Monday, 30 April 2012


The weather this month has been absolutely dreadful!
Because of all this rain the car boot sales has been cancelled
and therefore the lack of finds lately.
Today It's finally sunny and my inspiration is back and so is the
will to go to the gym. After the gym I popped into my favorite
charity shop to leave a few bags of rags and clothes and I did
a good look around, there hasn't been much of a cool selection
of stuff there lately but it's always worth a look.
Here's what I managed to find...

Sunglasses case, 30 pence.
Perfect! I need a few sturdy ones to keep my sunnies in for Spain!

Plastic glitter bowls, 75 pence.
OMG! Plastic stuff with glitter, no way I was gonna leave these behind!
These will be perfect to keep craft items in when I work or ice cream
on a hot sunny day.

Vintage West German jug, £1.
I adopt most things marked West Germany, bot me and my stylish cousin
Carina are fans of WG things.

Vintage Homemaker jug, £1.25.
I don't collect the Homemaker series but I though I'd use it as a vase.

Vintage handkerchief bowl/pot, £1.
Plenty of limescale on the inside rim that really won't 
go away but I don't mind much, it still look fab with my 
homegrown basil.

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Am I the only one who dislikes the new blogger compose page?
I don't like changes like the awful timeline on FB and now this!
I know change is good but it takes a bit getting used to and when
I blog I just want it to be simple. Is that too much to ask for?
Couldn't we at least have got to choose how we wanted it to be?

OK, enough with the rant...

I have my heart set on rocking the Bette Davis look this summer.
I finally found a pair of sunglasses that's quite similar to hers and
that also will suit me.
I've got a wig in that style and color that I could use if I want to.
I also got a pair of white shorts and white Palazzo trousers that I
can choose from depending on the weather.
Bette Davis

Here's some items that you've seen in this blog before that I can
use to accomplish this style:

These arrived today, eBay, £5.20.

Vintage Laura Ashley, car boot sale find for £1 back in May 09.
I just need to switch that navy blue ribbon to a red one.

Sailor wedges, gift from my man in August 09. 

1950's wicker bag, £21 on eBay back in March 09.

Monday, 23 April 2012


Here's a few of my latest Etsy and eBay purchases...

Etsy: Wicker bag, $13.
I feel genuinely sorry for the seller. She said on the item description
that the postage was $7,
when it arrived the other day I noticed on
the postage tag that
she paid $47.95 for shipping!
She must have sent it priority instead of standard.
The least I can do is to link to her shop. Click here to check her stuff!

Etsy: Earrings, $4.79.
Now how could I resist these?! They are SO fab!
They make me think of one of those kitschy 1960's Tiki restaurants
with blow fish and fishing net floats hanging from the ceiling.

Etsy: Earrings, $1.75.
Just couldn't resist, not for that price...

Etsy: Bangles, $1.40 each.
A little tutti frutti on the wrist this summer is a must!

eBay: 1950's/1960's swimsuits, £2.20 each.
Bargains! A nice addition to my vintage swimwear collection!

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Yesterday we got up early to go to the antique market
before opening the shop.
I was quite restless so I popped by Age UK to say hi to
my friend Flo and to go nuts rummaging through their
box of bangles. (Where I found 4.)
Afterwards I went to Halsey's Deli for a delicious egg n'
mayo sandwich (heaven) and then I scouted some of the
other charity shops in town.
After lunch all our volunteers came into the shop to say
goodbye and gossip. Better co-workers doesn't exist!

Today is the very last day before it turns into a normal
charity shop and it's also the last day for us, well, my
last day was yesterday but today is the last day for my
man. We're both happy not to work there anymore, let's
just say we weren't treated very well...

Anyway, here's what I managed to get my dirty paws on:

Boxed vintage Pyrex, 50 pence.
I’m super happy about this boxed, never used, Pyrex hostess
casserole with metal stand with a candle warmer.

Boxed vintage coffee maker, 50 pence.
This one is also never used. Don't know if it ever will be.

Set of 6 vintage mugs, 20 pence.
Nice and big and never used! They were in their original box
but it had mold
on it and that's nothing I want to keep.

18 part vintage atomic coffee set, £3.
This was a pure impulse buy, I think this might end up at the
Hemsby car boot sale next month.

Basket bag, £1.
Not that I need another bag but... Yeah.

