Friday, 30 September 2011


Remember the 1950's loom my man scored last Saturday?

There were two booklets in the box and here's some of the
stuff I would love to make one day when I get the hang of it.
To be honest, I never thought you could make anything but
scarves on a loom. You learn something new everyday...

The pair on the left really got my attention.

Purse and belt.
My Bakelite belt buckles will come in handy soon... :)

More bags.
So pretty, this will take some practise before I even
consider giving it a go.


My man is such a romantic fella.
On the 25th of September it was five years since he
first sent me a message on Myspace, he found me in
a group called Jews With Tattoos.
Now how cheesy is that! LOL!
I thought we was way too gorgeous for me and most
musicians is just after one thing, groupies, which I had
no interest to be, but I'm a nice girl so I did reply to his
message the next day and we had daily contact.
About a month later his best friend was staying at his
place for a while and he had a Swedish girlfriend, I had
a friend who met an English guy and I knew she was
over so I asked if it was her, and it was! So I called her
and then she gave the phone to "my musician" and we
started talking on the phone daily and just two months
later I was meeting him in person and he turned out to
be the sweetest little ball of fur I ever met.

I look forward to December when we'd been together
for five years, it's a milestone and not something I will
take lightly. I plan to make it a very special day.

As I said earlier, my man is a romantic fella and here's
what he gave me on our "5 years since first message

My favorite flowers in the colors I prefer.

A vintage Monet necklace.

A vintage ring, more green. :))

And this...

It's a vintage lipstick holder with a mirror, marked
Japan. I couldn't find a lipstick narrow enough for it
so I use it for my Chap Stick at the moment. :))

(This was actually stuff I had on my favorite list on
Etsy and can you believe each item only cost $3!!!)

Thursday, 29 September 2011


The biggest issue being ill isn't being ill, it's the eBay
shopping sprees. I need pretty things to get better. ;))

Here's what arrived in the post yesterday...

Black faux fur, £4.
All I need now is a white fur coat/jacket and I'm done.
This jacket requires a pair of black or red opera type
leather gloves because the sleeves are not full length.

1950's mules, £2.20.
Sad that my second pair of gold mules got lost in the post
I comfort bought these, love em!

They are navy blue with gray details.

Vintage gold lame jumpsuit, £6.
Can be used as high waist pants if I fold the top part.
So stunning, can't wait to get in better shape now!

1950's Confetti Lucite compact & comb set, £11.
Not that I really needed this but I had an awful day and
this was the most stunning thing I've seen in a long time.
The fact that it's a matching set is just a bonus.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Tonight we celebrate the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah.
We enter the year 5772. We SO live in the future. ;))


I was bored out of my mind earlier so I decided to rebel
against the vertigo and dolled up to play with my camera.
I needed to anyway since I was a bit creative yesterday
and wanted to update my portfolio.

Click on the images for a much better view.

So here's snother 1940's inspired cherry necklace, this one
has got smaller leaves than the previous one.
Also made green drop earrings with just a hint of glitter.

More drop earrings, these are in teal with just a hint of glitter
and I also made a sweater guard, made out of a pearl link and
vintage lucite cabochons with glitter and sea shells.
And last but not least, a pair of double bass earrings made out
of vintage West German glass cabochons.

Double bass earrings up close.

Sweater guard up close.

So, what do you think?

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


OK, I guess you can see it all ready, the reason why
I did a green post yesterday. :)
Yep, another coat for little old meeeee!
My man sure did good on Saturday.
There was a lot more dresses but these once are for
me to keep, the others will end up in my shop when
I feel better.

Here we go...

Click the images for a better view.

1960's coat, 35 pence.

The coat tag is sooo cute! Do you see the poodle? :D

1960's dress, 35 pence.
The original zipper gave up after I gave it two washes,
so typical! Grr!!!

This dress is a tent on me but I do wanna try and make
it into
a top, my first choise was to make it into a wiggle
dress but I don't think I'm skilled enough to alter it from
an XXL into XS.

Close up on the beading and fabric. Stunning, huh?

1960's dress with multi colored lurex , 35 pence.
This darling a stunner but it got so many small holes on
the front and I'm not sure it's gonna look good even if I
try my best to mend it, I not sure yet what to do but it
might look good as a bolero. We'll see.

Close up.

1960's dress, 35 pence.
It was badly stained but after a wash it was like
new. It looks so cool with a white elastic belt.

