Monday, 30 June 2008


I think I have a new favorite pair of earrings.
My guy gave them to me the other day and I must say
they're a perfect match to my new espadrille wedges.
Call me lucky. *smirk*

Song of the day:
The Barker Brothers - "Hey little mama"


I'm in a good mood today.
My man can drive again so we went to one of my
suppliers to get some flowers and I felt so lucky to
find that they got my favorite exotic flowers in red!
I also got goodies for my new project, 1940's style
hair accessories for vintage style weddings.
I can't wait to start, I got itchy fingers!

Made my hair up this morning but this time it's even
higher and I combed my fringe up with the big roll
instead of make it into a pompadour.
I made two big rolls this time with so called rats and
added my favorite yellow flowers.
I also wear my new red polka dot espadrille wedges
and the yellow top, I feel tall and I love it.

Perfect items and inspiration for classic looks.

Sunday, 29 June 2008


Guess who's happy!
I recently found out that my childhood favorite
movie Tuppen is now released on DVD!
I'm gonna try and get it while I'm in Stockholm.

Just listen to this...
The year is 1944.
Cederqvist comes to a small cloth factory to see
the all-women employees can work more effeciently.

At the beginning he is greeted with suspicion and his
efforts at courting the young ladies are futile.
But as soon as he buys himself a car it becomes much
easier, especially since he has the power to relocate
people to an easier line of work...


I'm up early because of pain, I have an ear infection.
I was an "ear child" and had ear infections every other
week, it stopped when I was about 19, I have had pain
sometimes after that but I was always fine the next day.
Not this time!
Right now I'm having a clove of garlic in my left ear.
It actually makes me slight hungry... *smirk*

I was in a silly mood last night so I painted polka dots
on my nails.
Guess it looks more like Fly Agarics. *lol*

Saturday, 28 June 2008


Yet another 40's hair style, I used one so called rat
on one side, a comb on the other side and made my
fringe into a pompadour.
My guy said I look like Betty Grable today.
And yes, the top is made by me.

Perfect party song for the evening:
Ken Parker - "I can't hide"


Hello ladies!
Me and my guy went for a little shopping spree today.
I'm currently boycotting Primark because they use
children younger than 8 years old as labor and that's
not really kosher in my book.
So we went to Matalan, I haven't been there for some
time but I always ending up finding very cool stuff
with a very retro feel and good prizes, like today.
I walked out of there with two sexy pairs of polka dot
espadrille wedges and a very sunny top.
My guy treated me to one of the pairs.

Friday, 27 June 2008


Me and my guy had a really nice day yesterday.
We went to St. Albans by bus, it took us 90 minutes,
by car it would have taken us about 25 minutes.
(I can't wait until my guy can drive again.)

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant, all you can
eat for £5.95, so we did and it was very delicious.
Do I have to add that I didn't have any room for
dinner last night? *smirk*

There was also a French market going on with fresh
garlic, dried fruit, handmade soaps, candy apples and
bread that smelled like it was baked in heaven.

Finds of the day was dried strawberries for me and my guy
got himself a new leather belt, both at the French market.
I also found a black leather handbag from the 1950's for
only 50 pence.
It's very plain but I might pinstripe it cool.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


I'm up early, planning my new tattoos.
I'm about to finish my left sleeve but there's some small
girlie things I want to put in between all the roses, spider
web and butterflies before the background comes on.
But first I need to finish the tail on my Phoecock.
(He looks like a mix between a Phoenix and a Peacock).
I want ladybugs, bumble bees, diamonds, a Mexican sugar
skull (to go with my Mexican rose) and maybe a cute
green caterpillar, the background is gonna be a rainbow,
I just can't get enough of colors.
The one and only Kapten Hanna is the one I want to do
the honors and she's coming to London in September!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


This is me today in a 1940's hair-style and the bikini top
from a 1940's pattern I finished a couple of weeks ago.
Hair-flowers also made by me.


I've been totally busy with my darling's birthday party.
On Friday I cooked and baked for 8 hours!
I made a Lebanese style buffet with hummus, falafel,
garlic dip, lentil burgers, couscous with red and yellow
fried peppers, chicken, a green salad and pita bread.
The falafel was gone in a blink of an eye.
I made my darling a coffee cake with coffee icing and
funny candles saying "Old Git".
(English slang for a stupid/silly/annoying person.)

Me and his brother got him all three DVD-boxes with the
original series of Star Trek.
He said that it was the best birthday present he ever got.
Bless my little nerd.

Yesterday was his actual birthday so we took the bus to
Hitchin and Letchworth, two old market towns not far
from where we live, to look around and just relax.
I made a real cool find in one of the charity shops, a very
cute tea jar with a lid in teak from the 1960's.
When I saw it I knew it was Swedish right away because no
one else made colorful pottery like that back in the days.
(Anita Nylund for JIE Gantofta.)
Best of all was the prize, 75 pence!

Here's all sides of my tea jar.

Thursday, 19 June 2008


This evening I finally managed to book a flight to Stockholm!
We're gonna paint Stockholm red between July 10 - July 17.
I hope we have enough time to do everything I've planned.
We have people to see and places to go.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


My mother in law just left, she came over for a couple of hours.
She gave me a nice bouquet with pink and yellow flowers,
just the way I like it.
I made dinner and chocolate cake for dessert and she gave
me the best compliment a Jewish mother in law could ever give,
she told me I'm a real
(It's Yiddish and means
praise-worthy housewife.)
She always tells me that the house is so nice, clean and cosy.
Note that I'm talking about a stubborn Jewish lady that used
to think that no one was good enough for her son.
(Maybe because the others wasn't genuine and/or Jewish?)

