Friday, 29 July 2011


I'm so excited! We're leaving for Sweden (Värmland to be
exact) in a few days! This time we're taking the car over,
going through Holland, where we're staying at our friends
Roel and Uschi, they've been inviting us over for years and
this time we finally get to see how they live. The next day
we're driving through Germany, Denmark and then we're
stopping in Malmö over night, Malin aka Punk In Writing
has been a real mensch and offered us to stay over for one
night before we're heading up to Karlstad.
This journey is actually costing us a bit more than a flight
for two to America believe it or not.

I will bring my camera and the computer so I can blog if
I feel like it/have time.

Here's our route. Click for larger map.


I think I'm a bit senile, honestly.
I said I would post some pictures from Screamin'
Festival and I've forgotten all about it, well, until
today that is.
I made an album on Facebook but it slipped my
mind to post any here in my blog.
Anyway, since I'm so darn boring (camera shy)
and never do any outfit posts I thought I go totally
ego, so here's outfit posts to last you a while. ;))

I have to add that I'm not this chunky IRL, I hate
that I always bloat badly every time I fly. :(

Click on the images for a larger view.

Me and my man.
Photo by Lars Sundberg

Me and Carolina.
Photo by ???

Me and my man.
Photo by me

Me and my man.
Photo by me

Me and my man jiving in the sand.
Photo by Carolina Perez Amaya

Me and my man.
Photo by Carolina Perez Amaya

Me and my man.
Photo by Calamity Jane G

My man, Zack and me.
Zack is our favorite rockin' kid, he was born into it and
it's been so cool se him grow up from a cute little boy to
a cool teen. The years goes by so fast... :)
Photo by Calamity Jane G

At the beauty contest, the winners. Some cute girl from
Holland, me and my friend Uschi also from Holland.
Photo by Rockin Ronnie Meurs

Me and Zack jiving.
Photo by Calamity Jane G

Something was very funny.
Photo by Calamity Jane G

Zack, my man and me.
Photo by Calamity Jane G

Thursday, 28 July 2011


I'm pretty smug for winning the bidding on this
stunning red vintage lurex dress and even more
so for the price, £3.20!!! :D
I'm a very happy Jewish bunny. ;))

Click the image for a better view.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Hi there my fabulous blog readers!
I was quite a happy bunny when the post man knocked
on the door this morning, 3 packages arrived, it was like
it was my birthday, if it wasn't for the fact that I've paid
for them and it's July, not December. ;))

1960's Vanity Fair nightgown, $6. Etsy.
Totally dreamy. I can't say no to a cheap 1950's/1960's nylon
nightgown, that would be so silly! ;))

Swimsuit, £3.19. eBay.
No one was happier than me to find that this is actually a kids size
swimsuit and it wasn't even tight.
My butt and tummy exercises works!
I must admit that a fellow blogger inspired me to make this purchase,
thank you
Lisa at My High-Heeled Darling.

1950's wash bag, £2.99. eBay.
This bag will keep all my hygiene products.
It came in the right time for our long road trip we're about to do.


Now this is what I call consolation!
Me and my man had a bit of an argument last week, we
made up and we're back to peachy.
My guy really know how to say he's sorry...
He gave me this 1950's Coro milky Lucite necklace with
gold and green flakes.
Maybe we should argue more often? ;)

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Been looking through my blog and thought I might have
a go at trying to recreate my version of Dita's outfit in this
video with some of my finds and own creations...

Couldn't find a post about any red rose hair flowers
so this one will do for this post. ;)
From this post.

25 pence from a car boot sale.
From this post.

£2 from a charity shop, this is the revamped version.
From this post.

99 pence from eBay.
I do have more bargain bangles I might throw in the mix.
From this post.

£1.50 from a charity shop.
From this post.

£9 from eBay.
From this post.

Anniversary gift from my man.
From this post.


Here's what I snagged at the car boot sale yesterday.
Click on the images for a larger view.

Moc Croc handbag, 50 pence.
Not too big, not too small, just perfect.

Knitted 1930's style cardigan, £1.
Absolutely lovely. I feel like such a nice girl in this. ;))

1980's necklace, 50 pence.
A bit too long and a bit too... I don't know...
I'm thinking about a slight revamp.

LP's, 50 pence each.
Gift from my man.

Flats, £1.
I'm quite pissed off, one shoe is one size bigger, like half a centimetre,
not really that noticeable but I can feel it! I never thought to look at the
who buys different sizes anyway?

