Monday, 27 May 2013


No, I haven't forgot that I have a blog, I've just been busy.
Here's a few things that kept me busy.

I made this 1940's style lurex bikini out of an ugly tunic,
started this last year and finally got around to finish it.
Totally forgot to take a before picture.

My latest bag purchase.

Me before a gig.

Made this headpiece out of a sequin brooch that I got for
a song on Etsy.

Finally got around to turn these Bakelite clover leaves into
a pair of earrings!

Got this darling doll head in a junk shop in Prague and now
I turned him into a cute ring.

Some exotic earrings I've been working on.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


This vintage wooden slat bag arrived yesterday.
(eBay find for £1.50 = $2.30)
I admit that I was a little bit disappointed that the (painted)
flower pattern on both sides was quite faded, however, this
was easily fixed with some vintage plastic flowers and some
paper clips.

Maybe I make something else for this bag but this will do
nicely for now. :)

Thursday, 9 May 2013


I adopted these last week from a local dealer.
The green was £12.50 and the butterscotch was £9.
(Approx $19 and $14.)

I couldn't really get a good picture that shows how
stunning the green bangle really is, you just have to
take my word for it.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Woke up early because the house were filled with sunshine,
perfect day for a car boot sale or two. And two we did.

We were supposed to go to the gym in the evening but we
assembled the BBQ and had a cookout and some ice cold
pear ciders instead. :))
(We'll go this morning tho.)

1980's shirt, £1. (= approx $1.55)
The bead embroidery, do I need to say more?

Kids jacket, £1. (= approx $1.55)
Love the pattern on this. So dapper.

1940's picnic basket, 50 pence. (= approx $0.75)
I had one of these when I was a kid but it got thrown away
when people cleared our house after my mom passed.

1950's novelty bottle opener in teak, 25 pence.
(= approx $0.38)
How could I resist this fella?! 
You take his head off and there you have the bottle opener.

Amazing capri pants, 35 pence. (= approx $0.55)
I rarely take photos of the clothes I find because they are 
often wrinkly and such, in this case I make an exception 
because these capris makes my bum look good and the 
color is amazing!

Feather thingy, 20 pence. (= approx $0.30)
I'm gonna attach a hair clip to this and use it in one of my OTT 
hair styles for a special occasion.

Shell bracelet, 50 pence. (= approx $0.75)
Carved bangle, 50 pence. (= approx $0.75)
Vintage Spanish brooch, 75 pence. (= approx $1.15)
2 yellow bangles, 25 pence. (= approx $0.38)
I really love the juicy colors of the yellow bangles and the brooch
will be the perfect thing with most of my Latin styled outfits.

LP with a cool cover, free.
If it has got a fruit hat I love it!

Vintage pineapple dessert bowls, 2 large & 6 small, £2.
(= approx $3.10)

Sunday, 5 May 2013


Great day at the car boot sale today! (Y-day was okay.)
The first thing I see when I entered the area is a stunning
white English Bull Terrier, of course I asked for a cuddle. 
(I miss my old EBT SO much!!!)
I think this bullie was some kind of lucky charm because
I did very well finding cool stuff.
What you see is just a fraction of what I managed to drag
home this weekend!


For the future rascal. Cost between 20 - 50 pence each
(= approx 30 - 75 US cents)

1960's plastic wicker basket, 50 pence.
(= approx 75 US cents)

1950's case, £2.
(= approx $3.10)

Pink faux fur collar, 20 pence.
(= approx 30 US cents)

Tons of 1950's and 1960's knitting patterns, £2 for the lot.
(= approx $3.10)


Bangles, £1 for the lot.
(= approx $1.55)

1960's plastic wicker basket, 20 pence.
(= approx 30 US cents)

1950's vanity case, 80 pence.
(= approx $1.25)

1950's necklace, £1.
(= approx $1.55)

Chinese takeout style purse, £2.50
(= approx $3.90)

1960's String style shelf, 50 pence.
(= approx 75 US cents)

1960's soft plastic tulip lights, 50 pence.
(= approx 75 US cents)

1940's case, £5.50.
(= approx $8.55)

I'm not sure if we're going to one tomorrow, it's bank holiday
here in the UK so it's car boot sales galore. :)
We'll see what the weather's doing.

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Not so long ago I revamped this bag that I already revamped
two years before.
Style, taste and needs change, this one into something better
if I might say so.

Got these plain plastic starfish from eBay.

Here's after I covered them in copper colored glitter.

Added some red netting and used some seashells that I
found on the beach in Calafell, Spain.
They already have holes in them (for some reason) so it
was easy to stitch them onto the bag.

I might add a few more seashells on the side of this bag...
What do you think?

The bag looks better in real life, the glitter doesn't show
that well in these pictures.

Have a nice bank holiday weekend!

Friday, 3 May 2013


It's 23 degrees Celsius and I'm sitting in our backyard
listening to Roy Orbison, sipping on a cider and eating
I'm feel extremely content and accomplished since I've
been working hard in the front and back garden for two
days, cleaned the patio furniture (we saved £75 on not
have to buy a new set) done laundry, replanted most of
my houseplantsand cleaned the house before Shabbos.
Now I'm just enjoying the solitude (man's gigging) for the
rest of the evening and hoping that the weather will be
just as nice tomorrow so we can go to car boot sales.

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Here I go again with my latest creations.
I would looove some feedback on these, please, if you have a
minute to spare.

If you happen to be at Judy’s at Spitalfields on Saturday some
of my creations will be for sale at Greyhound Vintage's stall.

Burlesque style earrings.
Made out of vintage soft plastic bits.

Another pair of the same...

Plumeria necklace and earring set.
I actually took this bracelet apart to use the flowers for
this. Much more useful for me since I prefer bangles.

Blue, mixed new acrylic and vintage soft plastic.

More vintage soft plastic.

And another one.

Airplane set.