Thursday, 28 April 2011


My mother in law called yesterday morning, pretty
desperate for an outing, that means lunch.
I had planned to list a whole bunch of vintage things
on Etsy and make even more hair flowers but I put
them aside.
So we went to Edgware for lunch and then we went
scouting the charity shops in Burnt Oak.

Seems like my finds came in Union Jack colors.
Totally coincidental, I'm not supporting the royal
wedding we taxpayers are paying for.
I don't get it, the royal house is extremely wealthy
so why not pay for it themselves and make sure
the tax money end up where they are most needed.

Click on the images for larger view.

1960's bikini, 99 pence.

Close up on the pattern.

1970's dress, £2.99, the scarf was included.

Close up on the pattern.

I spent the evening swapping seasons in my closet and
I realised I have way too many garments.
I want to have a yard sale so if you live in Herts, Beds
or London and wear a size 8-12 in clothes or size 3-4 in
shoes you're more than welcome to come over. :))
I can't be bothered with a boot sale. :P

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


What a busy day!
Meetings, post office, gym and a whole lot of crafting.
I got my hair flower making going on again.

Between post office and gym I went into my favorite
charity shop for a scout and there was a sale going on.
Sale in a charity shop, that's about as good at it could
get for a cheapskate (or should I say Frugalista?) like
me. And of course I didn't walk out empty handed...

Swimsuit new with tags, £3.
I can't wait to get in shape now! :))
I don't know if I was happy because of the low price or the fact that
it's a UK size 8 and a perfect fit. :P

Lurex top, 50 pence.
More lurex. I've got tons of lurex items that I got back in the day but
I kind of forgot
about them until recently.

It's nice to sparkle again.

Vintage dress, £1.
This darling will be my favorite house dress this summer.
It got two pockets in the front and I love the ribbon.
Sorry for the lousy picture but this is the best I can do, alone, with
my uber crappy camera.

As I promised yesterday, here's a small selection
of what I've been working on lately...
Click the images for larger view.

Revamped bag.
I just added a flower but it instantly became much more summery.

Green glittery Lily hair flowers.
Love these! They look for fabulous on it's amazing!
I need to doll up and show off. :))

Orchid hair flowers with skulls.
Very psychobilly/goth.
Not my style anymore but I hope someone
would like them enough
to buy them. ;)

The red cherry collection.
Comes in different styles, with or without cherries.

The white cherry collection.
Comes in different styles, with or without cherries.

The yellow cherry collection.
Comes in different styles, with or without cherries.

And I saved the best for last...

1940's style cherry necklace.
I've had a 1940s celluloid chain necklace with cherries on my wish
list for many years but I don't want to spend like
$100-$450 so I
made one myself!

I actually love the way it turned out.
I'm also working on a red one with bright red cherries.

I've been thinking...
As a Swede I grew up under the Jante Law and I
never gave myself any credit for anything.
It's 2011 and a lot of Scandinavians still submit to
that way of thinking.
Total downer.
It's not until now, after living in the UK for over 4
years and also as I'm getting older that I actually do
think that my creations turns out well and that I can
say so without the need to excuse myself.
The Jante Law is unhealthy, I think we all should be
proud over our skills and achievements and inspire
others to feel the same way about themselves.

Monday, 25 April 2011


Hi and hello!
How's your Easter weekend been?
I've been bargain hunting as usual.
It's been really warm and sunny so we'd been relaxing
in the garden, soaking in the sun as much as possible.

Today we had another BBQ, since it's Passover I don't
eat bread with yeast so no burger or hot dog buns but
it was still very nice.
I need to cut down on carbs anyway. :P

It was a little bit too breezy for me today so I decided
to craft my day away in bed and watching housewife
drama. I'll show you tomorrow what I made.

So here's some of my finds from yesterday and today.
Click on the images for larger view.

1960's candle holders, £2 for the lot.
I absolutely love 50's/60's plastic flowers and these are pure perfection.
Some has the original tag left.
I wish there was another yellow rose...

1950's Stratton compact, £1.50.
LOVE this! Gift from my man.

Vintage red glittery earrings, £1.
Will go perfect with my red glitter bangle I got a while back.

Vintage hula girl, £1.
I was thrilled to find her!
I've been wanting one of these and had a few on my favorite list on
Etsy but I don't feel like
paying $18 in shipping.
This girl needed a quick makeover so she got her hair combed and
a new elastic
for her pretty yellow garland.

1950's kids rattle, 50 pence.
For the future rascal's.
I had one like this when I was little.

