Thursday, 19 May 2011


Here's my finds from Sunday and Monday.
A bit belated but I'm pretty darn busy at the moment.
There won't be any blog posts for a while, I need time
away and since it's warmer outside there's hardly any
comments, people got much better things to do and so
do I.
So from Monday there will be quiet for a few weeks...

Click on the images for a larger view.

Vintage bamboo serving trolley, £1.50.
Me and my man has got bamboo mania at the moment.
This serving trolley were too cool not to get. :)

Vintage Hawaiian shirt, 50 pence.
I got this for my man. He's very picky but I know that he
never say no to a cool Hawaiian shirt

Vintage tie, 30 pence.
Another successful gift for my man. He loves jazzy ties.

1950's shorts, £1.
Finally something with a narrow waist! :))

1950's mules, 50 pence.
The mule madness continues. Very nice condition.

1970's robe, 30 pence.
Love this one! Perfect condition and stunning colors!

Close up.

Vintage shopper, 99 pence.
Really neat shopper, perfect for both shopping and the beach.
I attached the chillies myself.

Vintage Lucite bangle, £2.
Is this butterscotch or faux tortoise shell?
I can't make up my mind.

1960's lurex top, £2.
Couldn't resist this one! This is SO me! :D

And it's made in Israel! :D
I got this from North London Hospice in Golders Green.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Oh joy!
I was incredible happy to receive this beautiful vintage
faux sarong dress with the snail mail this morning!
I thought it would take a while before it even got here
since the postal service been a bismal lately but it only
took a week to get here from the US.
This is my latest Etsy find and it only cost me $20.

More pictures can be found here!

This is the best I can do with a shitty camera and no man at home. :P

I'm gonna match with black mules and this parasol hair clip.
And yes, the parasol hair clip is made by me.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I've been quite creative the last couple of days.
I think it has something to do with removal of a whole
bunch of stuff that's been occupying my hobby room.
I moved it all to the cabin/studio because it's a bit of
a mess there already. :P
Now I have room to move around and to spread out
and that woke my creativity right up.

This morning I finished this little vintage wicker bag.
As you can see it was in a state but some imagination,
felt and fake flowers did the trick.

Click on the image for a larger view.

This bag is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Finally blogger is working again!
And so am I, on getting more stuff. :))
Here's today's finds!

Click on the images for a larger view!

Vintage trinket box, 30 pence.
Just what I needed for my hair pins!

New exotic artificial flowers, £2.40 for the lot.
Bargain!!! These are going to make our lounge even more exotic.

1960's glasses, 50 pence for the lot.
Looove the shape and the pattern, wish there were 3 more.

1960's Hawaiian LP, 50 pence.
For the Hawaiian collection. Goes without saying I guess.

1950's/1960's sewing pattern, 80 pence for the lot.
For 10 pence each there was no way I would walk away empty handed!

Vintage crinkle scarf, 25 pence.
This is coming with me to Spain, perfect for lazy hair days when all
I'll do is hang by the pool.

Vintage slippers, £1.
I'm so in love with these powder puff darlings!

Cropped top, 50 pence.
Basic summer wear.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Today, after more than four years of waiting we
finally went to the RAF (Royal Air Force) museum!
It was the RAF Veterans Day and our dear friends
The Jive Aces were playing so we went.
I wish that my curiosity and love of old air planes
(and the fact that it's free) would have been enough
reasons to go years ago.
Oh well, I finally got to see some amazing aircrafts,
no nose art but still... WOW!
If you got the slightest interest in WW2, make sure
you visit the RAF Museum when you're in London.
And what do I do? I forgot to bring the camera!!!
I actually got my man to promise to take me back
there again, soon, when it's quiet and we got more

Quite funny, we were asked if we wanted to be in the video
but we were busy that day and didn't have time to drive to
South End. At least my man's old double bass had the time
to be in it. :))

We didn't have time to stay for the second set, I was
quite looking forward to have seen Rebecca Grant
(known from Holby City) up on stage but we had to
run some errands.

