Monday, 28 November 2011


Hi and hello!
I'm back from busyland.
So much is going on right now even I can't keep up.
(I feel like a douche for not having time to read and
comment in my friends blogs.)
Good news! The new charity shop is happening, last
week we went to see the space and we met the CEO
and a few days later they signed the lease.
Since then I've been running around like crazy pulling
vintage from the other stores in the area and been to
the warehouse to clean furniture for the new shop.
My man is going for his interview later this week and
I hope he get to be the store manager, they would be
silly not to get him the job.
Keep your fingers crossed! :)

As you know I get paid in kind, which works for now.
Here's some of it...

1950's kids mattress.
This was gonna end up in the skip, nothing wrong with it
and it's in good condition, just needed a clean.

Vintage dancing shoes.
I don't think they ever been used.
I've been wanting a pair of real dance shoes for quite a long
time but haven't found any for a price I agreed with.
These need the inner sole glued and new heel tips but that's
far cheaper than buying a new pair.

Color is just perfect for autumn.

Ouzo glasses.
Won't be used for drinking tho, these are just perfect to put
flower cuttings in.

1960's head phones.
Gave these to my man.

1960's tea strainer.
This one is so stylish it makes my mid century heart skip a beat.

Friday, 18 November 2011


I feel like such an idiot for blogging about this...
I bought this heart shaped mouse on eBay last week
for £1.76 including shipping and it arrived today and
I love it, it lights up when I use it and it's such a silly
thing, really, but it makes me all bubbly inside.
I'm typing this with a smile.

What silly little thing makes you bubbly?

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Here's a recent eBay purchase that arrived today.
Miss Selfridge heels, £6.50.
It was a nice surprise to discover that they never
been worn and still had the price tag on.
(Original retail price was £35.)


Hi girls, sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busy.
I'm actually so excited I'm about to burst!
You know I told you that I had a consultant gig lined
up for a world wide charity organization, so earlier in
the week me and my man went to this big warehouse
to pick out pieces that's vintage and worth something.
It was nice to feel important and useful because I see
the potential in all things grubby and I could tell what
should be revamped or just cleaned.
The area manager were so impressed she wanted my
man to apply for a manager job (I don't have his skills)
and she wanted us to be a part of opening up a brand
new carity shop who's gonna specialize in vintage.
If my man get the job I will be his trusted sidekick.
I'm only gonna get paid in store vouchers but my man
will get paid but I hope that it will lead to a paid job in
the near future because I feel that we can really rock
this thing.
We were like the dynamic duo in there and I'm gonna
make sure they simply can't manage without us.

Yesterday we went back to the warehouse to do some
well needed organizing and move all the good vintage
bits to one room and start cleaning them up, you won't
believe how many 1950's vanity tables and 1960's G-
they've got! :D
We did a lot and we're going back next week to finish.
Also, on Monday we're going to the new store to check
out the space and to see what we need to do, the shop
need to be up and running in two weeks.

This prep job is at least a start and I hope that things
will go well, we so need a bit of luck.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


This is so cool!
As you know I had these cats in my blog for quite a
long time now, found a small picture of just the two
cats a hundred years ago but without source.
Today retrogasm on tumblr posted this and I found
out that the illustrators name is Jim Flora.
Thanks retrogasm! :D

Thursday, 10 November 2011


I'm trying to sort my life out right now.
I felt totally low because my so called business is not
going the right way, my handmade items doesn't sell
and it makes me feel like I'm not a really great artist,
it's all a vicious circle.
Today I had enough, my social phobia has got a solid
grip on me and it need to stop.
I can't fix it all at once, baby steps.
Today I actually called my surgery all by myself and
I asked the landlady at a local pub where my man is
gigging next week if I could set up a little stall and sell
rocking X-mas presents and she gave me thumbs up.
I might also have a "job"as a vintage consultant for a
very well known charity.
They have opened a few and will open more shops in
this county and they need my knowledge what to get
into the shops. Don't know yet if I will get paid at first
but it's very nice to be asked.

This my friends is a shawl that I picked up at my old
workplace today for £2. (Click image for larger view.)
I found it a few weeks back but had to have a think
about it and when I went back it was gone but today
it was there again and I got it! :D
I like big shawls, they look quite posh and artsy but
I never dared to get one and I never seen one with
a price tag I liked.
But today I dared, I must have been inspired by my
dear blog friend Ulrika.
I'm totally borrowing her idea to wear it with a belt.
- A lurex belt I might add. ;))
See how awesome it looks on her here and here.


I'm enjoying a cup of Clippers orange and coconut tea.
I added a bit of honey and some fresh grated ginger and
it's the perfect beverage on a cold day like today.
Just saying...

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Some things I just can't resist, one of them is vintage lurex.
I didn't want to blog about this stunner before it arrived safely
to my house. It seems like everything I blog about beforehand
is getting lost in the mail. Jinxed?
Anyway, it arrived yesterday and it fits beautifully, I do wish I
was all better and had some awesome event to go to.
It's really a goddess dress!