1960's dressing gown, 35 pence.
Not sure if I will keep this, it's so over the top and I do
like it but I doubt I will ever use it. For now it stays.

Never used and still got the original tag.

Lurex leggings, 25 pence.
A girl can't have too many lurex items.
Well, actually, gonna put my other pair in my shop.

Old flower press, 50 pence.
I've been wanting one since I was a kid but back then they
didn't come cheap and I used the phone book instead.

1950's loom, 50 pence.
Oh joy! Can't wait to make my own silly scarfs!

Vintage Pyrex bowl, £1.50.
One size bigger than the one we got earlier that week.
And it's PINK! :D

Monday, 26 September 2011


On Saturday my man went to a local car boot sale all by
himself, on my request (I needed some cheering up) and
he came home with something else that's green and that
gave me the idea to do another post about green things.
What he brought home you'll see in my next post...

Without any further ado, here's more green stuff:

Pocket knife from the 1950's.
My man gave me this when we were in Sweden last month.
It made me think about that scene with Dexter and Lumen. :))

Ring from the 1920's.
I bought this in Stockholm many years ago.
I love it because it's so delicate.

Vintage and new bangles.
From Etsy, a friend, eBay and Holland.

Vintage belt.
I had this since the beginning of time, I also got one with black
roses and a dark burgundy elastic.

Earrings from the 1960's.
I got several of earrings just like these but in different colors.
They are so cool.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


I must admit that the last couple of days I've done way
too much for my own good. I never thought I'd say this
but I'm so fed up with laying in bed watching movies all
day. It's quite nice for a while but now I'm really bored
with it.
Yesterday I did laundry, cleaning and tidying and today
I cleaned some more and changed bed linen.
Got a new set not so long ago and today I finally got to
use it.

Click image for a larger view.
You can find the bed set here.

Today we're having three very good musicians over for
a rehearsal and that means making a whole lot of food
and I also managed to bake two types of easy Swedish
cookies, after a lot of playing they sure need something
sweet with their coffee.

Chokladsnittar & Kolakakor.

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Here's more earrings I've made out of soft plastic flowers
from the 1950's/1960's that I managed to get my paws on
while we were on vacation in Sweden last month.

Both are available in my Etsy shop.

Friday, 23 September 2011


After waiting ages for jewelry bits to arrive I could
finally start crafting (in moderation) again.

I've been making earrings out of soft plastic flowers
from the 1950's/1960's.
These match the necklace I made not so long ago.

More to come.

The earrings.

Sorry about the sour face...

Funny, I've been looking around and done some "research",
turns out that this pink link is made out of celluloid and might
be from the 1930's. Definitely be saving that for myself.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


I'm one of those girls who need not just one but several of
warm and of course classic coats to hide in during autumn
and winter.
I got one in black, red and also one salt & pepper and now
these two that are my latest additions...

The white/green/navy one is my favorite of all my coats,
it was a bargain that I snagged while we were on vacation
in Sweden last month, it's a vintage 1960's, so damn nice.
It cost 25 Kr (ca £2.50) from the Red Cross charity shop.

The mustard coat has got a detachable hood.
I got this on eBay last week for £4.99.
I think it's from Primark's autumn collection from one or
two years ago, still, it's a timeless piece.

Click the image for a larger view.

And this is me in my faux leopard fur, can't see much of
it tho...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Wow! The carpenter came back today, after been off
G*d knows where for a whole week!!!
Looks like this loft project is gonna go on forever...
Maybe all this grief will make the final tidying part so
much sweeter , you know, since we'd been living in one
heck of a mess for longer than expected.
Or am I just convincing myself this so I won't go totally
mad? ;)

The other day my man and I went into town were I
managed to do some important shopping, (with some
help of course) stuff he really couldn't pick up for me,
like knitted socks, vitamins, night cream etc.
And I guess it goes without saying that we went into
our two favorite charity shops.
Didn't find much, I wasn't really "all there" because I
feel like I'm on a stormy ocean and it's hard to focus.

Anyway, didn't get home empty handed...

Vintage tiki style flower pot, 99 pence.
I managed to replant this Aloe Vera today, it wasn't too good
looking so I removed most of the leafs and
most of the stem, it
will get a new root soon and I do
hope it survive.

Vintage Pyrex mixing bowl, £1.25.
Really nice shade of green, not a chip, nick or scratch.
Now I can bake in style. ;))