Tuesday, 30 August 2011


You're probably not surprised if I say that I went to a
car boot sale yesterday, right?
Bank holiday Monday boot sales are mostly crap but me
and my beau went anyway and I still managed to snag a
gem and have my man haggle for me. LOL!
Here's a little sneak peek (and half a outfit post!) of this
It's a stunning vintage (1960's) gold lame brocade dress
with bateau neckline and 3/4 sleeves.
And how much did I pay for it in the end? £5.

No, I haven't cut my bangs, it's faux and cost me £1.58
including shipping from this seller on eBay.
I must add that it's not as matte and perfect as in the
sellers picture, still good for bad hair days or for when
I'm to lazy to do it up.


Today I got a very unexpected gift from the man of mine.
Before you go all Mazel tov on me I'd like to say don't, it's
just a vintage cocktail ring, not an engagement ring, but it
sure is pretty.

Monday, 29 August 2011


Yeah, you might remember that quote from Pulp Fiction.
I saw it the first time in 1995 and there's something I've
had on my wish list ever since then - a kangaroo dresser
caddy ano 1956.

I don't really know why it's taken me so long to actually
get one...
After the last time I watched Pulp Fiction I decided that
I need to snag one of my own and after looking on Etsy I
almost gave up since the shipping cost is more or less an
extortion. So I had a look on eBay, where you still can get
stuff rather cheap, found one, totally forgot to bid and were
disappointed for a short while but then this fella turned up
and I won him for $11 just before we left for Sweden.
Oh yeah, it's in mint condition too. ;)

Sunday, 28 August 2011


I'm not in the best mood today, I'm home with some
damn tummy bug and I'm missing Twinwood Festival
where I was on the guest list.
Our house is still a mess but I'm not up for sorting and
tidying really, at least the washing is done.
I'm glad I can blog from bed.

I mentioned in my previous post that we went to a car
boot sale yesterday, the lamps wasn't my only find of
the day. Here's a few other bits I managed to get my
paws on...

Bangle, 50 pence.
I've been looking for a red wide bangle without smooth
surface for quite some time now and I was really happy
to find this one.

Earrings, 50 pence.
Love these dangle rhinestone earrings, looking forward
to wear them with a stunning dress soon.

Syrup jug, 50 pence.
Perfect for the maple syrup!
Oh no, now I fancy American pancakes...

Blanket, £1.
I'm a sucker for 1950's/1960's car blankets, this one is a
winner, it's not as itchy as my other ones, it's super

Sweater, 50 pence.
When it comes to comfy sweaters H&M really know what
they're doing. :)

Knitted baby wear, 50 pence each.
Some tiny clothes for if and when, and they do look really
retro too! :D

Hawaiian fabric, 50 pence.
Got this from the same man who sold me the lamps.
Everything used to belong to his mother and he wasn't a
spring chicken, I'm really happy about this vintage

Hawaiian fabric, 50 pence.
It's so typical me to find something this awesome when the
autumn is just around the corner and it's too cold to wear a


After done (almost) nothing but going to flea markets
for 3 weeks we ended up going to a local car boot sale
yesterday, like we need more stuff. :))
Well, I'm happy that we did because I finally found the
perfect pair of 1950's lamp shades for the bedroom.
The two lamp bases are not the same but they are
quite nice and will do for now. They look way better
than the IKEA lamps that we had before and they
only cost me £2 each. :)
My goal is to make the bedroom look like some Jayne
Mansfield style boudoir type of thing.

My bedside table.

Friday, 26 August 2011


Hi friends!
I'm back in a very rainy England after a few sunny days
in Holland and some very rainy weeks in Sweden.
We got about 5 sunny days in total, that's uncool since I
got SAD and I really wanted to go for long walks in the
forest and swim in the lake.
There wasn't enough hours on the day to do everything
and see everyone.
And there's not enough blog space for me to tell you all
about our road trip and to be quite honest I haven't got
the energy at the moment after 5000 km.
All I can say is I gained 2 kg and the car was full to the
brim with cool 1950's and 1960's finds. :))

Stopped by at Ebbas Fik in Helsingborg, Sweden.

After some encouragement from Malin we went to A-Bombers,
outside Uddevalla, Sweden.
This outfit was a find from Myrorna in Malmö, Sweden.

My favorite car at A-Bombers.

One day we went to loppis (flea market) by boat outside Molkom, Sweden,
my bonus mom Ingrid rowed us there.

We decided to stay over one night so we played Yahtzee.

Finally a beautiful morning.

Me in a cute hut in one amazing garden somewhere outside Arvika, Sweden.
This garden belongs to a childhood friend of my dad and auntie and she's a
mad collector.

She's been collecting mainly Swedish 1950s stuff for a very long time
that she now got small museums in her barn and outbuildings.
Here's her "shop museum".

Spent a whole day with my dad, here he is on the same slide he used to
slide down as a boy.

Found an old English letter box in Deje, Sweden.

Cute 1950's house in Deje, Sweden.

My lovely niece and nephew feeding the ducks at my favorite
place on earth outside Slottsbron, Sweden.

This is my favorite place on earth. It's my cousins grandparents summer
house where I spent my summers since I was a little girl.
This year they had a huge decking built. I do hope to dance on it next year
if we go over for mid summers.

Found a synagogue in Winterswijk, Holland.

Went to a cheese market, of course, you can't leave Holland without
some good cheese.
I got nettle cheese.

My man, Roel and Uschi had herring the Dutch way.