Wednesday, 31 December 2008


May your new year be happier, healthier and even more
creative and successful than the last.

Monday, 29 December 2008


We returned Pickles for an behavior assessment and
the dog home will call us any day soon.
We cried our eyes out and we miss her terrible even
though she had her bad moments.
We're now having a good think if we should give her
a second chance, she is after all a very sweet lady.

I'm manic at the moment and I guess I'm gonna go
mad with cleaning and making jewelery today.
(Don't get me wrong, I love manic moments.)

The post office is finally open again.
I'm six days behind because of Christmas and I feel
bad for my customers.
I'm just about to pack the last package that's gonna
be sent off today.

Saturday, 27 December 2008


She's now attacked my man two more times since yesterday and
she tried to attack a child and other adults that was out for a walk,
she's gone even worse towards other dogs and she bit one of our
neighbors pretty badly, our neighbor was actually bleeding.
We called the very nice man who was here for the home check and
interview to ask him what to do because the dog home said that she
didn't have any problems, which wasn't the truth.
He said that we should take her back, she should have gone through
a thorough behavior assessment before being re-homed.
I've done nothing but cried and cuddled her all night and morning.
She's such a beautiful little girl and we both have fallen in love with
her but not her bad behavior.
I knew it was too good to be true!

I guess we're returning her this afternoon and we both feel utterly
depressed that we have to because we really love her and wanted to
give her a good home...

Friday, 26 December 2008


Our little girl has attacked my man 4 times since she came home.
She's really nasty when she's in that state but she's the sweetest
when she's calm and cuddly.
Thing is, we don't know when she's gonna snap next and it's
actually very stressful.
We'd been very calm but firm while we been training her on the
lead and she seems to get it that we're the boss, she's not a dumb
girl, it's just that we can't trust her.
I have had dogs my entire life and have alone coped with as many
as 11 dogs (me an my mom had a kennel) but now it feels like I
don't know what to do about this situation.
The spirit in this house feels heavy and sad today, it's almost like
someone have died.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Pickles are home and already well adjusted.
I bet she can tell that we're good people that cares
for her, I never seen a dog adjust this quickly!
She loves cherry tomatoes, grapes and plums.

I must be brutally honest and say I've got the "doggie
blues", I'm not so sure that this is what I want right
now, it felt perfect in the past but not in my current
new settled life.
(Say's the girl who been crying over Pixi for 2 years.)
I'm gonna give us a month and if it doesn't feel 110%
I won't go trough it.
I feel so friggin' bad!

Monday, 22 December 2008


I really don't have the strength to write much today...
It's Hanukkah and I have a fever and I can't keep my food
down so I try to rest as much as possible and perk myself
up before the big day tomorrow.
I can't wait to get our little Pickles home!

Sunday, 21 December 2008


I'm not much for alcohol.
I once turned down a date with Pelle from The Hives.
I admire thrifty and resourceful people.
I often get really shitty songs stuck on my brain.
My first crush was Johnny Rotten.
I have a thing for noses.
I own 112 pair of shoes.
I get weak when I hear Johnny Cash speak.
I can't stand elitism.
My best feature is my eyes.

Saturday, 20 December 2008


We went to see Pickles today.
She was very cute, rowdy and totally adorable,
just like an English Bull Terrier should be.
My man liked her very much too, of course.
Guess what! We're taking her home on Tuesday!
She's our little Hanukkah Mitzvah...

Apparently she's 9 months old, I have to pick a
date in March for her birthday, any good date
in mind perhaps?


Yesterday me and my lovely, handsome man celebrated
our two year anniversary together.
We went to Hitchin in the morning to rummage at the
antique market, where we came across some finds.
I got a whole lot of hankies from the 1950's for only £2,
a 1960's tin for £1 and a silly 1950's ornament with two
guy's on a beer barrel for 50 pence.

Tin, £1.

Beer buddies, 50 pence.

When we came back home we had a nice brunch with
garlic bread, olives, pickled pepper, avocados, cherry
tomatoes and mozzarella.

My man was cooking a lamb joint with our homegrown
Rosemary, whom I noticed grown to be almost as tall as
our palm tree!
I cut some stems off and put them in water and pimped
it with some glitter balls from the 1960's.
Smells wonderful and looks very kitschy.

In the evening we relaxed at home with some Ginger
cocktails and snacks.
We also exchanged gifts.
I got Babyliss Pro 320 hair straightener and my man
got a very rare 45 and some men's face products from
Body Shop.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Today has been a bit too much for me.
I woke up far too early but used the time to make
new curtains for the kitchen.

I walked into town to send some packages and did
some neat finds.
I got a pair of pink panties with monkeys for £1 and
a pretty blouse with an attached vest for only £4.

When I got home my mans best friend came by with
his wife and two year old son, Joshua, and I had a
great time playing bunny with him.
We put on bunny-ears and ran around the kitchen

In the middle of everything they called about the Bull
Terrier and a man called Richard came by to do an
interview, he liked us immediately and we're going to
see the dog on Saturday.
I have second thoughts, I guess it's all too real now and
I feel like I'm cheating on Pixi, I don't want another dog,
I just want Pixi back...