1960's Fisher Price toys, 75 pence each.
Goes in the collection of vintage toys for the future rascal's.

Saturday, 23 July 2011


I was quite bored last weekend since we stayed in
because of the awful weather.
Like most of us I have the bad habit of looking for
stuff on eBay when I'm bored.
Here's two items I got my paws on...

Click on the images for a larger view.

1960's lurex dress, £21.
A little bit pricey than my normal bargains but this one fits
like a dream. The previous lurex dress from
eBay was way
too big for me so I think it will end up in my
Etsy shop quite

£21 isn't that much in comparisons with what the vintage
shops in London and some sellers on Etsy charges.

1950's style skirt, £9.
I fell in love with the print plain and simple.
It has an European cities print and I think it's quite funny
how they misspelled United Kingdom, they've
missed the
o in Kingdom.

Friday, 22 July 2011


I must say that I'm one of those lucky girls who gets a
fresh bunch flowers every now and then, I got a quite
romantic fella. (And he likes the hugs and kisses.)
As we all know, flowers don't last forever, but I want
them to make this home look even prettier for as long
as they possible can.
When I see them get sad I don't throw them away, I
do throw the very sad ones away (in the compost, of
course) but the rest I try to salvage.
After all these years hunting vintage in charity shops
and car boot sales I've managed to snag some neat old
vases in various sizes, which makes this flower salvage
thing even more fun.

Here's what makes our home look pretty at this very

Chrysanthemum and Carnations cut in different heights
to make it look all lush and plenty.
Here in a 1960's vase. Find from August 2010.

Carnations cut down to the very last centimeter of the
stalk the ones in the middle has got a bit longer stalk.
Here in a 1930's dessert bowl. Find from December 2009.

Here's a beautiful exotic bunch I got the other day and
it's really brightening up our kitchen table at the moment.
You can't really see it but I put them in a big Fiesta Ware
pitcher. Find from January 2011.


It's been ages since I painted my nails.
I've been looking for a nice nail polish for quite a while,
well, last year actually.
I wanted pastel yellow with a bit of shimmer but so far
no luck. They are all the wrong shade and no shimmer.
So yesterday while doing nothing I thought I'd have a
go and see if I could sort something out with what I got
at home.
I'm pleased to say that I came extremely close.

Looks much better irl.

I don't know why I bought this awful yellow nail polish last
year, is even more garish and yellow irl.

It did however work wonders with an old shade of Mother
of Pearls from
I based with the Lancome, then 17 and then another coat
of Lancome.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Been revamping, again.
I was lucky to find another hideous cigar box purse at a
car boot sale not so long ago, the last cigar box revamp
turned out pretty darn good and this time I wanted to do
an even better job.
This time I even revamped a picture of Bettie Page in a
hula skirt, thought it would look cool since it has got a
bamboo handle, give it more of an Hawaiian look.
Here's the original picture.

Click on the images for a larger view.


Tacky crap. It just had to go!


The picture doesn't do the bag justice, the picture is laminated
so therefore the weird sheen.
Looks much better irl.

And here's the picture of the inside, it came that way,
I can't take credit for it. ;)

Monday, 18 July 2011


Hi honeys!
It's been one busy weekend!
We didn't go to any car boot sales whatsoever, the
weather was awful but it was a good excuse to stay
indoors and be creative.
I'm still in a sorting mood and trying to reduce the
amount of stuff in my "to do pile" so the weekend
was dedicated to that.
I started working on a very special hat, I'm almost
finished revamping a bag and the three things below
is things that I completed.

First out was this really cute tank top that I got for
30 pence at a car boot sale last summer, I've never
used it and it ended up in the not to keep pile when
I had my closet clear out.
Since the revamp of the rose top was quite a good
decision I thought I'd have a go with this one as well.
And I'm glad I did, I love it!

The second and third revamp has been laying in the
middle of the to do pile for 3 years (!!!) and it was
about time I do something about it!
I got the dresses for £5 each at Primark 3 years ago
and they had a terrible fit but I've planned to turn
them into a two piece set, with a top and skirt, which
is way more useful for me.
I finished the skirts and I'm currently working on the
tops, I guess it will look very 1940's when I finally get
to wear them.

Peppermint green top and stripey dress before revamp.
I totally forgot to take before pictures of both the stripey
dresses, this old picture is the best I can offer.

Click on the images for a larger view.