sorry about that.
OK, let me start (or start over, I lost the entire post
due to some failure on Blogger) I, like many female
bloggers in the UK, have tried Superdrugs £1 make-
up range, MUA.
I must say that I'm very impressed!
The quantities and quality of this makeup range is
really good. You get a lot for your money.

I've tried some of the cheap brands before and most
of them have been really bad so I was a bit hesitant
to try MUA at first, even though it was just £1 each,
so I only got myself two items to start out with and
it wasn't long before I was back for more.

MUA's nail polish sure kicks ass!
I do a lot of work in the kitchen and with that a lot of
washing up but this nail polish really stays on.
The bottles are rather small but to be honest, I don't
need a big bottle of shimmery green nail polish since
it's not my everyday color, I only use this occasionally.

Nail polish shade 5, Nail polish shade 13

Shade 1 is perfect for the casual day makeup, shade 4
is really good for the evening. Very well pigmented.

Blusher shade 1, Blusher shade 4

I love, love, love this eye dust!
Shade 5 is my favorite and it works well both for day
and evening. Superb!!!

Eye dust shade 1, Eye dust shade 5

If you ever visit the UK, make sure you pop into one
of Superdrugs stores and try some of these products,
you won't be sorry.
So far there's only 84 stores nationwide who sell MUA
so be sure you check the list of the selected stores first
before you get all excited. ;)