Yesterday I made ginger and Caribbean toffee,
just in time for Hanukkah.
It's the same thing but for the Caribbean version
you dip the ginger toffee in coconut flakes.

Ginger Toffee
100 g butter
2 dl double cream
3 dl sugar
1 dl light sirup
2-3 tbs fresh gated ginger

Place all of the ingredients, except the ginger, in a
heavy pan and boil them over a very gentle heat
for 20 minutes.
This combination boils at a very low temperature,
and you don’t want to burn your sugar, so keep
things as cool as possible while still retaining a
gentle boil.

After 20 minutes, use a teaspoon to take a small
amount of the mixture out of the pan and drop it
into a glass of cold water. If it forms into a small
ball then it is ready. If not, keep boiling a little
longer and try again.
Add the ginger.

Once one of your drops of mixture has formed a
ball, take what remains off the heat and pour it
into a baking tray to cool. Before it is fully cold,
score lines into it using a knife, and when it's fully
cooled use these to separate the mixture into
individual sweets, which should be wrapped in
twists of grease proof paper.

If you wanna do the Caribbean toffee just let
mixture cool down and dip both sides in
flakes instead of wrapping it in paper.


I have tried a face mask I would like to recommend.
Garnier Ultra Lift firming mask.
It has an essence of cherries and is totally yummy.
This face mask comes in a pack of two doses and is
really worth the money.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


I can't comment on any blog at Metrobloggen!
I've been trying for days now but the site won't
accept any of my comments.
So, Tifa, if you read this, thank you so much for
your comment on my birthday.


My man found a little white English Bull Terrier lady!
Her name is Pickles, she's not at all cute in the picture
(Pixi was picture perfect) I saw but of course I want to
meet her before I decide.
We're gonna call tomorrow and make an appointment.

I called to sign up for the dressmaker course, the form
is on it's way and there's still spaces left.

Ran a lot of errands and posted packages today.
I had some stuff for charity so my man took care of it
while I was at the post office.
When we met up he had a little present for me, these
cute forks! We had cocktail forks like that at home.
He's always thinking of me...

Monday, 15 December 2008


I forgot to post a picture of one of the 1950's handbags I
found for 75 pence in a charity shop on my birthday.
I love this one, it's a keeper. It's so princess like!
It was in a bit of a state so I had to do a few stitches, cut
some threads and get a gold chain.
Isn't it cute?


I'm terrible ill and have been in bed the entire weekend.
I'm sick and tired of this shit and I can't wait to get my
life back on track.
My plan yesterday was to start making a 1950's blouse
but I got so dizzy that I threw up and had to lay down.

My plan for today is to scan some makeup ads from my
1950's magazines and then frame them and hang them on
the wall in the upstairs bathroom.
I really hate the upstairs bathroom and would love to
change the appliances and the tiles into white timeless
ones and paint the floor black.
I can't stand the beige crap.

Feel free to borrow my idea and ads.
You'll find the ads on my Flickr page!

Sunday, 14 December 2008



As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Friday, 12 December 2008


Bettie Page is no longer alive.
I can't find words but I hope she's in heaven.

Read about it here.

My memories of Bettie...
I first came across Bettie Page in one of my grandpas adult
magazines when I was 11 years old. (I still have it!)
I fell in love instantly and cut my fringe the very same day.
(It wasn't pretty.)
She's been a huge inspiration for me all my life and I will
keep her spirit alive by using her images in my craft and
keep on using her sassy style as if it was my own.
Thanks for all, Bettie.
I will always love you.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


This is some of my favorite bits from my bedroom.
My camera is about to die, therefore the annoying
streak in the pictures. Sorry.

Cherry blossoms on my quilt.

Picture over the bed.

Storage for my hair accessories.

Plastic Lilacs on my vanity.

My 1950's blow dryer.

Ring storage on my vantiy.



I've been ranting a lot lately, or at least it feels like it.
I'm gonna try and cut down and instead write about
lovely things.

Moxie Tampons is a lovely thing.
It almost makes me want to have my period more often.

These tampons are so darn cute that you wouldn't wanna
be without them.
They come in small tins with different colors.
A perfect addition for your vanity!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


My favorite pinup Bettie Page is in coma after suffering
a heart attack on Friday and has since been in intensive
care and she is critically ill.

Read more about it here!

Monday, 8 December 2008


Last night was a bit of a disappointment.
The restaurant we were supposed to go to was closed
down (I'm not surprised with those prices) and I got a
mean headache on the way to the gig.
It was nice to see my mother and brother in law though.

At least my man was incredible handsome last night.

Check the small amount of pictures from last night.

Sunday, 7 December 2008


My birthday was great!
My man took me on a secret road trip to St. Albans
where we had lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant,
We also went into a charity shop where I found two
handbags from the 1950's.

