Tuesday, 28 October 2008




Clowns - They scare the living shit out of me.
I suffer with clown phobia, it's called Coulrophobia
and I had it for as long as I can remember.
I tried to be brave and watch the movie "It" about
four months ago, I managed but I hid under the
duvet as soon as Pennywise* showed his ugly face
and I couldn't sleep properly for almost a week.
My man is very good at imitating Pennywise and
he sometimes amuses himself by talking like him.
Beep, beep, Richie! They all float down here!

Today as I was walking to the craft store to get a
piece of felt to finish one of my projects, I noticed
that the circus was back in town and guess what,
outside the friggin' tent stands two clowns, smoking.
I ran as fast as I could away from there, struck by
fear and panic.
I had to call my man to come and get me, there's no
way I was gonna walk back!

*I actually love the name Pennywise.
If I ever become a Bull Terrier owner again I would
call it Pennywise - or Beetlejuice...


This is Pixi.
This beautiful little lady used to be my muse,
my favorite model and above all, my best friend.
I miss her terrible...

Still haven't heard about Leah.
I got an email last week saying that they're received
the application form and they are gonna look into it.
Still nothing...

Friday, 24 October 2008


I have a mild depression going on at the moment, with
mild I mean that I can handle it way better than I could
two years ago. Thanks to my very supportive man and
my psychologist who helped me more in one year than
the others done since I was a kid.
I've been suffering with deep depressions since I was 11
years old but now I don't give into the depression and
let my self go as I used to.
I don't want to take any medications unless I have to.
I've changed from Prozac to craft, it works better that
way, at least I like to think so.
I've made tons of stuff this week and that feeling of
accomplishment really is rewarding.

When I'm down it's really the small things that make a big
difference in my life.
Like today, we went to Hitchin to visit the antique market
they got going on every Friday.
I got some 1940's/1950's sewing bits that I absolutely love.
The paper basket is a needle holder, it's too cute for words.
I also found a roll of vintage wallpaper that I can use for
wrapping presents or make a new outfit for a book.

Pin holder & buttons £3.50.

Wallpaper, 20 pence.

Our friend Paula came over for a cup of coffee and a chat
this afternoon and she gave me her soda fountain I fell in
love with at her Luau!

It's Shabbat tonight, my man actually promised to eat carbs
for once so we're making potato soup and apple pie.
I can't wait!

Thursday, 23 October 2008


Me and my man always looks out for a bigger house
with a lot more character than the house we live in now.
I already found a house that I want to move to but it's
not for sale and it's in a bit of a state but I love it dearly.
This house isn't too far from our house so we passing it
every time we go for our daily walk.
It's something about it and the fact that it actually look
like a gingerbread house makes it even more lovable.

Well, to be honest, I rater get my paws on a huge white
Art Deco house in North London or Miami Beach or a
big functionalist villa in Stockholm but this particular
house is more of an realistic dream if you catch my drift...

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Here's some of the finds we made on Sunday.
As usual, the finds are from the 1950's - 1960's,
except the shopping list, that's just kitsch.

I also got two porcelain fawns for 10 pence each.
(I'm gonna send to a friend who collects them.)
I also got a red gingham blouse with puff sleeves
and a rounded collar for 30 pence.

Necklace, £1.

Shopping list, 10 pence.

Single, 20 pence.

Cool jazz records, 65 pence each.

Table, £1.

Monday, 20 October 2008


I went to the sewing class this morning, and left 10 minutes later.
I was utterly disappointed because there was not a single sewing
machine and just me and four ladies in their 70's.
I thought it would be good with a huge work surface and tons of
material but they didn't even have a pair of scissors!
Bring your own - f**k off!
I wish they could have told me a bit more about this when I was
talking with the college the other day. Total waste of my time!
I almost cried when my man came to pick me up because I really
wanted to attend a course to learn more advanced stuff and meet
new people.

My man went out this afternoon and came back with a bunch of
yellow flowers and a Ben & Jerry's frozen yoghurt to cheer me up
since I got the flu and that the course I've been looking forward to
attend was shit.


This is my latest dress find.
I absolutely love yellow 1950's dresses.
This beauty needs a good dry cleaning because it's
been stored for a very long time and there's some
red wine stains on it, but fits like a dream!
I think that this is my new favorite dress.

Sunday, 19 October 2008


I want to buy this beauty for my man.
It's an aluminium double bass and they were made in
Germany and USA during the WW2.
They used aluminium instead of wood so they wouldn't
get ruined by damp or a fall if they were on board a ship.
Unfortunately they are extremely rare and very expensive.

Saturday, 18 October 2008


It sure was a good idea to get out of the house today!
I don't feel that I'm getting any better from the flu
but it sure beats laying on the sofa.
We went to our favorite car boot sale and ended up
with some nice finds.

