Sunday, 27 June 2010


Finally some real summer weather!
England is hot and sunny and that means plenty
of BBQ's and car boot sales!
For some reason this weekend wasn't very busy
when it comes to car boot sales, not many sellers
that is.
I guess the reason for half empty fields today was
because England was playing in the World Cup.
I still managed to grab some bargains though...
Here's some of the finds for this weekend.

Flamenco doll, 20 pence.

1950's Bambi, 50 pence.

1950's squirrel brooch, 50 pence.

1960's earrings, 25 pence/pair.

1960's necklaces and bangle, £1 for the lot.

1930's jewelry/vanity dish, 50 pence.

1950's sewing stuff, 75 pence for the lot.

1950's coffee flask, 30 pence.
1960's sifon, £1.50.

Tin bird, 50 pence.
Tin hen, free.

1950's-1970's tins, £1.50 for the lot.

1950's J & G Meakin plates and bowls, £5 for the lot.

Close up on the pattern.

Friday, 25 June 2010


Is it just me who think this way or did Jonas Åkerlund
have a hangover and watched a bunch of old half decent
movies like Who's That Girl, Kill Bill, Thelma & Louise etc.
before directing this music video?
Love it! :D

Thursday, 24 June 2010


I'm having a really bad day today but I try
my best to cheer myself up with some music.
Here's a pretty good perk up tune...

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


As you might know I don't like to be photographed but
I thought I'd make an effort at the Rockabilly Rave.

Stunning mint and silver dress.
I got it last time I was in Prague for £10.
Too bad my hairdo doesn't show properly.

Markus and me in matching Hawaiian outfits.

I rebelled and left the red nail polish at home.
I love this turquoise nail polish from Barry M.


Hi! It's me, again!
I'm hardly alive, very sore.
Rockabilly Rave took the last ounce of energy that I
had left and this is coming from a person who didn't
have a single drop of alcohol what so ever.
Lack of sleep, moldy, cold chalets and change of food
really didn't go well with my otherwise very healthy

The highlight of the weekend was the chalet jam on
Saturday, the flea market on Sunday morning and a
lot of jiving when Jungle Jim was playing on Sunday
The flea market was full of dealers so it kind of took
the fun out of the whole thing.
I did manage to get some goodies for what I thought
was reasonable prices.

This is what I got:

Really cool 1950's wicker bag, £10.

Lovely vintage earrings, £4.

Awesome 1950's novelty skirt, £8.

Close up on the print.

On our way home we stopped in Golders Green for
a feast at our favorite vegetarian restaurant and
then we had quick look in my favorite charity shop.

This is what I snagged:

Jewish cook book from 1961, 50 pence.

Woods Ware Beryl from the 1940's, £1.50 for the lot!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


This cute little playsuit will be waiting for me when
I come back from the Rockabilly Rave on Monday!

Close up on the print.

I'm in the middle of packing my cutest outfits, lucky
we're not having to think about weight restrictions
since we're taking the car.
I really looking forward to the Rave right now, can't
wait to see my Swedish friends and jive my butt off!

I wish you all one awesome weekend!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I guess it's a bit silly getting all excited about
something as unimportant as a clasp but to me
this new clasp is a mutts nuts.
I got this bag on eBay over a year ago and the
seller clearly lied about the condition, the clasp
was old and cracked and fell off not long after I
got it.
It's been sitting in my bedroom longing to be
used for quite some time so I finally went to a
cobbler and asked if he could make a new one
and use the old one as a template.
White leather is apparently pretty pricey so I
asked if he had any red leather and he did and
as you can see it really gives the bag a bit more



Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Yes, I had a terrific weekend!
Got more finds than I could ever imagine and it was
hard work trying to pick out my favorites for the blog.
(I got loads more but I have to narrow it down because
it would take me all night to blog about them all!)
Anyway, here they are...

Salt and pepper shaker, £1.
(11.50 Kr/$1.50/€1.20)
This is a 1960's souvenir from Florida, it's so ugly and
kitschy I just had to have it!

Bambi book ends and Bambi figurine, £5 for the lot.
(58 Kr/$7.40/€6)
I still have my mom's Bambi figurines from the 1960's but
I can't find them, gonna have
a look when I'm in Sweden
to see if they are in my dad's

1960's bag, 50 pence.
(6 Kr/$0.75/€0.60)
Just what I needed actually! It's black, easy to maintain

1950's handbag, £2.
(23 Kr/$3/€2.40)
Mint condition! I love it badly!

1950's vanity case, £1.
(11.50 Kr/$1.50/€1.20)
This case needs a bit of TLC but it was too cute and I
couldn't leave without it.

