Thursday, 28 June 2012


I’ve been on a hunt for a collapsible bamboo bag for
about 4 years, they’ve been around but for a f**k load
of money.
Typical that the day after my man bought me one from
an Etsy seller in America (that was actually reasonably
priced) for my birthday I found another one here in the
UK for a really good price.
The one I bought arrived yesterday, now I just have to
wait for my birthday to get the second one. :)

Here's my precious:

My lovely friends Roel and Uschi from  Holland got one
each (that's how I first discovered the bag) and my friend
Amanda from LA has got two so next year in Spain we're
gonna have a collapsible bag convention. ;))

Since I'm now a proud owner of a collapsible bag I decided
to start a FB page called The Collapsible Bag Mafia.
If you're a fan or owner of this kind of bag, feel free to put a
like on it. :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Here's some of my recent bargains that I felt was worth 
blogging about! Just click the pics for a better view.

Bambi vase, £1. From a local charity shop.
This little fella has got a broken tail but I love him just the same.
Wouldn't you?

Vintage bikini, £3. From a local charity shop.
I'm always on a hunt for vintage swimwear! This one is 1960's.

Very retro bread baskets, 99 pence each. From QD.
The thing we need the least is bread baskets but they were too cool!

Vintage bag, £3. From a charity shop in Edgware.
I almost missed this one! Luckily I'm good at rummaging and found
this one in the bottom of a big basket.

Cute well loved kitty, 50 pence. From a local car boot sale.
This kitty is for the future nursery. I asked the seller lady what period the 
kitty was from and she told me that she was handmade for her daughter 
back in the 1960's.

Another awesome skirt, £5. Primark.
I rarely buy new stuff but I do like skirts like this and it was on sale so 
I couldn't refuse.

Vintage mini tripod with case, free.
It was free because it was a gift from my father in law. :)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I love my yellow vintage circle skirt I snagged on eBay
for £3 a while back.... Just saying.

Monday, 25 June 2012


Matched my bow cardigan with my bow belt the other day.


It wasn't fun to come home to a jungle after 3 weeks of
lazy bliss in the sun!
It's been raining non stop since April and there's nothing
much that could be done outdoors so I just left it, as you
can see I had a lot to deal with on a sunny day.

It took me 3 hours to cut the front and the back lawns!!!
I was in pain the next day but it was worth it.

I bought a pedestal birdbath on eBay yesterday that I'm
gonna spray paint gold for a kitschy addition in our quite
bland back garden.

Here's some work in progress, more to come.

Our lower front garden, my favorite spot, it's so granny and lush! 

Our top front garden, my least favorite spot.
I really hate the Conifer hedge!!!

Welcome to the jungle! This is what was supposed to be our
vegetable/herb patch but has been used as a toilet for the cats
in the neighborhood.
I do NOT want Toxoplasmosis so we have to rethink this one.   

Less of a jungle and this patch is now cleared and will no be a
flowerbed instead! Last summer I got TONS of seeds from my
Dutch friend Uschi and I can't wait to see what's gonna pop up!

Since there's been a jungle for weeks a lot of fire ants had taken
over (my left foot is itching like crazy!!!) and I had to put some
ant powder down. My man said it looks like an Aardvark with a 
cocaine habit is living in our front garden.

Found that there was a sale on Geranium (Pelargonium) the other 
day when we were in town so I snagged me a few.

For this price you would too!!!

Also got these small wicker chairs for free from a charity shop, 
they were gonna end up in the skip but I think I can use them 
as cool accessories in the garden. We'll see.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I've been having a crap morning.
I hate talking on the phone and I've been totally
freaking out over having to make a phone call
(but I did it after all) to speak about my referral
to the mental health unit because of my current
depression and my social phobia that just getting
worse and worse.
3 out of the 4 people I spoke to had accents that
I could hardly understand but I managed to get
that they are going to call me on Monday for an
evaluation over the phone. (?!?!)

The second thing was a rather obnoxious email
from my dad.
I've been trying to reach him for a month and I've
been quite desperate since we got back since I'm
in a bit of a pickle, all I get in return is "I'm not by
the computer everyday since my wife is having her
vacation now and today we're off to Ullared!"
(People only go to Ullared to buy cheap crap they
really don't need.)
Thanks a lot!

After crying out of frustration and a lot of hugs from
my man I managed to get myself together and plan
the day.

Because it's not all bad...
Here's why:

* Me and my man has been together for five and
a half year today.

* Mr. Postman came and turned my frown upside
down. The 1950's swimsuit/playsuit I won on eBay
the day before yesterday arrived and it's so cute!
The pattern looks like patchwork, a little like Sally
from Nightmare Before Christmas gone 50's pinup.