When we came home I put the coffee maker on and
my lovely man surprised me with a birthday cake and
another present.

In the evening we went to see Slim Slip & The Sliders
who wished me happy birthday from stage and also
dedicated my favorite song.
I was a little bit annoyed that I couldn't have a Baileys
and a jive because of the damn Labyrinthitis.

Yesterday I got a big package from Sweden.
The ever so lovely Miss Wink had sent me a present
with a lot of girlie stuff.
A card, a pair of black gingham panties, a shower cap
with pinups, a strawberry face mask and a very pretty
vanity case.
Thank you so much darling! *hugs*

My friend Katarina called to wish me a happy birthday
and we had a nice long chat.

My sexy man and the cake.

A 1930's Bakelite razor. (From my man.)

A 1950's Resin bangle. (From my man.)

Tons of yummy stuff from Miss Wink!

Tonight we're going out for dinner at my favorite
kosher restaurant, Mattan Cherry, in Golders Green
with my lovely mother in law and after dinner we're
going to see Jive Aces perform in Edgeware.


I got a rather nasty email back from the Bull Terrier adoption site.
My email to them wasn't nasty, I just told them that I'm actually very
disappointed that they didn't even had the decency to get back to us.
If this is how they treat people I don't want anything to do with them.

Saturday, 6 December 2008


I've selected a few 1960's cult classics and their theme songs.
Feel free to vote for your favorite.
My favorites is I Dream Of Jeannie and The Munsters.

I Dream Of Jeannie


The Munsters

The Addams Family




I'm crying my eyes out at the moment.
I just found out that the English Bull Terrier Leah got
re-homed and I didn't even got the chance to meet her!
I sent the application form the 14th of October and I
heard nothing from them!
I'm fuming and I just sent them an email telling them
that I'm very disappointed and so on.
She could have had the best home in the world and
they really blew it for her and us.

Friday, 5 December 2008


This article pisses me off!


I can't believe it's my last year as a 20-something.
10 years ago I didn't think I would be alive to see this day.
(I was a very unhappy bunny back then.)

I just opened my presents while drinking my morning coffee.
My man knows that I was born 9:17 AM and that I don't want
any presents or congratulations before that.

So far I've got:
* £50 from my dad,
* A sweet email from my very best friend, a package from her
is on it's way, I can't wait because I know it's gonna be good.
* My favorite TV-series, Carnivale, on DVD from my man,
* A glittery 1930's apple juice Bakelite bangle from my man,
* A laptop from my man and his mother and brother.
(I will get it later this month and I hope it's red.)

I have to get ready because my man is taking me on a secret
day trip somewhere, all I know is that I should put on some
makeup and wear comfortable shoes.

I'm looking forward to see Slim Slip & The Sliders tonight!

Thursday, 4 December 2008


My day did not exactly run as I planned, it actually
turned out to be pretty lousy as soon as I left the house.
I woke up too bloody early because of a mean headache
(because of the Labyrinthitis), so I took my medications
and waited it out with two episodes of the 1960's cult
series Bewitched and some proper coffee, then I baked
three different kinds of cookies while listening to the
wonderful tunes of Count Basie, so far so good.

My plan was to go into town to treat myself to some
sassy lingerie and makeup since it's my birthday
tomorrow and I wanted to feel sexy underneath.
The sign on the fancy lingerie shop said 40% off but it
turned out that the 40% was already taken off so I left
with a broken heart.
Thing is, I can afford their stuff but it's just the principle,
I rather go to Primark on Oxford Street next week and
go mad for less.

The makeup shop advertised take 3 pay for 2, what they
didn't say was that it has to be all from the same brand,
I got pissed off and returned two of my things.

I didn't really have any fun and I wasn't spoiling myself.

I did get away with two finds at MK One, leopard printed
bolero for £2.50 and a pinupish red top for £8.

I stopped by my local Primark and as I was browsing I
found a pair of shoes that was absolutely darling and
reminded me about the overpriced 1940's style shoes
from TOPSHOP everyone's gone bonkers over.
These were on sale and I payed only £6 for them.
I changed the shoes strings as soon as I came home to
nice black ribbons instead.


I made this last night.
It took me around 5 minutes and I think it could be
a fun addition to a December party outfit.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


I was just emptying my camera when I realized that
I totally forgotten to post this picture of a pair of
sweet earrings I made like two months ago!
They are made from odd vintage bits I've had in one
of my craft boxes for ages.
The roses used to be attached to a dress from H&M
a' 1997.
Save and revamp - That's me!


I love red glittery things and I finished these last month.
It's my tribute to the Wizard Of Oz 70th anniversary 2009.
It's an eye-mask and a case for birth control pills.

Click image for larger version.


I would loike to recommend Radox Daily Elements
Pure Clear deodorant.
It smells like sweet cherries, it really works and it
doesn't leave white marks on your clothes.
Cost between 69 p - £1.

Sorry for my rater cheesy picture, I couldn't find
one so I had to fix it myself...