Lurex top, 50 pence.
More glam fall/winter wear.

1960's nylon top, £1.
Looks like it's never been used and it has got buttons in the back.

Handmade 1950's pants, 50 pence.
Love the pattern on these. They needed a new elastic waist band but
that was no drama, all done
within minutes.

Vintage Hawaiian shirt, 50 pence.
Quite kitsch and my picky man liked it.

1950's thermos, 20 pence.
This one got two mugs, one is smaller and fits under the big one you
see in the picture, now how
convenient is that. :)
Perfect for road trips.

Makeup bag set, 50 pence.
This is quite funny, and a bit embarrassing to admit, I wanted this set
for about two years
but I've been too cheap to pay the full price of
£6.99 at Superdrug, which isn't very expensive to begin with.
Seems like patience paid off in the
end. :))

1950's Italian flower pot, 50 pence.
And since Italian I let Mr. Basil live and thrive in it.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Another sunny and warm day, 29 degrees Celsius.
For once I had a very lazy day...
I got up early, made proper coffee and had a hearty carby
breakfast, which is a must if you want the energy to scout
for bargains at car boot sales.
Got lots of freckles but not that many finds.
When we got home we popped a Magners pear cider and
took the sun loungers out and I've been laying there until
now. :)

Hearty breakfast.
Matzo Brei with cinnamon, maple syrup, banana, mango and home
squeezed OJ.

1972 Fisher Price Happy Apple, 30 pence.
Isn't he cute?! We collect toys from 50's-70's for our future little ones.

Leather belt, 50 pence.
This will go perfect with a red gingham skirt.
The brand is Miss Sixty if any of you wanna try and find one for yourselves.

Egg shaped wooden bangles, 10 pence each.
The Danish Modern nerd in me couldn't resist these. :))

Carved bangle, 50 pence.
Found yet another one of these carved bangles.
Pink isn't really my color but for 50 pence I couldn't say no.

Lurex top, 75 pence.
Trying to find some "glamorous" stuff to wear during fall and winter,
I feel so mousy during those months but this will definitely make my
outfits a bit less dull.

Perfect with a black pencil skirt.

Time to get dolled up, my man is gigging tonight and for once
I don't wanna stay home watching rich housewives.
Hopefully I will meet La Dama.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Earlier today we went to pick up a vintage bamboo table
and two chairs we totally missed the bidding on the other
day because we drove mother in law home.
My man sent the seller a message asking if it was still for
sale and if we could buy it, she called back last night and
we picked it up this afternoon.

Vintage bamboo table and chairs, £10.
Perfect for when we want to have dinner in the garden.

While we were out we scouted the local charity shops, of
course. Here's what we got...

Click the images for larger view.

1960's curtains, £6.
These are HUGE! A lot of fabric for the money.
The fabric reminds me of banana and I would love to sew a shirt
for my man and a sarong dress for myself.

Unfortunately I don't have a sewing pattern for a nice looking
sarong dress so the project is on hold.

The curtains actually cost £9 to begin with but my man asked if
we could have them for a better price. :))

New bikini, £2.45.
It still had the tags and crouch protection on. :))
I love the color and the coconut detail on both top and briefs.

Bangle, 60 pence.
I don't really like blue but this was a very nice blue and it will
look good with a bunch of bamboo bangles.


We really hit the motherload of finds last weekend.
We got a whole lot more than this but these items
are my favorite purchases...

Click the images for larger view.


Angora lurex top, 50 pence.
Can't get more pinup than this. :))

Lurex shrug, 60 pence.
This looks fab on! Really classy.

Wicker lamp shade, 30 pence.
Yep, more wicker. Perfect for our kitschy lounge.

Vintage shorts, 50 pence.
These still had the old tag left.
I'm gonna shorten these slightly, I look like Carmella
Soprano otherwise. :))

1950's vase, 50 pence.
Love these colors, goes perfectly with the walls in my hobby
room as you can see.


1950's ballerina bottle, £1.
Second "dancing bottle" we now got.
Here's the other one.

Corset top, 30 pence.
Perfect basic summer wear.

1950's fabric, £4 for the lot.
There's one more panel of the fabric on the left.
I can't decide what to to with these amazing fabrics, one
minute I'm thinking dress, the other I think playsuit.

Top, 50 pence.

Heels, £1.
These are SO me! Love them.

Lurex top, 50 pence.

Vintage snack plate, 50 pence.
Wicker style. :) We now use this one as a Seder plate.
Perfect timing.

Plate in action.

1950's tin, 50 pence.