I'm a bit annoyed because Tradera isn't working properly.
I wanted to put some more stuff up but I guess I have to wait
till tomorrow. *sigh*

Instead I'm listening to Monica Zetterlund and Ulla Billquist
while I'm hunting for cheap CD's on

Dolled up in my new dress and the yellow necklace I got earlier today...


I'm back!
I've missed blogging but there's been trouble in paradise but
we're now working on it.
We finally decided to go to Stockholm in the beginning of July!

I also been making a lot of new pieces of clothing from those
vintage patterns I've got the other week.
I love how the bikini tops turned out.

The weekend just passes a friend of ours took us to a local car
boot sale since we haven't done anything for 6 weeks and we
basically climbing the walls at home.
We got some finds, I actually haggled for a change, I got a nice
bag for 50 pence instead of £1.
My sweetheart treated me to a pair of two toned shoes to wear
with slacks, as he said.

Today I went out with Angela, we went to a lot of charity shops
and I actually managed to do some finds, that rarely happens in
charity shops around here.
I've got a vintage yellow plastic pearl necklace, a wooden vase
for our Tiki corner, a Nubian figurine, vintage seamed stockings,
and a little vintage glittery purse. Everything vintage from the
50's or early 60's, of course. (Guess I don't have to tell you.)


50 pence



Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I've been feeling blue most of the day but I feel a bit
better now after I finished that 1940's bikini top I
started last week before I got ill.

Right now I'm listening to Ava Leigh's "Mas Que Nada"
which I think should be the big hit of the summer.
Who can sit still to a sexy samba?

I couldn't help myself earlier today, I got that blue
1940's style dress I've been looking at for weeks.
It's a perfect dress to have at home or for a rather
casual day out.

I also got yet another toilet bag, I have too many
but this one was so utterly cute.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


OK, still haven't got around to take any pictures of my latest
projects, just one of my skirts that I made out of a floral fabric
from the 1950's, I also added pink ric rac at the bottom of the
skirt and a pink bow in the waist.

I've been extremely anemic the last couple of days so that's
why I've been away.
I went to the hospital yesterday and I had my new dress on
with red and white stripes, my doctors secretary totally fell
in love with it and later as we were grocery shopping a man
told me that I was very pretty in my dress (he wasn't sleazy)
and he wished me a nice evening. Bless. :D

AND, I was talking to my stepmother today and I was ranting
about that my dad doesn't make any effort what so ever to
come and visit me and my sweetheart (they still haven't met)
so she decided that they will come over for three days in the end
of July and the begining of August!
I haven't seen my dad for two and a half year!
They told me to make a wish list for Swedish food and drinks. :)

Saturday, 7 June 2008


No pictures of my latest creations today, I promise
to post them tomorrow.

Got this pretty set today...

Friday, 6 June 2008


Today I've spent the entire day indoors, the weather
is now worse than ever, feels a bit like October.

Started the day with a cup of proper coffee and then
I made tons of new hair flowers and hair bands.
I also went through my trunk full of half finished bits.
Finished one dress and I'm almost done with a skirt
made out of an old curtain, the fabric is really pretty
and makes me think of Sweden.
If it's gonna rain like this the entire weekend there
won't be any items left in that trunk.

I should post some pictures of this week's projects,
maybe tomorrow...

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Had a very nice day with my mother in law.
The lunch was very yummy and we actually got some
sun today!
I showed her some of my latest bag projects and she
absolutely loved them, especially my lolly-bag.
She can't understand why I don't have a proper shop.

I thought I'd share my latest bag projects with you
as well...


Mother in law is coming over today. :D
I love that little lady. It's been way too long.
I'm gonna make falafel with wholegrain pita, garlic
dip, tomatoes and lettuce for lunch.

Yesterday I saw my new friend Angela.
We went shopping in a new clothing store that just
opened, I got the most beautiful skirt and then we
had coffee.


It was horrible weather all day yesterday.
I felt a bit low and couldn't really concentrate on my
project so me and my darling watched that Ray Charles

Monday, 2 June 2008


Rainy and miserable afternoon.
Lucky that I went back to the home furnishings store
this morning.
I got the bin to match the toaster and the kettle.
I also got some really nice fabrics as well, everything
was on sale and I'm not the kind of girl who have the
power to resist a really good find.

This evening I've been sitting by the sewing machine
and I also started to cut out pieces to make that 50's
bra from one of the patterns I got Saturday gone.

Sunday, 1 June 2008


I've been sitting by the sewing-machine the entire morning.
I needed a break so me and my darling went for a walk and
on an abandoned lot not far from our house we found two
pink plants that's called
"Grandma's Bonnet", so we decided
to dig them up on the way back. So we did.
I planted them in the flower-bed in the backyard and it looks
so pretty and lush.
I also planted out two pink Pelargonium and our two huge
basil plants in two big pots and arranged the mint I planted
last year and put the pots by the back entrance.
It looks so nice and colorful.

When I first moved here the backyard was very dull, so last
summer we started to dig a flower-bed along the fence and
it's already full and very much in bloom.
Earlier this year my darling built a 1950's style patio in the
back and a last week we also finished a BBQ-pit.
And yesterday we put the polka dot curtains up in the shed.
We're so house proud.


I don't get it.
I read that it's very hot in Germany and Sweden right now
but here in England the sun is nowhere to be found...
All I want is to hang the laundry out to dry.