While we were out we scouted a few charity shops
along the way.
Not much luck today but I did get my paws on a
vintage embroidered Mexican peasant dress.
I wanted one like this when we were in Mexico a
few years ago but they were not that cheap so I
only ended up with one halter dress instead.
At the time I liked the halter dress more.

Vintage Mexican peasant dress, £4.50.

I also picked up this thing.
Can anyone tell me what it is?
Is it a cookie stand? Is it a jewelry display?
All I know is that I love it and that it must be 1950's/
1960's because of the design and the wood.

Something, £3.50.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Hi! Have you forgotten all about me?
Sorry for the lack of post lately but I've been quite
ill over the weekend and I spent almost all my time
in bed.
It was raining for the first time in a very long time
and it was nice to lay in bed under the covers with
the window open and get all that fresh air while I
was watching Dexter.

Since I was ill and it was raining there were no go
to the car boot sales, I'm only human. :P
Yesterday morning I said to my man that I wanted
to do something fun, so we finished some work and
then we went to our favorite spots (charity shops)
scouting for vintage, and vintage we got!
Pretty cheap too...

Click on the images for a larger view.

Let's start with my two favorite finds of the day, a
short blue lurex dress from the 1960's and a vintage
Hawaiian playsuit.
The Hawaiian playsuit has got the same pattern as
one of my Hawaiian dresses.

Lurex dress, 50 pence.
Playsuit, £4.

Pale blue angora lurex sweater, £1.
Brand new with tags. Score!

1960's bikini bottoms, 50 pence.
I was gutted that the top was nowhere to be found.
I was thinking about making a top myself out of the crazy fabric I got
at work a while back.

Vintage cap, £1.
Girls Brigade cap. The patch fell off but I kept it, not sure if I even
want it on the cap.
After some research I believe this one is quite old.

1950's leather gloves, £2.
Stunning condition! Will keep me warm during fall and winter.

1950's handbag, £2.50.
I love this bag. It has a faux tortoise shell (it's Lucite) bar on the
purse clasp and compartments everywhere.
Stunning details.

Like it was never used!

Vintage pants, 50 pence.
This is a bit sick, they are supposed to fit a 9-10 year old but they
fit me and I'm not even skinny, gonna revamp these into capri pants.

Red angora top, £40 pence.
Another kids item size 158-164. Fits like a dream and I've actually
been looking for a red angora top for quite some time.

Pink gingham shirt, £1.
For basic summer wear.
Makes me think of the Pink Ladies bowling team in Grease 2. :))

Just have to get me some gold pants...

Vintage wicker basket, £2.
Wicker baskets/bags are always useful for something. :P

Friday, 6 May 2011


Not much to say today really. I'm up early, listing stuff
on Etsy, again. I've been a busy bee the last few days.
The Lurex items I listed yesterday went fast and I want
to fill the shop up so I always got 100 or more items for
Today I'm listing a few hair flowers.
Feel free to have a look.

And let's change the subject...

Here's my recent charity shop purchases!
They make me long for the Screamin' Festival in Spain
later this month. Can't wait!

Pia Rossini hat, £1.50.
Looks unused. White with black edge.
Matches the shorts perfectly.

J Crew shorts, £3.75.
New with tag, original price was $44. Nuts.

Close up.

I even got the perfect handbag for this outfit!
Featured in this blog post.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


I can't believe I forgot to add this kick ass find in my
last blog post!
I got this vintage leather skirt at one of the car boot
sales we went to last weekend for only 20 pence!
My man was very iffy about it at first, "No one on the
rocking scene would be wearing a leather wiggle skirt"
blah blah blah... (who the f**k cares?)
"It's very 1980's" blah blah blah...
OK, a lot of women had a leather skirt in their wardrobe
in the 80's, this skirt is from the 80's, but to me a black
leather (pencil) skirt is SOOO Bettie Page, not Guns n'
Roses groupie.
And I got pictures to prove it!!! :))

I love this skirt, it makes my tiny waist and my fat ass look good! :))

Yeah baby!