Jacket, £2.
The jacket is slightly too big but it looks very classy
with a dark red pencil skirt.
I wasn't sure if I wanted it because of the size but my
man said that it's better to buy it and have it hanging
in the closet or sell it than to regret that I didn't get
it at all.

Bag, £1.
I love this yellow tartan bag my man got me.
I don't have much brown leather stuff in my closet
so it's a bag that's more than welcome to stay.

Watering can, 10 pence.
The watering can totally matches the orange tiles in
our kitchen.

Stool, £1.
The stool need some TLC, like sanding it and oiling,
not a major task though.
It sure looks good in my hobby-room.

The fab pattern.


Still nothing from the rescue site about Leah.
I'm so impatient but have second thoughts about adopting
for one very silly reason - will my man go nuts over dog hair?
Hit me with a shovel!

I sent Astrid a text message yesterday telling her that I miss
her dearly, I got a text back saying that she misses me too.
I actually thinking about going to Stockholm for a weekend
soon since me and my mans plans to go to Prague is no more.
Stockholm is so beautiful during autumn.
I wanna go for long walks, shopping and lunch at Hermans.
I'm not so sure I can afford it right now though...

We have plans to go to a car boot sale this morning.
I got the flu, again, but I'm fed up being indoors and the air
might do me good after all.
Wish me luck.

Friday, 17 October 2008


I miss my friend Astrid today.
I wish she was here, doing craft, smoking cherry tobacco out of
my Turkish water pipe, drinking coffee and munching on home
baked cakes like we used to do on Sukkot when I was living in
Stockholm. I feel very lonely right now...

I'm actually started to collect dresses again since most of the
ones I've got are way too big and I feel like I need a change.
I'm gonna take the opportunity and learn how to make dresses
smaller, so it looks professional, while I'm at the course.
I'm gonna reduce the sizes of the dresses I want to keep and
sell the dresses that I don't care much for anymore.
I'm gonna replace them with more special and unusual pieces.

This is my latest purchase, it's a genuine 1940's dress.

Thursday, 16 October 2008


I am in fact a bit proud over myself today.
I called the local college and asked if they had
any short dressmaker courses at the moment
and if there's room for one more.
I was told that they only started last Monday
and that I'm more than welcome to join them!
I have the basic skills from the class I attended
while I was living in Stockholm, this course is
more advanced.

I also filled out a form for adopting a new Bull
Terrier, her name is Leah and she's about 5 years
old, apparently very loving towards children,
which is perfect since we're gonna start trying to
make a baby around this time next year.
I said to my man that it's a crying shame if we don't
get her since Leah is a Jewish name. *smirk*
Please cross your fingers and say a prayer for me,
I really, really want this little lady.
Click here to see a picture of Leah the Bull Terrier.

What's not to love?

Music for the evening:
The Kills - "Cat Claw"
The Raveonettes - "Attack of the Ghost Riders"
Chris Isaak - "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing"
Social Distortion - "Ball and Chain"
Turbonegro - "Sell Your Body"
Mustasch - "Black City"
The Hives - "Walk Idiot Walk"
The Dead Boys - "Ain't It Fun"
13th Floor Elevators - "You're Gonna Miss Me"
The Sonics - "Psycho"


My lovely blog-friend The Freelancer's Fashionblog did tell
us about a good way to spice up bags to match the outfit.
I don't know if we were separated from birth or if it's just that
great minds think alike but I've done the same bow thing over
the years, I also use brooches or flowers instead of bows.

Like this one, my emerald green bag, it would be a real bitch
of a challenge to find a top to go with that, so I made a hair-
band in the same green color and put a leopard printed rose
shaped brooch on it.
Now I can wear it with a pair of leopard printed flats and belt.
The leopard print works very well with the bamboo handles.

It's the small things in life that makes a big difference.

You can actually go mad and try all sorts of stuff, like adding
plastic cherries, lace, pearls or whatever you fancy, really.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I had an awesome time at the Hemsby weekender!
Me and my man took good care of Dave Phillips & The Hot
Rod Gang
. (Mark Harman and Rob Tyler from Restless.)
I actually thought it would be wilder to share chalet with them
but I guess it's because the boys isn't in their 20's anymore.

Talking about boys, damn, I never got so many compliments
before in my life from both men and women about my clothes
and good looks. *lol*
It sure was nice to get an ego-boost.

The last night was the best! The Go-Getters was better than
ever and I was bopping like the friggin' Enegizer Bunny in my
high heels in front of the stage.

After the set I met up with my friend Elaine and we ended up
taking the piss out of some people (that deserved it) and had
the best of times.
We were spoiling The Go-Getters rotten with beer.
Tommy Love, the bass player, ended up heaving like a cat in
the end of the night.
Me and the guys were teaching Elaine naughty words in
Thomas, the guitarist, got so drunk that he was like super-
glued to me and Elaine the entire night, it was kind of fun at
first but it got very frustrating after a while.
I tried to get Peter, the singer, to take care of him but he
bought me a Baileys instead.

