Wednesday, 28 December 2011


We're having a friend over tonight so I decided to make my
own witches brew. :D
(i.e. I use whatever I got in the cupboards.)
I never throw away cider because you can drink it warm and
it doesn't have to be fizzy, we rarely drink and we had a bottle
that's been waiting in the cupboard for some time.
I put it in a pot and added some whole cloves, three cinnamon
sticks, saffron, fresh grated ginger and some brown sugar and
boiled it for about 10 minutes.
It turned out quite well, they gave me thumbs up, I do think I
should have added a bit more sugar, in Sweden cider is often
sweet and here in England it's not.
Have to remember that for next time...

Sift before drinking.

Saturday, 24 December 2011


Happy holidays dear readers and friends!

I've been so awfully busy at work that I haven't even
had the time to make our home nice for Hanukkah or
blog about our 5th anniversary and my recent finds.
We got a few days off now so I will be updating you all
what I've been up to, promise.

Now I'm gonna go downstairs, have brunch alone and
then make some Caribbean toffee and then finish tidy
and clean this mess of a house.

Yesterday on our way home I asked my man to stop by our
local Wilkinsons because I wanted a few Hyacinths on the
table for when we're having guests over tomorrow.
(We're gonna eat Swedish X-mas food but all vegetarian and
celebrate Hanukkah with our friends Ruth and Pat.)
I didn't find any but I did end up leaving the store with a red
"Hanukkah bush" for £5. ;))
I have some really nice X-mas ornaments from the 1950's and
1960's that just lay in a box and I wanted to make an effort for
our guests and to get some holiday spirit for once.
Later on my man went to ASDA to buy groceries so I asked
him to pick up some gold glitter but they were all out so he
asked the manager if it was okay to take some of the glitter
from the shop decor and he said it was fine since they were
gonna take it down and bin it later in the evening anyway.
Frugal and environmentally friendly. ;)
It does look like some kind of burning bush with the red and
the gold.
My man said it's his first ever, I myself gave up X-mas 15
years ago but I kind of miss it some times because it does
remind me of my late grandma who I adore.

Have a splendid holiday, see you soon!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I got a stack-a-records here, a stack-a-records there,
I got records scattered all over everywhere...

We got a lot of scratched records at work that we can't
sell and I really think there's enough waste at the landfill
so I decided to make something fun out of them for the

Record cake stand.

And here's a tacky fake mahogany table I revamped by
spraying it black and glue an LP on the top.

I'm working on a few other things right now that I might
show you quite soon.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Got this vintage basket not so long ago.
It needed spicing up and nothing is spicier than chillies. :)
Found the plastic chillies in a Pakistani shop in East London
and they are sewn onto the bag with fishing line.
Easiest revamp ever.

Friday, 16 December 2011


Greetings from a very tired Rascal.
We been working 10-12 hour days with hardly any breaks
for 4 days and today we finally opened up the doors to the
Apparently we'd done one heck of a job because no one
that came in to the shop today could believe it's a charity
shop, it looks more like a boutique.
We take that as a huge compliment. :)

Here's a few photos from today.
Let me introduce Vintage & Retro.

Click on the pictures for a much larger view.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Hi! Done my first work day in the shop today.
We're setting it all up from scratch and it's so much
to do and we open the doors on Friday.
Have worked 10 hours today, only 15 minute break
for lunch. From 0 to 10 hours hard work is a pretty
big difference but I do enjoy being busy.
I've been running around between two shops to get
all vintage bits from one to the other and I've been
buying essentials for this weeks revamping.
I cleaned every single piece of furniture, tomorrow
I will be oiling everything and revamp two vanity-
tables and a bedside table.
I'm really looking forward to the point when it's nice
and tidy and everything is in place so I can show
you all where I now work.

It feels really good to make a difference and also to
do what I'm really good at. I'm excited!

Enough blogging for me, need to finish cleaning the
house and the laundry.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Sunday, 11 December 2011


I made a smiling banana cake yesterday! :D

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I'm a big admirer of Miss Tayva and have been so since
2001 when I first discovered her as a sassy pinup chick.
I'm very lucky to also consider her as one of my friends.
Not only does she have the most wicked classy sense
of style, she's also one awesome jewelry maker!

I'm so excited that she's now making 1950's style lucite
bangles and earrings with glitter confetti. Loooove!
Make sure you tell your husband or boyfriend to stuff
your X-mas stocking full of her yummy jewelry.

Click here to get to her Etsy shop and click here to get
to her Facebook page.

Pictures from Miss Tayva's FB page and Etsy shop.


Malin commented on this basket the other day, she said:
"Your potatoes have a really fancy basket to lay around in."

