Sunday, 29 September 2013


September has been a very creative month for me
and I've enjoyed every second of it.

Here's a few things I made the other day...

OK, so do I sound like a complete douche if I say
I looove this little hat?
The glittery lilies I got over 10 years ago and used
them as a brooch once at a rockabilly ball but ever
since the day after they pretty much collected dust.
The feather thing was a gift from a friend eight years
ago, (I remember because I still lived in Stockholm.)
it's old and just been laying around in one of my craft
boxes waiting for a purpose!

I used three different shades of green in this hat and
I think it works great!

The black pom poms in the veiling was a must. :)

Hair flower in juicy colors.
I found the flowers at a flea market in Sweden this

I know you already seen the acorn fascinator but I just
wanted to show it with the matching brooch I made.

Wedding fascinator.
The flowers are nice old millinery flowers I found at a
flea market years ago.

Thursday, 26 September 2013


I finally finished my autumn fascinator!
The acorns and ribbon are from the 1940's and the felt
leaves I made myself. :)

Monday, 23 September 2013


Revamped yet another vintage case, this time only the lid
but it sure made a difference!

Sunday, 22 September 2013


I’m a tad tired after concentrating on revamping this baby.
I got it in Holland for €1.50 (approx. £1.25 / $2) and there
wasn’t really anything wrong with it, except it is beige and
since I totally agree with the wise words of Sue Kreitzman,
“Don’t wear beige, it might kill you!” I decided to give it a
bit more attitude.

I used Fablon this time (last time I used drawer paper) a
bit thicker and awkward than paper but very easy to cut.

So, what do you think?

Saturday, 21 September 2013


Silly car selfie on the way to work yesterday.

Thursday, 19 September 2013


As the weeks go by there's a lot of self loathing and self pity
along the way. It's no fun getting larger when you're used to
a 24 inch waist. So I've turned into retail therapy because it
works, at least for a little while and I don't spend a massive
amount since I love a good bargain.
Here's two not so necessary but oh so pretty things I've got

1930's Bakelite dress clip.

1950's glitter Lucite yo-yo.

What kind of unnecessary things have you purchased lately?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I treated myself to some cute vintage dresses and they arrived
all the way from Lithuania yesterday.
I thought I'd share...

£8 (approx. $12.70)
This Finnish dress is so amazing IRL!  
Whoever said spots and stripes doesn't go together hasn't seen this dress!
It still got the original belt.

£7 (approx. $11.10)
This dress require a pair of Swedish Hasbeens! I love that this one
also have the original belt.

£11.50 (approx. $18.30)
I just adore this French kite dress, it's so feminine.


£15 (approx. $23.90)
The Pièce de résistance! A vintage authentic Dirndl! 
I’ve been on a hunt for one for years but a lot of them have been way 
overpriced or too fancy dress/costume for my liking. 
I really love the color combination!
My parents had friends in Austria and I always got a new one every 
year as a kid, I looked like a boy in a dress but I just loved them!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I found two albums from when I was little today.
I just had to show off what cool outfit I had back
in the day, I'm the short one.

Saturday, 14 September 2013


We found this awful case in Holland and I didn't really want
it but my man insisted, which was kind of cool that he did.
This turned out to be a super fun project!

I got the funky floral drawer/shelf paper in Sweden for free
as I made a large purchase and the lady likes us because
we always come back every summer.
I didn't know what to do with it at first because I tend not
to use pretty paper and such but this time I actually did.

I think this whole revamp turned out pretty well, I mean, it
was my first attempt. I think this might be quite addictive.

All I used was craft PVA, a few brushes and a hobby knife.




Friday, 13 September 2013


Dear Jewish friends and followers,
I wish you all well over the fast and make sure you eat
something really nice tomorrow evening, because you’re
worth it! *hugs*

Thursday, 12 September 2013


This is what I do in bed nowadays…

I craved Dutch cinnamon sweets and cinnamon tea in my
Fabeltjeskrant mug I got from my friend Uschi.
It used to be my favorite TV show as a kid and my favorite
character was the fox, Lowieke de Vos (Tango Räv in the
Swedish version).

I also just finished this doll fascinator, isn’t it quite cute?
I got the bits from the car boot sale last week.
It turned out to look like it’s giving you the Jewish guilt trip.
What do you mean you have no more milk, you want me
to starve?” (With a slight Yiddish accent.)


I treated myself to some Bakelite spacers, I thought they
were going to arrive later, like on my actual name day but
the seller was quick to dispatch so they arrived two days
earlier. Doesn't matter to me as long as they arrive safely.
There are so stunning when holding them up to the light...