Bangles, £1.50 for the lot.
(17 Kr/$2.20/€1.80)
These are all new ones.
I really got a thing for bangles this summer.

Exotic necklace, £1.
(11.50 Kr/$1.50/€1.20)
I have a thing for unusual and chunky necklaces.
Markus didn't like it at first but it looks awesome on and
it goes perfect with my tan.

1960's Clarks, £1.
(11.50 Kr/$1.50/€1.20)
The rubber is cracking AND melting on these but I plan
to take them to a cobbler and have a new sole put on.

1950's hat/bonnet, 30 pence.
(3.50 Kr/$0.45/€0.35)
This look so silly on but since it was so cheap I plan to use
the bits for another hat.

1970's scarf, 30 pence.
(3.50 Kr/$0.45/€0.35)
A girl can't have too many nautical themed scarfs.

1950's gloves, 50 pence.
(6 Kr/$0.75/€0.60)
These are absolutely gorgeous!
The picture doesn't do them any
justice at all.
The white leather bow is really the Pièce de résistance!

1980's two piece play suit, £1.
(11.50 Kr/$1.50/€1.20)
Just a little something to wear around the house or while
doing some gardening on
a warm day.

And here's my favorite find!
Click on the images for larger versions!

1960's dress, 50 pence.
(6 Kr/$0.75/€0.60)
I love this dress dearly! It fits like a glove and the
pattern is so sweet.
I do love the reptile bag equally but this dress gives
me a warm feeling and makes me think of my maternal
grandma so it wins because of that.


I feel the need of having a rant, if you don't mind...
I got proper fu**ed by Ryanair today!
I'm going home to Sweden in July to spend some
much needed time with my family and hopefully
visit tons of flea markets.
I thought they took the piss last year by charging
£20 per bag, this year they charge £40 per bag
and £20 whatever card you use to purchase your
tickets with.
There used to be a minimal cost if you used Visa
Debit, now they charge the same for all cards.
I was shocked and very pissed off!
But what can you do when all you want to do is to
go home and relax and enjoy the Swedish summer?

I usually travel with EasyJet, they are a lot cheaper
and they allow 5 kg more in luggage but they don't
fly to Sweden.

I really hope I sell my old clothes and accessories at
the Rockabilly Rave this weekend so it doesn't feel
like I wasted a small fortune on this trip.
I'm not a happy gal!

Monday, 14 June 2010


I'm so sad! Stupid ol' me managed to delete a lot
of the pictures from Spain that was in my camera
instead of transfer them to my computer!
I hope picturesque sea views and houses are OK.

I had a very nice time in Spain!
I actually met a few of my lovely blog readers and
blog friends which was really cool. It's so much fun
meeting people that's genuine and that you have a
lot in common with, like Clare, what a doll!
We agreed to meet on the beach for a hi and hello,
and we got along very well and ended up spending
the whole afternoon together.
I feel sorry for her and her man for have to listen
to me yapping for hours. I'm usually very shy but
when I meet people I feel comfortable with there's
nothing stopping me! LOL! Sorry Clare.
We spent quite a lot of time together during the
festival and I couldn't wish for better company,
too bad we don't live closer.

Picture borrowed from Clare's blog.

Clare and me at the pool party.
My swimsuit is 1950's and I bought it at a flea
market in Sweden like 18 years ago.
I got the coral necklace while I was in Spain and
it was a real bargain!

Another person I was thrilled to meet was Dick,
the drummer from The Comets and The Jodimars.
I was a bit bummed that I didn't get to meet the
bass player, Marshall.
Dick was a real sweetheart.

Dick and me.

You might wonder why I didn't have a vintage
hairdo, well, this year I was actually going for the
Hawaiian girl look.

Just like last year we went to Tossa de Mar for
a day to relax and enjoy the stunning view from
the ruins.

I want this house! It's been boarded up for over
a year now and sadly it's gonna be torn down.
I wish they could sell it to me, very cheap.

Markus and me.

Very old canon.

View over the village.

Oh how I would wanna live here! The plot is huge
and I couldn't help it, I was sitting there thinking
about what fab BBQ's I would have. :))

Sea view. It was so calming. We sat on the cliff for
hours just looking out at the blue sea.

Beautiful view, you can see the part of the ruin
where the church used to be.

Part of the ruin and a huge Aloe Vera plant.

I couldn't help it, this girl had a Blythe doll and she
was staging it here and there and took photos of
it, we had a giggle at her antics but I still think it
was cute. I wonder if she put her pics on Flickr yet.

Part of the castle.

Houses inside the castle walls.

This is so cute!

Down by the beach front, the path up to the ruins.