Hardly ever worn Clarks, £3.
Super comfortable! These will go with most of my outfits fall/

Bangle, 35 pence.

Bangle, 35 pence.

Bangle 35 pence.
This coconut bangle will be used frequently in Spain this year
along with my bamboo bangles.

Bangle, 35 pence.
You can't really tell it's carved with metal inlay.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Awful migraine day today, nothing at all has been done
around here. The house is a major mess... Uhh...
The shop (from hell) was dead today so my man came
home earlier and crawled into bed with me for a lil' nap
while I watched Desperately Seeking Susan.
DSS was one of my favorite movies as a kid and today
I got a bit sad that the 1980's is over and however hard
you try you can never get it as right as it was back then.
Yes, the 1950's is over as well but you can still get that
period right but the 1980's you just can't recreate.
I love crazy and over the top!

I also fell back in love with Susan's jacket and skull drum
case. Oh my, I got itchy fingers to try to make a replica
of at least one of them, maybe not now but hopefully in
the near future.
I bet there's a dark green lurex/lame' jacket with some
kick ass shoulder pads out there waiting for me; :))

The man behind this iconic jacket is Santo Loquasto and
Michael Roman is the artist who adorned Susan's drum
case and Jim's van with his skulls.

The phrase on the banner beneath the pyramid say's:
Novus ordo seclorum (Latin for "New Order of the Ages")


I need to bring this picture to my local haberdasher. :)

Oh yes, almost forgot...
Check this blog out! It's full to the brim with fun facts
and rare pictures from the film.


Summer is just around the corner and so are all
the beach/pool/tiki parties.
Just thought I'd mention that I got two really swell
Polynesian style necklaces for sale in my shop.
I've got one in white and one in red.
These look awesome with the right playsuit or
sarong dress.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Here's my latest creation!
I made this necklace for myself to wear to the beach
parties at the Screamin' Festival in Spain this year.
All charms are vintage and made in West Germany.
I also made a pair of earrings with larger sized pink

Monday, 16 April 2012


Hello there!
Thought it was about time I blogged about some of my
recent finds. It's been a while...

Vintage tooled leather train case, 10 pence.
Best find ever!!! The peacock on the lid is amazing!
I need to get a new clasp for it, think I'm in for a challenge
but I'm not in a major rush.
I will go and see the local leather guy, he did a really good
job last time I had a clasp problem.

Vintage handbag with matching coin purse, 10 pence.
Not that I really need them but for that price... You know.

Vintage suitcase, 50 pence.
Yes it's grubby, haven't had time to clean it yet. Sorry.
I think this case will be my new storage for all my bangles.

Vintage jewellery box, 10 pence.
Can't have enough of these...

Vintage hair combs, 5 pence.
Love the shape!

Vintage cufflinks, 50 pence.
Got these for my lovely man.

Vintage earrings, £1.
Perfect to use both day and evening.

Bangle, 10 pence.
New but the green color is irresistible.

Vintage bangle, 50 pence.
The picture doesn't really show the cream colored swirls,
I assure you it looks amazing IRL.

Vintage bangle, £1.
Looks like burgundy granite. Awesome!

Saturday, 14 April 2012


This is amazing! I want to eat my clothes
with whipped cream and a spoon!

In a store near you.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Things are being done today!
Our friend Jeff came over early this morning to help us
paint the upstairs hallway.
Instead of white walls and brown door frames it’s now
swimming pool blue and the door frames are white.
It all need a second coat, that will be done next week.
At least it’s getting there and he doesn’t want money
but banana cake. Now that’s a friend! :D

While Jeff’s been painting and my man been at work I
mowed the front lawn and pruned the “bonsai tree” by
the front door, sorting both front and back flower beds
and cleaned up by the entrance.
It doesn’t look like an abandoned house anymore.

There’s still plenty of stuff to sort out in this house but
at least something’s being done.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


My man is one heck of a guy!
On Friday he came home with a rather heavy box, it
was for me. Careful, he said...
I almost fainted, the box were full of Pyrex!
Gooseberry and (JAJ) Snowflake to be more specific.
To be honest, I think he's just as excited about Pyrex
as I am. :))

I really have to start looking for glass lids for all my
dishes now...

Click the images for a better view!

You find more of my Pyrex here.

Oh! And don't miss this Pyrex site!