Monday, 29 April 2013


Has it been ages since I did a revamp post or what?!
I got this bag last week and there was a small rust stain
in the middle but I knew right away that I had a butterfly
in one of my craft boxes that would cover it up.
Going through my boxes I found some flowers that would
look swell on there too.
I'm pretty pleased with the result and the flowers can be
used as hair flowers too. :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013


This weekend wasn't good when it comes to bargains.
Yesterday it was freezing cold and it started to rain like
crazy, a total waste of time, so we went into town for
some scouting in the charity shops, also a waste of time.
Today was better but not my lucky day.

Here's most of the things I snagged this weekend.

Vintage straw bag, £2.99.
I found this darling in a local charity shop.
It had a pin missing on one of the hinges so I got it for less, 
that took me like one minute to fix with a paper clip when I 
got home. 

Old deadstock belt buckles, 50 pence for the lot.
I don't even know why I got 5 of them. LOL!

1950's cutlery with Bakelite handles, £1 for the lot.
Like we need more of these! Got them anyway.
I got my grandparents cutlery that looks just like these and
we always buy this kind when we're in Sweden if they are
cheap, which they rarely are nowadays.

Vintage grumpy deer, 20 pence.
For the collection. Isn't he amazingly cute?! :D

Mini sombrero, 50 pence.
For the Mexican corner in my hobby room.

Vintage plastic fruit, £1 for the lot.
I love plastic fruit. This is for a project.

Large 1950's suitcase, £3.
Perfect and beautiful storage.

Saturday, 27 April 2013


I'm working on this today. 
I found this cardigan in a charity shop earlier today for £1.80,
I've been on a hunt for one in my size that's not washed out to
do this project.
It was good timing on my part because the cherries arrived in
the mail today. :)

Monday, 22 April 2013


Car boot sale season has finally kicked off again!
We went to two during the weekend and it was so
much fun scouting the tables, I've missed it a lot!

You already know I scored three amazing Bakelite
bangles on Saturday and here's some of my other

Gold jacket, 50 pence.
This is so me. Now I'm just as cool as Jody from RHOV.

Lucite bangle, 12 pence.
I just couldn't resist this one!

Elastic multicolor glitter belt, 50 pence.
Looks much nicer IRL. 

Vintage velvet clutch, £1.
This one is absolutely stunning. I'm gonna wear it with my
peacock hair clip.

Vintage straw clutch, 75 pence.
I really like this color and the shape too!

1960's rain bonnet in cute case, 25 pence.
I've had this one on my favorite list on Etsy for ages but the 
shipping cost from the US makes a purchase of a rain bonnet 
a bit pricey and ridiculous, so guess who was over the moon. :)

Polynesian vases, 50 pence for the pair.
1950's planter, 50 pence.
The vases are perfect for our lounge, we already got 3 but it's 
always cool to have different shapes.
The planter will go in our kitschy kitchen.

Sunday, 21 April 2013


I thought it was about time I show my face around here. ;)
This is what I look like today.


I really love my hair today!

Matching everything! Bakelite bangles, earrings and jacket.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


I’m about to burst with joy!!!
After a late night last night we woke up early and decided
to go to a car boot sale.
As you might know I'm a bangleoholic and I always have
a field day at car boot sales because there’s always a lot
of pretty ones out there.
So I stopped by a table where a lady had a bunch of them
and I liked the colors and shapes, one of them was heavily
carved so I got them and I paid 50 pence each (= 75 US
cents each or 5 kronor each) and went on my merry way.
It wasn’t until I got home and started washing them I scent
a familiar odor, Bakelite!
So I take out the tube of Simichrome (to be extra sure) and
they all test positive!
I really had no idea and to be honest because I didn’t even
look if they could be Bakelite before I bought them.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


I've been quite creative lately making plastic necklaces.
(As you can see in my Etsy shop.)
I made and remade some for myself as well, here they are:

I made this necklace last year but I changed to a slightly
thinner and redder chain and I think it looks much better.

I also made this necklace last year and I changed the chain
on this one as well as the leaves. It looks much more lush.

This necklace design is new, I made it yesterday.
I didn't plan to keep it to be honest but it turned out so
cute I decided it can stay with me for now.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


My PTSD was playing up yesterday so I escaped
into the wonderful world of craft to get my mind off
bad things and made some new cherry hair clips.

Sunday, 14 April 2013


So I revamped the belt buckle into earrings.
I cut off some of the metal pieces and filed
them down so there’s no sharp bits.
Shame to do this, maybe, but I can’t use it
as a buckle and it’s more of a shame not to
be seen in these!

Thursday, 11 April 2013


I rarely make anything for myself nowadays, so when I finally
found some supplies that I've been having on my wish list for
ages and they actually had a fair price I thought it was about
time I treated myself!

I know the color dots is a bit on the large size for the palette
but I used what I got in my craft boxes and IRL the colors are
really vibrant.
I also used old buttons as the dome on the earring post.

And my big idol, Sue Kreitzman, said this about these earrings:
"Just fabulous!" and that means the world to me. :)

I don't think I ever posted this picture of me and Sue.
It's from her amazing Dare To Wear exhibition in the crypt
of St Pancras Church, Euston, London, in October 2012.
I look like a crazy person. :))

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


This silky and absolutely adorable Hawaiian style sun dress
arrived today. I just can't wait for warmer weather so I can
wear it!

£4.70, eBay UK

Close up.

Saturday, 6 April 2013


Due to a freezing cold UK I've been crafting more than ever.
Lately I've been making more cherry necklaces, this time in
some amazingly juicy colors.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I can't say I buy a lot of Bakelite, sure, lately I've bought
a few but I've been working hard and we all need a treat.
I don't have any other vices.

Brown carved Bakelite bangle, $30. (= £20)
This beauty turned out to be a so called maidens bangle, i.e.
too narrow to put on, unless you use the plastic bag method.
However it does fit around my wrists but the seller should
have described it properly and not used misleading pictures.
I also got a friggin' fee to pay on top of this. Grrr!

Pea green marbled Bakelite bangle, $20 (= £13)
Wide and oh so amazing! The seller's a lady from NY and
she was a delight to do business and chat with (via email).

Black carved Bakelite bangle, £16.55 (= $24)
Wide and really heavy, stunning!
The seller had it up for £25 but I didn't think it was worth it
because it does have a tiny chip missing so I let it go.
It came up again two weeks later and his time with a lower
starting bid so I couldn't resist.