* After breakfast my man said we should make sure
we don't lose our tans so we went to the sunbed,
while I was waiting for him I went to my favorite
charity shop to have a little scout.
There it was - a coral Pyrex mixing bowl!

* I found something on Etsy that I've been wanting
for years and it had a quite reasonable price tag
so I asked my man if he could buy it for me for my
birthday and he was really surprised that I didn't
want anything else or something more expensive. :P 

1950's swimsuit/playsuit, £12.77.

Vintage Pyrex bowl, £2.

I've been struggling with depression since I was 10-11
years old and it's only in recent years I'm actually trying
to see things a bit more colorful, that it's not all black and
white and I always keep that in mind even if everything is
shit, if I didn't I wouldn't be here by now.

Monday, 18 June 2012


After not being able to scout charity shops for 3 weeks
while we were in Spain I finally got to rummage in one
of my favorite charity shops in town.

Found two bangles I already have (and really like) so I
just couldn’t resist buying them.
I also can’t resist buying small vintage trays and stuff that
is marked Made in Denmark, like the salad servers with
teak handles.

My urge for bargains has now been settled.
At least for a day or two…

Bangles, 50 pence each.

1960's Danish salad servers, £1.

Made in Denmark.

Vintage tray, 50 pence.


Yesterday was pretty warm, at last, so I put on
this vintage dress for the first time.
I got it months ago at the antique market for £2
and I've been itching to wear it but haven't had
the opportunity because it's been raining for so
damn long.
The dress is really summery and so I decided to
match with something else that's really summery,
my ice cream necklace that I made it just before
we went to Spain.

Yes, that's my real tan and also, sorry about the
bra straps... :P

Sunday, 17 June 2012


You know you’re out if it when you wake up at
1 AM and think you’re still in the hotel room in
Spain and wonder what the hell your laptop is
doing there since you left it at home.
It’s even worse when it takes you 2 minutes and
a stupid look on your face to realize that you’re
actually at home in your own bed.

 I need another vacation...
...or at least these shoes! ;)

You'll find them here.

You'll find them here.

Saturday, 16 June 2012


I got a Gaybag.
A true bargain,  99 pence on eBay.
It doesn’t have a “wow factor” and it’s not the nicest looking
bag I own, I just got it because of it’s name - Gaybag. :)

Please read: I have NOTHING against gay people, in fact I'm a huge
supporter of same sex marriage and I got a bunch of gay friends so do
not give me any grief that it's tacky of me to post this. Capiche?

Friday, 15 June 2012


Hi there!
I managed to fiddle with the pictures from Spain yesterday
so I thought I'd post about our day trip to Tossa de Mar.
We go to Tossa every year (except last year because of the
bad weather) and we really enjoy it, to bad that there's a lot
of tourists, if there wasn't it would be heaven.

If you want to see more pictures just click here to get to my
album on Facebook.

And as always, click on the pictures for a better view.

Kitschy postcards.

So cute.

Very rustic.

Spotty leaves.

My man on the little secluded beach.

I got a thing for windows...

Cool plant! I'm still kicking myself for not getting a little stem
to plant at home.

The castle seen from the big beach.

Beautiful Hibiscus flower.

The castle.

Cannons near the top of the castle.

Our favorite spot neat the top.
There's a bench there where we always sit and look at the
ocean and relax. This time my man had a nap while I was
reading a book.

Trying to be artsy here... ;)

Me and my man.

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Hi! I'm back!
Had a really wonderful time in Spain, loved every minute of it!
I met blog friends and friends from all over the world that I just
love and adore.
Also won the best dressed couple competition, the prize was a
free ticket each for the festival next year. :D

I got about a million pictures I have to go through this weekend,
hope this post will do until then...

These are my latest finds. There was nothing I wanted to buy at
the venue or at the car show market, it was mostly new stuff or
the sellers really wanted a shit load of money for their stuff.
The only thing I purchased while we were in Spain was a bunch
of pretty reverse carved lucite bangles.

The wicker fish bag was a find from my favorite charity shop this
morning. A guy I know works there one day a week and he had
sent me a message while we were away and I didn't think the bag
would still be there but it was! (Always worth checking.)
My man got it for me as an early "5 and a half years together gift". 

The fab pineapple dress arrived while we were away and it looks
really great on.

Wicker bag, £4.50.

Reverse carved lucite bangles and clear Amber style bangle.
I won't tell you the price because then you will kill me. ;P

Vintage pineapple dress, $11, Etsy.