Saturday, 31 January 2009


I just finished cleaning and oiling a double Ladderax unit
from the 1960's that we got for free today.
The entire house smells nice from the Teak oil.
Ladderax is the English version of the Swedish String shelf
that I, as a retromaniac, got tons of.
The Ladderax unit has got a record cabinet, a glass cabinet,
a secretaire desk, a three drawer chest and two shelves.
The sides are white but I'm gonna spray paint them black
as my String shelves as soon as it's warm outside.

For free you ask, how come?
We sometimes find stuff on a place called Freecycle, where
people give away their stuff for free instead of taking it to
the tip. Perfect for us who love vintage stuff and try to be
kind to mother nature.

This is String, but not mine.

Friday, 30 January 2009


And don't you dare say otherwise!

Saw on E News that Jessica Simpson has got a lot
of shit for her weight gain and I think it's sad.
Give her some cred I say!
She actually looks happy and healthy for once!

Your cellulites bugging you?
Check this out and you might feel a bit better.
(Because the rich and famous got them as well.)

Have a nice weekend girls!

Thursday, 29 January 2009


Had a quick look at Primark with Angela yesterday
before we had a cup of hot cocoa and a chat.
This is my finds.

Cardigan, £6.

Shoes, £13.

Clutch bag, £5.

I started the sewing course last night.
My project is to revamp a dull 70's dress, so far
I managed to remove the turtleneck and cut out
a piece of the front so there will be a key hole
like on many 40's and 50's dresses.

We were about 10 women there and the teacher
was very nice and Norwegian, so what I didn't
understand in English she told me in Norwegian.
Thank G*d for Scandinavians!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Just bought these on eBay for £14.99 including shipping.


An absolutely stunning pendant with my three
favorites, Silver, Marcasites and Garnet.

Monday, 26 January 2009


Hi guys and dolls!
So the kitchen is finished, the only thing we need is a fridge
but that won't happen until the end of this week.
I'm, sorry that I don't have any pictures of what the kitchen
looked like before the makeover, all I can say is blue floor
and granny units.
We wanted to change the worktops to black ones but these
will do for now.
From the beginning we wanted a 1950's English Rose kitchen
but it was too hard to find what we were looking for in the
time frame that we had and it would turn out way to expensive
in the end.
We wanted to keep it fresh and modern but with a retro and
playful feel.
The cartoonish orange and white tiles wasn't my idea, just a
result of my man watching movies like Who Framed Roger
Rabbit/Tom & Jerry/The Mask one time too many.

Click the pictures if you want a larger view.

Sunday, 25 January 2009


Last time I was into town I stopped by Primark to get my
mind off things and see if there's anything new.
I got these 3 items for a total sum of £10.50.
I'm very happy about the 40's style dress who was on sale.
I've been waiting for it to go down in prize since I got the
green version for £5 on Oxford Street last year.

Belt £2.50

Wallet £3

Dress £5


Me and my best friend often send packages to each
other, except that she's not as dorky as me and have
to blog about it every time, but I don't care, I can't
help myself!
I got a package the other day filled with lovely stuff
that really made my day. She's so spot on!

I got:
* my favorite movie, Tuppen,
* a note book in vintage sci fi pulp style,
* some lovely pink polka dot ribbon,
* eye shadow from Besame Cosmetics,
* four cute heart charms,
* a card with Bettie Page.

Look at these charms, aren't they too cute for words?!

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Hi my honeys!
As you might have noticed by now I'm not online on a
daily basis as I usually am.
It's because of the damn Labyrinthitis, it's back, again,
and that's all I can say about that.

Since I can't really function as normal I've been laying
on the sofa for days and watching TV.
I found a program on Paramount Comedy 2 that I'm
a bit curious about, Trailer Park Boys.
Has anyone seen it, is it worth watching?

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I finally dared to call my best friend today!
We'd been friends on the net for a lifetime but we never met or
even talked on the phone, but that changed today, thanks to a
muffin recipe. (Now how housewife is that?!)
It must have been the most entertaining phone conversation I
had since I started to talk to my man before we met.

I've been dog-sitting a 10 year old Boxer today.
She was nice but not very social, I don't blame her though, she
is 70 in human years after all...

I have to recommend a very tasty treat you really should try.
A proper cup of coffee and a piece of Halva.
You can get them in all kinds of varieties but my own personal
favorite is honey Halva.

Monday, 19 January 2009


Need a good cookbook?
I want to recommend my 3 favorite vegan cookbooks.
How It All Vegan, The Garden Of Vegan & La Dolce Vegan
Not only are the recipes to die for, the covers are pretty neat
and kitschy as well!
You don't have to be vegan to enjoy vegan food!

Visit Sarah Kramer's website!