Indeed they do. :)
(Until spring.)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I do have the best man in the world!
Like I didn't got enough beautiful gifts from him, late
last night he popped the cork on the pink Champagne
and gave me yet another gift, I opened the box, inside
there was a black Coro Pegasus confetti 3 piece set.

Monday, 5 December 2011


Hi from bed!
I've had pizza for lunch, looking forward to the cheese -
cake and Champagne now.

My man really spoilt me rotten today.
Even tho the glitter lucite handbag arrived broken, the
SPA went bust and we're too ill to go to Brighton I must
say it has been a very nice day.

1950's lucite earrings.
I did wish for lucite bling with confetti...

1950's lucite clamper.
I didn't expect him to get me a matching set!

The most stunning shoes ever.
Totally dreamy, I really looking forward to summer now.

And same stunning shoes in another color! :D
Yes, I got the best guy ever!

Huge tea mug.
I've been looking for one for quite a while but never found one I
liked, this one is so cute!

Gold glitter calendar.
Really great for when I start working. :)
Since I'm nuts about gold lurex and lame' this suits my style perfectly.

I also got 100 gram of over priced salty liquorice.


One year older and not much wiser.

We're both too ill (flu) to go to Brighton today, which
sucks but we said we'll do it another day soon.
Celebrating in bed today with pizza, Champagne and
a whole stack of films. Oh, and cake, of course.

Saturday, 3 December 2011


He got the job as store manager! :D

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Can't believe winter started today, it's sunny and not
at all cold over here.
Today both my dad and my uncle got one year older,
yes they have the same birthday, big hug to you guys!
Next week is my turn to get older.
The plan is to go to Brighton but both me and my man
has got a cold and it better be gone by then because
I've really been looking forward to go back.

Talking about going places, the day before yesterday
we went on a mission to another branch (that only do
vintage too) in Essex to get an idea how we're gonna
set up the shop, our boss sent us on a paid inspiration
trip. Free lunch too. :D
We were spies for a day checking out prices and such.

And of course I didn't leave empty handed.
Here's some goodies I snagged in the charity shops.

1950's deer, 10 pence.
Yeah, he's a bit scruffy and I don't do X-mas but he was too
cute to leave behind.

1950's book stand, 50 pence.
Just what I needed! I love the shape.

1950's handbag, £3.50.
I got one just like this but in red, this is in mint condition.

Tie, £1.
Gave this to my man so he would look handsome on stage.

Vintage belt, £1.50.
This look so good on! It would look even better if I still had
a 23 inch waist. Working on it.

1950's wicker basket, £2.
My heart skipped a beat when I discovered that the basket
was for sale! I store potatoes in this at the moment since it's
not season for baskets.

1950's Vanity Fair blouse, £5.
I believe this is a PJ top but I tried it on with black high waist
pants and it look great, no one can tell. ;)

Swing jacket, £3.50.
You can't really see that it's black, green and gray.
Looks very smart, quite classy.

Monday, 28 November 2011


Hi and hello!
I'm back from busyland.
So much is going on right now even I can't keep up.
(I feel like a douche for not having time to read and
comment in my friends blogs.)
Good news! The new charity shop is happening, last
week we went to see the space and we met the CEO
and a few days later they signed the lease.
Since then I've been running around like crazy pulling
vintage from the other stores in the area and been to
the warehouse to clean furniture for the new shop.
My man is going for his interview later this week and
I hope he get to be the store manager, they would be
silly not to get him the job.
Keep your fingers crossed! :)

As you know I get paid in kind, which works for now.
Here's some of it...

1950's kids mattress.
This was gonna end up in the skip, nothing wrong with it
and it's in good condition, just needed a clean.

Vintage dancing shoes.
I don't think they ever been used.
I've been wanting a pair of real dance shoes for quite a long
time but haven't found any for a price I agreed with.
These need the inner sole glued and new heel tips but that's
far cheaper than buying a new pair.

Color is just perfect for autumn.

Ouzo glasses.
Won't be used for drinking tho, these are just perfect to put
flower cuttings in.

1960's head phones.
Gave these to my man.

1960's tea strainer.
This one is so stylish it makes my mid century heart skip a beat.

Friday, 18 November 2011


I feel like such an idiot for blogging about this...
I bought this heart shaped mouse on eBay last week
for £1.76 including shipping and it arrived today and
I love it, it lights up when I use it and it's such a silly
thing, really, but it makes me all bubbly inside.
I'm typing this with a smile.

What silly little thing makes you bubbly?

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Here's a recent eBay purchase that arrived today.
Miss Selfridge heels, £6.50.
It was a nice surprise to discover that they never
been worn and still had the price tag on.
(Original retail price was £35.)