Monday, 15 July 2013


On Saturday I was totally stressed out over the nasty
comments on tumblr.
I decided to get out and away from the computer for
a while to get my mind off things.
Since I'm alone and don't drive I decided to bite the
bullet and take the bus to a nearby car boot sale.
Of course it took so long to get there that most people
were packing up, I still managed to get a few things.
After the car boot sale I had to take the bus back into
town center and as I had to pick up a few craft bits I
had a scout in the charity shops and I found some more
things to drag home with me.
Amazing what a few bargains can do for a little vintage
hoarders mood.

Here's a selection of what I snagged:

Bangles, 50 pence each.
Approx $0.75 each.

Fruity vintage t-shirt, 50 pence.
Approx $0.75.

1980's Carmen Miranda-esque earrings, £1.50.
Approx $2.25.

Vintage sequin dress, £1.50.
Approx $2.25.

Vintage lurex jumpsuit, £3.
Approx $4.50.

Saturday, 13 July 2013


I just need to get this out of my system, if you don't like rants, please don't read.
As a Jew I get a lot of shit from ignorant people and I'm far from the only one.
I'm pretty much used to being hated because people assume I'm pro-Israel (I'm
not!) or because I'm frugal I'm automatically a stereotype or just for being a Jew.  
Today takes the price, it's the second time this year I'm being called a racist.

First time it was because I loved and posted a picture of a little Bakelite pin in the
shape of a Native American Chief and tagged it as Native American.
I got so much shit for this from a Native American woman and was called a racist.
Quite stupid if you ask me since we both share a history of genocide of our people.

Today I was called a racist for wearing a 1950's Hawaiian dress!!!
(Not in the actual post, which wasn't nice either, but in a private message.)
I had no idea some hair flowers and an authentic Hawaiian dress would cause such
hate, so much that I'm called a racist.
Can't a "white" girl appreciate the Polynesian culture and all it’s beauty?
Please enlighten me what's so wrong with that. I honestly don't get it, it's not like I'm
wearing a cheap f**king plastic costume (the dress was cheap but that's because it
was a bargain) and I was not shitfaced at some "Luau" making a mockery out of the
Polynesian culture and their people.
I'm so sick of oversensitive people with too much time on their hands.
Instead of rebloging my pictures and adding some stupid comments, why not send
me a message with your thoughts and we can start a conversation, that way I will
better understand where you coming from.
Uhh. I'm done!

Edited July 13:
During the night I got so many nasty comments I can't even read them.
Still haven't got the answer to why they think I'm racist.
Read them all here.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I forgot to show you these amazing bangles I found in Spain!
They were deadstock and I got them for a song, absolutely a
perfect match to my purple Hawaiian dress!

This dress! :)
It's a 1950's dress, made in Hawaii for Sears.
Found in a charity shop for £5. (approx $7.45)

Monday, 8 July 2013


It's quite funny that it takes a visit from relatives to actually
get things done in this house. (I happen to live with a very
lazy man when it comes to domestic work.)
One of my cousins and her family came to visit yesterday
and my man finally pulled his finger out and finally helped
me hang stuff on the walls.
We now got two mirrors in the downstairs hallway, a cool
Mexican picture (we got it 4 years ago) in the lounge and
my Nubian wall plaques are now hanging up in the upstairs
hallway (that only took 6 1/2 years!).

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Woke up at 06:50 this morning, sun was shining so we decided
to go to two local car boot sales, as you do when the weather is
nice and the cravings for a bargain is at its peak.

Here's my favorite items of the day.

Bangles, 50 pence each. (Approx $0.75 each)
Yes, of course, more bangles. ;)

1950's car blanket, £1.50. (Approx $ 2.20)
Can't get enough of these. I love the pattern!

1950's Native American style corduroy jacket, £1.
(Approx $1.50)
SO AMAZING!!! It needs another wash or two but it's
otherwise in good condition.



1950's novelty glass, 10 pence. (Approx $0.15)
So cool. :D

A shirt for my man, £2.50. (Approx $3.70)
If it has pineapples on it it's meant to be worn by him.

Close up
The buttons are so cool with the tiny palm trees!

Vintage wooden pineapple dish, £1. (Approx $1.50)
I got a few of these now but I can't walk passed them. ;))

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Remember the sailor cardigan I got a couple of days ago at
the car boot sale?
It had a button missing but there was a spare on the inside tag.
I didn’t want to sew that one on because they were so boring
and ugly.
Luckily I got a huge collection of cute vintage buttons and I felt
the cardigan needed a little kitsch and color, what could be more
perfect than these sailboat buttons? :D
Isn’t it funny how cute buttons can do so much for a garment?