Monday, 31 October 2011


Me and my man are about to crawl under the covers and
have a Tim Burton night tonight.
We're gonna start with my very favorite, Frankenweenie.
As a Bull Terrier lover it might be understandable why it's
my favorite. :)
I used to have the VHS but I watched it so many times so
the tape was useless even before the video broke down.
I haven't had the luck to find it on DVD yet so we're going
to watch it on You Tube.

If you want to watch it too, here's a shortcut:
Part 1, 2 and 3. Enjoy!

Next movie on our watch list will be Sleepy Hollow and
after that, if we're awake, Beetlejuice.

Here's a great doo wop track by Monotones that I think
you might like on a night like this.
It's called "Legend of Sleepy Hollow".

1.5 KG!!!

Remember that I won a contest Vintage Brighton held on
their website last week?
The prize was a bunch of sweets, a Cath Kidston bag and
a copy of the magazine Vintagexplorer.
The package arrived today and it was quite heavy, it turns
out to be 1.5 kg worth of sweets!!! There goes my diet. ;))

Sunday, 30 October 2011


I guess most of you were dressed up in costumes last night.
If you were, what or who were you dressed up as?
I myself didn't dress up, I stayed in and relaxed with my
hairy werewolf man.

Here's what I did during the Halloween weekend...

I baked Swedish sticky chocolate cake with Baileys. Divine!
I wanted to bake pumpkin pie but we didn't have all ingredients at home.

Had an evening snack with my man while watching scary movies.
We had raw cauliflower, carrot sticks and hummus.
Cauliflower looks like brain by the way. :D

I was an online DJ, playing only spooky tracks from 1950's-1960's.

I read spooky books.

And watched The Munsters.

Right now I'm taking care of a horror show of it's own, my
closet, rotating to fall and winter wear. A total nightmare.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Good afternoon! It's been a while.
The reason for my absence is that I've been too ill to be
online and I've had nothing to really blog about.
My sweet man has dragged me out on two occasions to
Cambridge and Brighton. That cheered me up even tho
I wasn't well.

Nothing cheers me up like beautiful surroundings, old
buildings and vintage shopping, of course.

Here's a few things I picked up:

1950's picnic bag, £10.50.
Gift from my man.
From The Old Chemist Shop Antique Centre,
206 Mill Road, Cambridge.

1950's kids xylophone, £6.
From Cancer Research UK,
52 Burleigh Street, Cambridge.

Vintage Lurex heels, £5.
From a vintage shop without a sign, next to Off Beat Coffee Bar,
39 Sydney Street, Brighton.

Powder puff, £2.
Gift from my man.
From North Laine Antiques and Fleamarket,
5 Upper Gardner Street, Brighton.

Another thing that cheered me up lately is that I won a
contest. I won a bunch of sweets, a Cath Kidston bag and
a copy of the magazine Vintagexplorer.
Thank you Vintage Brighton. :)
I'm looking forward to the package to arrive next week.

Friday, 7 October 2011


Here's my two latest eBay purchases that I'm very
excited about.
This autumn I'm going 13 years back in time to my
roots as a Rivethead (synthare for you Swedes) we
are talking fashion, not music.
It's all black, black, black but this time with less of
the military and more of the classy, very feminine,
let's explain it simple, I'm going Dieselpunk.



The shoes and sunglasses really do look awesome
together with, black stockings, a black pencil skirt,
stylish 1940's hairdo and my new coat.
As my man said, very Polly Perkins. :))

Maybe I should get a hat like this...

Thursday, 6 October 2011


I think I have a thing for dangle earrings at the moment.
I also want them to look like they came out of a jewelery
box in some dingy boudoir in the 1930's. :))

Here's my latest creations...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Believe it or not but I was out scouting on Sunday too!
We went to two car boot sales, first one was fine but at
the second one I just wanted to go home, I felt so ill but
I only had myself to blame because I didn't want to sit
inside doing nothing while there was 30 degrees C and
bargains to be made.

Here's a few of the things I got...

Vintage large flamenco doll, 20 pence.
My man has gotten used to having flamenco dolls all over
lounge by now so he didn't even sigh when I picked this
one out
of a box.

1970's gold mules, £1.
These are a tiny bit too big but the gold mules I bought on
never made it to my house and these will have to do
until I
found the perfect pair.

Vintage wicker bag, 20 pence.
This bag requires a little revamp, I need to paint the sides
since there's
scribbles all over them.
I'm thinking black or red sides.

Kids stuff.
Faux leather jacket, £1.
1950's cardigan & bonnet, 20 pence.
Knitted ballerina, free.
For the future rascals. Me and my man don't care about
goes on a boy and whats goes on a girl, when they
are newly hatched no one can
tell anyway and we really
can't see a problem with a two year old
girl wearing a
leather jacket, as long as she's wearing turned up
jeans. ;))

Faux fur collar, 50 pence.
I love fur collars, they really doll up a dull sweater.

Poncho with faux fur collar, 20 pence.
I look like a snow queen in this one. :))

Leather jacket, £2.
Sorry to say it's real leather but it's the same model as my
jacket that's soon falling apart.

Vintage angora top, £1.
It can't get more Jayne Mansfield than this! :D

As you can see...

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


On Saturday I dared to drag myself out of bed and
go to a local car boot sale with my man.
It was like hell on earth in the heat and with a lot of
not so polite people around but I did snag some neat
stuff so I shouldn't complain.

Here's some of the finds.
Click the images for a better view.

Coat, £2.50
Like I need another one!!!
My man gave it to me, he thought it was really cool and I thought
looked like something out of the wardrobe of Sky Captain and the

World of Tomorrow.

Vintage crochet top, 50 pence.
This top is SO neat and it's my favorite shade of yellow.

Satin tunic dress, 20 pence.
I'm gonna alter this slightly, take it in on the sides and also shorten it
so I can use it as a top.

This looks awesome with black harem pants and a elastic belt.

Tunic dress, 50 pence.
This also look really good with black harem pants and my vintage elastic
belt with rose buckle.
I need to show you at some point soon!

Close up.

1950's kids stuff, £1.50 for the lot.
My favorite in this lot is the song book, it has illustrations by one of my
favorite illustrators, Mary Blair. *swoon*

Framed picture, 70 pence.
I've been wanting one since 2005! :D

1960's tin, £2.
The prefect tin for my bags of seeds.

Vintage lurex wool, £2.50
Vintage dressmakers chalk, 50 pence.
I want to learn how to knit and what wool suits this gal better than
lurex wool. :))

Wool is not that cheap over here so a whole bag for £2.50 is one heck
of a bargain!
I might be able to use the wool if I want to have a go with
the 1950's loom I got last week...