Tuesday, 26 May 2009


My bags are packed and I'll be off to Spain for two weeks of
fun in the sun, I leave tomorrow morning...
Gonna do both Screamin' Festival and Rock n' Roll Holidays.
Hasta la vista my darlings!


Me and my man went all the way to Wales last
week to pick up a very rare piece of furniture
for only £50!!!
What you see is only one part of a double unit.
It is an English unit called Ladderax, this one
was custom made back in the 1960's for a RAF
(Royal Air Force) family that was stationed in
Singapore at the time.
It's all hand carved and very beautiful, it's got
that Tiki feel we love.
Feels good to know that no one on this planet
has one like this but us.

Click on the image for larger version.

Click on the image for larger version.

Monday, 25 May 2009


Can you believe that I only payed £1 for this 1950's highchair?!
(12 Kr, $1,60, €1)
We were more or less finished browsing at one of the car boot
sales we went to yesterday as I saw this on our way back to the
car, the tag said £5 but the guy was pretty desperate getting rid
of it so I only payed £1 for it!
And this is a bonus, it matches our retro dinette perfectly!

Click on the picture for larger version.

Click on the picture for larger version.

And no, I'm still not pregnant.
We're planning to start trying for a baby next year though.


I recieved a rather amusing email last night.
An anonymous reader asked me if I was poor
since everything I buy is so cheap and mostly
second hand.
So for the record, no, I'm not poor, I just love
to make a bargain, that's all.

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Here I go again!
Wasn't really up for going to any car boot sales today
but went anyway, just in case...
Got way more stuff than this but as you know by now
I only post my favorite finds of the day.

I forgot to post a picture of these absolutely fabulous
1950's sunglasses that I got at the Hemsby car boot sale
last weekend for only £1, because one of the screws was
I went to the optician today to get them fixed, and guess
what, I've got them fixed and cleaned for free!

Vintage sunglasses, £1. (12 Kr, $1,60, €1)

Vintage mules, £1. (12 Kr, $1,60, €1)

Bag, 50 pence. (6 Kr, $0,80, €0,50)

Vintage plate, 20 pence. (2,50 Kr, $0,35, €0,20)

Vintage knitting book, 50 pence. (6 Kr, $0,80, €0,50)

Two of my favorite items in the knitting book.

Friday, 22 May 2009


I found this sweet set yesterday at Primark for £8.
How could I resist polka dots, strawberries and bows?


I think I get the hang of how to stroll.
I really hate that kind of dance but my friends really
want me to stroll with them so I thought I learn before
we go to the Screamin' Festival in Spain next week.
I mean, if I learned how to jive very well in no time
the stroll should be a piece of cake.
I don't want them to think I'm a square...

Here's a perfect song to stroll to.

Monday, 11 May 2009


As I promised yesterday, here's some of my favorite finds
from yesterdays car boot sales.
My two absolute favorites must be the vintage Elizabeth
Arden powder box and the little Carmen Miranda style skirt
and tie top for a toddler. (No, I'm not pregnant, yet.)

Powder box, 35 pence. (4 Kr, $0,50, €0,35)

Top & skirt, 50 pence. (6 Kr, $0,75, €0,50)

Baby grow, 60 pence. (7,50 Kr, $0,95, €0,60)

Top, £1,50. Top, £1,50. (20 Kr, $2,50, €1,50)

Top, £1,50. (20 Kr, $2,50, €1,50)

Brooch, 50 pence. (6 Kr, $0,75, €0,50)

Brooch set, £1. (12 Kr, $1,50, €1)


We're in the process of clearing out closets and sorting
what to bring to the Hemsby rock n' roll weekend's own
car boot sale on Sunday.
Imagine a car boot sale with just 1950's and rockabilly
knick knacks, clothes, accessories, jewelry and furniture.
It will be the first boot sale where we sell stuff and I do
not want to bring any of the stuff back.

Sunday, 10 May 2009


Long day... But good!
Went to 3 car boot sales today, did tons of cool finds,
I'll post pictures tomorrow, must load the battery first.
I tell you this much, I bought the coolest baby clothes,
Carmen Miranda style!!!

In the late afternoon we took mother in law out for a
relaxed dinner and a coffee in Golders Green.
I sure got the best mother in law ever!
She said she wanted to give me something useful and
gave me money to buy an overlock sewing machine!
Now how nice is that!
It feels so good to be so loved by both my man and his
mother, they really want the best for me.

Friday, 8 May 2009


I borrowed this book from the library yesterday.
I'm a child at heart and I'm a sucker for cute stuff,
especially when you can make them yourself.
The project seems very easy and since it's raining
today I'm gonna stay in an make something.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


My man bought me this dress today.
It's a Reko Design from Topshop where it cost £35 but I
actually found mine for half price on eBay.
Who can refuse a bargain?

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I bet you've were wondering if I went to any car boot sales
during the weekend just gone. Of course I did!
One of my favorite finds was the little heart shaped table
that I'm planning to revamp with some pinup decoupage.
Here's some of the stuff I've got.

Table, £1. (12 Kr, $1,50)

Mini wicker bag, 20 pence. (2,50 Kr, $0,30)

Flamenco dolls, 50 pence/each. (6 Kr, $0,75)

Vintage Laura Ashley blouse, £1. (12 Kr, $1,50)

Case for glasses, 25 pence. (3 Kr, $0,35)


I really would like to recommend this summer fragrance.
Diesel Fuel for Life Summer Edition combines Bergamot,
Neroli and Jasmine to create a light, refreshing fragrance that
reflects a flowery summer cocktail.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I'm trying to catch up on things and I remembered that
I got tagged a while back by the lovely Rosina Lee.
'7 things you may not know about me'.

* When I was younger I breed show dogs.
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.)

* I really wanna go to New York and eat kosher hot dogs
while watching the freak show at Coney Island.

* I have a fear of spiders, telephones, clowns and snakes.

* I wish I never got tattooed.

* I'm a bit of a coffee snob, I like mine strong and organic.
I rather go grumpy than drink instant crap.

* I haven't eaten fish since 1988.

* My favorite perfume is Thierry Muglers Alien.

I also got a challenge from the wonderful Bows and Dots.
This challenge doesn't deal with facts, but characteristics.
Tell details about you and share them with others.

I'm a so called "Nugget" (short person) and I used to hate
being short and I also got bullied for it in school.
All my life I've dreamed about long legs but I've accepted
that I am what I am. After all, there's always high heels...

I got a whole bunch of them and I love them, they make
me look like a real rascal.

Long black hair
People think that my long black shiny hair is a wig because
it looks so flawless and I really hate it when some ass-wipes
don't take my word for it and have to pull it.

I'm always wearing something red.

And as usual I tag anyone who's up for this because
I don't know who reads my blog and I don't want to
pest people.