It's a late 1950's dress with lurex details, it cost £11.50.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I bought this last month for 20 pence.
As you might remember it was not in the best
condition, the previous owner had scribbled on
the sides.
Since I always go for Bettie Page when I revamp
stuff (see here, here, here and here) I thought it
was time for a change, and since I'm not much of
a Marilyn Monroe fan (I used to be as a kid tho)
my natural choice was Jayne Mansfield.

I measured, cut and laminated two pictures (the
other side has got the same picture too) and put
the plastic behind the edges so I didn't have to
use any glue, they will stay.
And I can change picture if I ever get tired of J.
Who knows, maybe I'll make a few more pics to
chose from.
I guess you just have to wait and see. :)

Monday, 7 November 2011


Even tho it hasn't been the best of days at least I managed
to do some crafting (finally!!!) and list a few things on Etsy.

I started making these refrigerator magnets back in 2002
when I was working at Årsta Textile & Paper Workshop in
They had a laminator that I used before I bought my own.
It's not much to it, just laminate them and stick a magnet
on the back. Easy peasy.
These cards are old Swedish trading cards and were very
popular during 1950's-1970's. We call them "Filmisar".
I found these at a flea market last time I visited Sweden.

Just so you know...
My shop will be closed from Dec 1 to Jan 7.
There's a lot of packages that's gone missing (or got stolen)
previous years and it takes ages for some to arrive (= angry
costumers), therefore my shop will be closed.
If you need anything for X-mas, make sure you get it soon!


I'm so angry I feel nauseous!
My lovely man bought me this 1950's glitter Lucite handbag
in a treasure chest design with a carved handle, RARE!!!
It was gonna be a birthday present but it arrived in 3 pieces.
Two sheets of bubble wrap for overseas shipping, really?!
And no fragile stickers what so ever.
The seller's a dealer, she should have known better!!!
I want to cry...

Does anyone know how to glue vintage Lucite?
If it's possible I can at least use it as a jewelry box, if the
seller doesn't want the bag back that is.
Better than nothing I suppose.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Just baked fat free cakes for the band rehersal tomorrow.
The one in the front is apple & cinnamon and the one in the
back is carrot, fresh ginger, cinnamon & cardamom.
The house smells wonderful right now...

Recipe here and here.

Friday, 4 November 2011


Uh, change of season is not a picnic for me.
Every autumn and winter I suffer with SAD and I was
born with a shitty immune system.
Now is a good time to boost the system and I'm doing
that by taking walks (fresh air is key) and eating a lot
of vitamins, not only in pill form, I prefer fresh fruit.
Oh, and garlic, loads of garlic!

My man really stock up fruit and berries this time of
year, turns out that being friendly with a greengrocer
is a good thing.
Right now we have seven bowls full of delicious fruit
and a whole lot in the fridge.

I make my own fresh juice in the morning, right now I
love a mix of oranges, grapefruit, lime and fresh ginger.
For breakfast I'm having a fruit salad.
I'm not a dinner person, I can't eat a proper meal in the
evening, I'm more of a big lunch type of girl, but I still
need to eat and my favorite is, guess what, more fruit.

One of the fruit bowls right now.

Examples of "dinner".

Melon and fresh raspberries.

Granny Smith apples, grapes and fresh raspberries.

Mango, figs and fresh strawberries.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Yesterday we went for lunch with a friend and in the
evening we went to IKEA to get some Swedish treats,
turns out that they don't sell salty liquorice anymore,
they only sell their own brand.
Oh well, at least I got some cardamom crisp rolls.

After our visit to IKEA we went to my father in law to
help him out with some things, the man is 83 and not
that spry anymore.
He had a few bags of stuff that needed to be sorted,
some to give to charity and some to recycle.
When I was sorting through the bags I did find a little
something for myself, Metropolis on DVD and this set
of pens.
I don't know why he had them in the first place, gold
and rhinestones is not really his style. ;))
It's nice to rewarded for doing a mitzvah.

Click the image for larger view.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


A couple of weeks ago me and my man went to our
last outdoor car boot sale of the year.
At the end of season there's really nothing left of the
gems people have cleared from their loft but it's still
worth a browse.
I'm glad we went, as you can see...

Vintage 1970's dress, £2.50.
This dress is too sweet for words. I already look forward to
spring so I can use it. :)

Close up.

Vintage 1970's knitted vest, £2.50.
Yep, another green item. Couldn't resist it and it looks fab
with black palazzo pants and black long sleeve top.

Vintage 1950's house dress, free.
Got this for free from the couple who sold us the strawberry
dress and the knitted vest.

I bought stuff of them before, like our bedroom lights and a
lamp shade, just to name a few.
They seem to really like us, maybe because we appreciate
old things and that we always take our
time to have a chat.

Close up.

Vintage 1960's pillow cases, free.
These were actually left in a bin bag after a seller packed up
and was about to leave. I asked nicely if I could have
and that was no problem with her.

They are going to be revamped into handbags as soon as my
hobby room is cleared from junk.