My friend Mike Sanchez gave me a free CD and said to me and
my man that we're an incredible good looking couple. Bless.

I also did some finds at the car boot sale...

Top £3.

Napkin holder £1 .
(I'm gonna spray the metal black.)

Necklace £1.
(I'm gonna turn it into a necklace and two bracelets.)

Footstool £15.

Feel free to visit my HEMSBY 41 album on Myspace.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I just finished my last meal and last drink for the next 25 hours.
No, I don't have an eating disorder, it's Yom Kippur.
The plan for now is to lay under a thick duvet and do nothing.
I borrowed some cool books at the library earlier today and we
might watch the old Star Wars movies.
Since we are liberal Jews we don't eat, drink or work but we do
everything else.

Tomorrow I'm gonna try on dresses for the Hemsby weekend.
I still struggle with the fact that 95% of all my dresses are way
too big but I'll do my best to put something together.
I can't wait to drink coconut rum and meet up with my friends!
And see some cool bands, of course...

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I found Bull Terrier shaped speakers today!
If they can be used with a shitty portable CD player
I might as well buy a pair to have in my hobby-room.

Monday, 6 October 2008


Here's a little peek of one of my latest eBay purchases.

Sunday, 5 October 2008


Crazy showers outside.
I'm in my cozy hobby room, gluing a bunch of hair-flowers.
I want to make sugar skulls out of paper mache today, I've
never made anything out of paper mache before but I'd sure
love a challenge!
I got the bits and a tutorial so nothing stops me from trying.

My man just asked what I want for my birthday, which is
still two months away.
Now that's a very good question!
I've noticed that it gets harder to come up with something
when you get older.
I guess there's some DVD's I wouldn't say no to, another
luctie handbag wouldn't hurt, a new last name maybe...

What would you wish for?

Saturday, 4 October 2008


My lovely man woke me up this morning with a bunch of
beautiful pink roses and a kick ass breakfast consisting of
proper coffee, orange juice, scrambled eggs and a garlic &
onion bagel.

I'm in love!
I was reading about The Wizard of Oz 70th anniversary
and stumbled upon the prettiest ruby slippers I've ever
seen in my life.
I already got 3 pair of glittery ruby slippers/heels but
they are far from as pretty and sexy as these.
The brain behind these babies is of course the wonderful
Betsey Johnson.

I would do anything to have these in a US size 5.5/6...

I was lucky yesterday to get a hot glue gun for only £1!
I was looking at HobbyCraft at first and their glue guns
cost around £7 and looked a bit crappy so instead I went
to Poundland and got the same gun, just as crappy but
for less.
I forgot to pick up some craft stuff yesterday because I
didn't want to miss an auction on eBay so I'm going
back for the bits in a couple of minutes.

Friday, 3 October 2008


Thank you for the compliments on my new banner.
I used the faces from an 1930's/1940's paper bag.
The bag is from and hat shop in Jerusalem.
I got it from an old lady because she thought it
was neat that both me and my man are Jewish and
really into the era between 1930's - 1950's.

So instead of just having it laying around in a drawer
I cut the bag in half, framed it and hang it on the wall
in our bedroom.
This is the result.

I like that it's in both English and Hebrew.

Today I'm gonna have a nice walk in the sun,
buy a hot glue gun and some new clamps for my
new hair-flowers.
I'm also gonna clean the house so it's nice and tidy
for Shabbat and tonight we're going to a gig.

Thursday, 2 October 2008


Yesterday morning my man woke me up, we went for a
walk and then he told me to get dressed because he had
arranged for me to get an 1 hour massage!
After I got back from the massage I made herbal tea and
took a nap, my man woke me up for lunch, broccoli soup
with tons of garlic, fresh fruit and berries for dessert.

I also got a package from my dad and stepmother.
It was a delayed present for my name day.

I've been wanting and looking for one of those old anchor
shaped thermometers for a while and I told my dad about
them and he managed to find one!
It will be SO prefect on the wall behind our boat bar.

In the package I also found anchor-pins/badges to put on
a jacket.

Today we went to the cemetery say the Kaddish prayer for
my mans maternal grandparents, (You usually read Kaddish
for the dead between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur)
and then we went for lunch at an Indian restaurant.

I felt rater good about myself today.
I was wearing a dark red woolen pencil skirt, a beautiful
black jacket from the 1940's and black 1940's pumps, a dark
red beret, my red snake skin purse and a leopard collar
that I made myself last year.
(I will put some up on Tradera shortly.)
And a classic make up, of course.