Saturday, 31 July 2010


Went out for the day yesterday and I decided to
try to look my best, even though I didn't feel it.
I got so many cute bits and I'm determined to use
all of it, not at the same time, of course.
Feels like I lived in my gym outfit for a very long
time and want to go back being feminine.

This brooch however is my new favorite.
1950's, of course, and I got it at a flea market in
Sweden for 10 kr. (90 pence, $1.30, €1.05)

Isn't it cute?

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Here's one of four hats that I made today.
It's a bit OTT (over the top) but I guess that's
just my style when it comes to hat making.
Plain isn't really my cup of tea.
I'm actually very happy with the result.

Click image for larger version.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010


It seems like most blogger's have taken some
time off blogging lately, me included.
I'm back in England for a little while, going back
to Sweden again pretty soon.
I have been crazy busy ever since I got back,
prioritizing crafting/revamping and listing stuff
on Etsy instead of blogging.
I have tons of pictures from my time in Sweden
that I need to sort and also take pictures of my
favorite finds but I haven't had the time.
Instead I'll show you what I've been up to today...

I found this really nice vintage belt at my favorite
local charity shop this morning for only 25 pence.

I revamped this vintage bread basket.
Click image for larger version.

I did a lot of washing.
Don't you just love my cool 1960's peg bag?
I snagged it last weekend for only 30 pence.

I enjoyed a lovely vegetarian BBQ.

And I sprayed some stuff.

Now it's raining so I'm gonna fold the clean laundry
and glue some hair flowers.
Hope you all have a nice evening!

Friday, 23 July 2010


I took a moment to list some of my creations in my
Etsy shop
yesterday. Feel free to check it out!

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Thought I'd write you a line or two from the most
beautiful country in the world, Sweden.
Just wanted you to know that I have a really great
time with my wonderful relatives and done so many,
almost too many, bargains at the local flea markets.
I also got a lot of vintage aprons from my aunt for my
personal collection.
I have gained a kilo, so far, because of my lovely aunt
and my cousin's yummy cooking and all the fika.
We're doing a lot of walking so it will be OK.

See you soon!

I'm here! (Click image for larger version.)

The view.

My favorite find, a vintage cool box for 25 SEK.

Monday, 5 July 2010


We had a BBQ the other day and I found a solution
to a problem that I want to share with you.
I tried to put some kosher fritters on a skewer but
they fell apart.
I really didn't want to fry them in a pan so I came
up with this idea of putting them in an old metal
sift and put it on the BBQ and it worked wonders!

Going home to Sweden tomorrow, can't wait!
I'm taking a break from my diet and I'm gonna enjoy
every singe carbohydrate. :))
I'm really looking forward to swim in the lake, go to
flea markets, eat yummy Swedish food and hang out
with my wonderful relatives.

Bye for now!


I totally forgot about this...
Not long ago Markus turned 40 and we decided to
make a day out of it by only doing stuff we all like,
scouting for cool vintage stuff, eat yummy food and
end the day with Champagne.

First stop was a small flea market, didn't find much
but to find the Philishave for ladies in it's original box
sure made my morning.
Then we picked up his mum and went for a delicious
lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant.

After lunch we drove to The Vintage Emporium to
have a look around.
I found my favorite accessory, a black mesh hat from
the 60's.

Afterwards we all went for a well needed coffee and
enjoyed the sunshine and each others company.

In the evening I packed my green spastic basked with
Bub (Champagne) and strawberries and then we went
to the park and had a long chat about everything.

Why wasn't my 30th birthday just as nice?
Maybe because it was in December and not in June.

Vintage Polo (Ralph Lauren) sunglasses, £1.
Designer brands isn't my cup of tea, I only got them
because they were yellow and perfect for everyday

Unused Philishave for ladies from 1959, £4.
I really wanted to know what year it was from,
the guarantee card or instruction booklet didn't
say, but after some research I found this cool site
with old electric razors!

1970's set, £10.
I got another one of those tops that I got at a
flea market in Sweden many years ago and the
sleeves are a bit intriguing so I jumped for joy
when I found this one and it came with a skirt.

1960's hat, £4.
This hat is my favorite accessory this summer.
I've used it everywhere and I've been told that
I look very stylish in it.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Hi dolls!
Haven't been up for blogging lately, I've been ill, a
member of the family has been hospitalized and I
have been busy preparing for my trip to Sweden.
In my spare time I've been crafting and here's one
of my finished projects.
I met one of my lovely blog readers at Screamin' in
Spain, Monika from Holland, and I fell in love with
her earrings.
I never got an answer where she got them, so I left
heartbroken, until recently.
I found this belt at a car boot sale and the bamboo
loops were the exact size that I wanted so I didn't
waste a second reaching for that 20 pence coin in
my pocket.
I don't like waste good things so I might turn the
belt into a guitar strap...



Sorry for the lack of makeup. :))

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Took some well needed time off today and did
what I do best, find stuff cheap. :))
Here's some of the goodies I snagged today!

Vintage Bambi salt & pepper shaker, £1.
Could you resist this cute couple?
Goes with all the other old Bambi's upstairs.

Pretty 1950's buttons, 50 pence.
YES! I am a button-o-holic.

Vintage brooch, 50 pence.
I love everything Mexican and I couldn't resist this
sparkly Mariachi man!

Vintage skirt, 30 pence.
Here's the proof that I'm really getting older, I have
now developed a love for bold patterns and chunky
jewelry. Oy Vey.

1950's glasses, £2 for the lot.
OMG! A full, never used set in mint condition!
I love these!

Vintage wooden pineapple tray, 30 pence.
Here we go with the wooden pineapple again...
More here, here and here.

DIY magazines from 1957 and 1958, £1 for the lot.
Perfect! I love old DIY books and magazines and I
will hopefully use them one day when I moved into
my dream home.

I got a question if the sellers date my finds or if
I'm just very good at knowing.
Some sellers does because I often ask about some
history behind what I get and some things do have
a mark of what year it was made but mostly I know
what decade my goodies are from.
I've been a magpie at flea markets since I was just
a kid so I've learned a lot over the years.