This is our latest find on eBay.
It's a vintage door knocker and we got it for the neat
sum of £7.50, including shipping.
It goes perfectly with the rest of our vintage nautical
crap, I mean treasures. *smirk*

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Believe it or not but I ran out of flowers to glue
this morning and I thought, why don't I make
myself something outrageous and so I did.
I think I made the best hairpiece/hat ever!
It's totally mad and very me.
I love the red pompom veil.

Friday, 16 January 2009


How come your makeup being immaculate and your vintage
hairstyle better than ever the night your staying in?

I added six more pictures of my hair flowers just now.
Go here to view.

Thursday, 15 January 2009


I actually think that The Raveonettes kicks the shit out
of most bands in the world.

I go mad when I listen to them, I don't know if I should
dance, sing along, create something, pull my hair, get
drunk or f**k my brains out.
It's that wonderful.

Two of my many favorite Raveonettes songs...

Beat City

Love In a Trashcan

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


So I've spent my evening listening to The Raveonettes
and taking photos of most of my hair flowers that I've
made and who's still in stock.
I took a while but I really needed new pictures for my
favorite craft sites and for future auctions.

Check out the rest! Click here!


I forgot to post a picture of these cute 1960's hair slides
with Scottish Terriers that I got for 20 pence a while back.
Aren't they adorable?


We're getting there!
I think we're gonna have the kitchen back to normal
by tonight, that means that the floor in the lounge is
clear and we can finally Jive again!
The best and most fun type of exercise there is!

Monday, 12 January 2009


It's the last day the tiler is here.
The downstairs is a chaos and we haven't been able to
cook and wash up properly for four days.
I'm sure looking forward to get back to normal and to
walk on a new black floor.
I will post pictures!

What else?
I'm working on 3 heart shaped boxes at the moment,
I just finished painting them red and I even cut out
pieces of felt for the inside of the boxes.
I'm about to find some cool pictures to decoupage on
the lids.

I'm also revamping a bra and a clock, I found them in
a drawer along with tons of silk flowers and that was
just what I needed. More projects = happiness.
Before and after pictures to come.

I need some help with my next revamp project.
I'm planning on revamping this handbag because it's
really not in the best condition on the outside, you
can't tell from the picture though.
My plan is to decoupage something on the outside,
but what?
Tintin comic squares in Hebrew?
Gil Elvgren pinups?
Please give me some good advice.

Sunday, 11 January 2009


OK, here I go again with my latest revamped project.

I found this vintage vanity set in a charity shop about
two years ago and I had planned ever since to revamp
it but I haven't really got around to it until now.
I was meant to use pictures of Marilyn Monroe but
she didn't really do it for me, she's too glamorous and,
believe it or not, plain for this project.
So I used my old faithful Bettie Page and it turned out
to be even more sexy and kitschy than I first thought.

This project was very easy.
I just removed the green plastic backsides and added
the laminated pictures of Bettie.



Saturday, 10 January 2009


Isn't this nice?
Someone way back when made an album filled with perky
music the housewives could listen to while they cleaned
their homes.

Friday, 9 January 2009


As you might have noticed by now I have nothing
better to do than sit by the computer.
I'm currently working on a little revamping project
that will include my favorite Jewish girl of all times,
Marilyn Monroe.
(She converted when she married Arthur Miller.)

1940's Marilyn and her cute little tummy.


It's very frosty and beautiful outside today.
I took pictures of spiderweb in our backyard
this morning.
It's really amazing what those creepy crawlers
can do.


I'm fed up with winter!
I wish it was summer so I can show off my cute handmade
bikinis and bags by the pool at some cool rockabilly festival.

Cap - From a store on Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
Sunglasses - eBay.
Swimsuit - Vintage find on eBay.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I got these babies for only £5 today.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I've been so busy that I forgot to post a picture
of my latest find.
It's a 1960's pillowcase that I got for £1 on the
antique market last Friday.
Isn't it a treat?

Click the image for larger version.


I borrowed porn from the library today.
Not porn like naked people doing it, I don't care for that.
TASCHEN Decorative Art 50's, now that's my kind of porn!
575 pages with houses, glassware, fabrics, chairs and much
more, I can't wait to get a little time for myself, listen to
the jazzy tunes of Dave Brubeck and look through this book.

Monday, 5 January 2009


It's been snowing today!
Not much but still, it's white outside.
It's so beautiful and it's also a well needed break from
the eternal and depressing fall that's going on here.

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Hi my darlings!
Hope you had a really swell party on new years eve!

Mine hasn't started really well to be quite honest.
Pickles has now been evaluated by the behavior team
and she will not be in our care, even though we really
wanted her back.
They said that she need to be with other dogs for her
own mental welfare and we'd been in tears since we
took her back to the dog home.

I start to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and
start doing some craft again.
I'm not really up for it but at least it keeps my mind
off things for a while.
I made this bracelet the other day, it represent my
love for Coney Island.
(Freak shows, hot dogs and ferris wheels, you know.)