Got them for the not so tiny sum of £18.50 (approx. $29).

I also got a package from my friend Mikael in Sweden
who pinstriped me this bangle. Cool, huh?
More of Mikael's work here and here.

Monday, 9 September 2013


I picked these up today after my hospital appointment.
The red one is Bakelite and the teal one is Lucite.
The Bakelite bangle were really grubby so I cleaned it with
a toothbrush and hot water, after I dried it properly I sanded
it with a very fine sandpaper and then buffered it up.
I do need to get a new buffer because the surface should be
even smoother than it is now but mine were well used.
In the auction the seller said it had some dark mottled areas
but that turned out to be old dirt, after my deep cleanse I saw
a whole new bangle, it now shows the marbled pattern.
The sum? £5 each! (approx. $7.85 each)

Sunday, 8 September 2013


I think the time for finding cool stuff at car boot sales is over
for this season. It seems like people are trying to flog their left-
over junk. This is ALL the stuff I got today.

Bangle, 20 pence. (approx. $0.30)
I need more bangles like I need a hole in the head but still I couldn't
resist this one.

Carved ring, 50 pence. (approx. $0.80)
Not Bakelite but will go with my black carved Bakelite bangles.

Vintage box, 20 pence. (approx. $0.30)
I believe these were for electric shavers back in the days but I use 
these as jewelry boxes.

1950's cocktail forks, 50 pence. (approx. $0.80)
I think we have gone a bit mad on cocktail forks this summer, we 
picked up one set in Sweden, one in Holland and this one today.
We already had a few sets since before these as well. 
I think it's time to get into cheese cubes and pickles.

Mini sombrero, 20 pence. (approx. $0.30)
Another one to my modest collection.

Craft bits, 20 pence each. (approx. $0.30 each)
This is funny, I had all these bits on my favorite list on Etsy but they 
are all in America and the cost of them and the shipping together are 
extortionate. I was very happy over this bargain!
Vintage flocked deers, 20 pence. (approx. $0.30)
How could I not? ;)

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Today's car boot sale was a bit thin of cool stuff I must say. 
I managed snag three pairs of vintage earrings  that I just love for a
total of £1 and eight baby/kids garments for £2.40 (that included 2
knitted sweaters from the 1950's) so I didn’t leave empty handed.

I don't know if tomorrow will happen, it all depends on the weater
during the night.
I have no idea why we're still going to car boot sales when we got
our house, the loft and the cabin full to the brim! LOL!

Grape cluster earrings! My heart skips a beat for anything fruity!

Lurex earrings! Need I say more?!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


The good thing with being an adult and not very religious,
you can have breakfast for Rosh Hashanah dinner! LOL!
It’s all vegetarian, no pork in this house!!!

Shanah Tovah! Ah gut gebentched yohr!

Sunday, 1 September 2013


My man set the alarm on car boot sale this morning.
It was cold and I really didn't fancy getting out of bed but the
thought of chocolate cheesecake with my morning coffee and
possible bargains made it easier.

It turned out to be sunny and warm after a while, which was
really nice, unfortunately a lot of people left their brains and
manners at home.

Here's my favorite finds of the day:

1950's handbags, £3 each. (approx $4.60 each)
I tend to become a hardcore cheapskate at car boot sales but thinking 
about it for a second, charity shops nowadays charge around £15 for 
1950's handbags in not very good condition so I didn't want to leave 
these beauties behind!

1950's heels, £1.50. (approx $2.30)
Leopard wedges, £1. (approx $1.55)
The heels are amazing! The wedges needs a bit of brushing up but I 
wasn't looking to buy perfect or expensive.

1980's red leather shoe clips, 50 pence (approx $0.77)
1960's necklace, 10 pence (approx $0.15)
1950's belt, 50 pence (approx $0.77)
Super happy about the shoe clips, I got vintage gloves in the same 
shade and that will look amazing together, I decided to be a bit more 
glam this autumn and winter.

Bangle, 75 pence. (approx $1.15)
So pretty, will look perfect with an exotic dress.

1950's ring holder, £2. (approx $3)
Isn't he adorable?! I really needed another ring display/holder 
and this one is beyond perfect because I have pink and green 
stuff on my teak vanity.

1960's robe, £1. (approx $1.55)
I've planed for many years now to get rid of my ugly modern robe 
but haven't found one, this one might do, I'm gonna give it a try. 
If it get static or doesn't breathe it won't do.