Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hi there!
I just want to warn you that there's quite a few pictures
in this post...
This weekend was a real treat, three car boot sales, two
BBQ's and a lot of sunshine! = happy Rascal

Here's some of my loot:

Bangles, 80 pence for the lot.
(Approx $1.20)
Bangleoholic strikes again! I have a thing for purple at the moment.

Sailor style cardigan, £1.50.
(Approx $2.30)
There's a button missing but I'm gonna change them all anyway to 
something more fun.

1950's sparkly clutch/large coin purse, 50 pence.
1950's glasses case, 50 pence.
1950's German grooming kit, 50 pence.
(Approx $0.75 each)
I'm very happy about these finds, so essential in my everyday life!

Check out the grooming kit! Love the two tones tools.

Huge 1960's suitcase, £3.
(Approx $4.55)
Yep, another one. Great and cool storage.

1950's/1960's gloves, 30 pence each pair.
(Approx $0.45 each pair)
I don't really use gloves that often but these were in good condition 
and I just couldn't refuse these pink beauties.

1950's shoe rack, 20 pence.
(Approx $0.30)
SCORE!!! I love this!

1950's radio, £3.50.
(Approx $5.30)
This is sooo cute!

Look!!! :D

1960's hanger with tiki mask, 50 pence.
(Approx $0.75)
Totally kitsch, couldn't resist.

1950's table cloth, 50 pence.
(Approx $0.75)
This pattern makes me feel all giddy.

WAAF poster, £1.50.
(Approx $2.30)
I have plans to frame this at some point.
I want to fill the walls in our staircase with cool framed posters 
like this.

1950's vanity case, £1.
(Approx, $1.50)
There's always room for one more vanity case! LOL!


Saturday, 29 June 2013


Dressed like this to a BBQ today, it does look more
suitable for a classic pick-nick but who cares when
the sun is finally shining?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Today was the first sunny day we had since we got back.
I wanted to make the most of it and convinced my man that
we should go to my favorite town to scout the charity shops
and just spend a little time together, I didn't have to beg.
We went through 16 charity shops. :))
I snagged a few nice things, as you can see...

1960's raspberry sorbet pink dress with white fleck, £5.
(Approx $7.70)

1960's top, £1.
(Approx $1.55)

1980's sunglasses, £2.
(Approx $3)

1960's handbag, £2.50.
(Approx $3.85)

1950's clutch, 50 pence.
(Approx $0.75)

1950's shadowbox/knick-knack shelf, £2.
(Approx $3)

1950's ashtray, 50 pence.
(Approx $0.75)

Monday, 24 June 2013


I went into town earlier today to post a load of packages.
I also scouted the local charity shops afterwards, I haven’t
been rummaging for so long so it was a real treat indeed.
Here's what I got:
Found this beautiful old hat with flowers painted on it for £3.
(Approx $4.60 or €3.50)

And this is my favorite find in quite a while, a stunning cherry
Cool-Aid colored Bakelite bangle for 99 pence!!!
(Approx $1.50 or €1.15)

So perfect!

Thursday, 20 June 2013


My man and I had our 6 1/2 year anniversary yesterday.
I got a stunning bouquet of colorful flowers and I made
him a Carmen Miranda-esque decoration for his red hat.
He's gonna wear the hat tonight and I'm gonna let you in
on some cool news and why he's gonna wear it.

Before we left for Spain me and my man was invited to
Sue Kreitzman’s little art exhibition that takes place in
East London tonight. My man is gonna have a one man
jam on his double bass and I'm just gonna look cute.
Like that wasn't cool and awesome enough, yesterday my
man got a message from Sue inviting us to her home after
the event!!!
I’ve only seen pictures and clips of her amazing home on 
YouTube and now I’m gonna see it all with my own eyes!
I love everything that she does, she's my idol and I’m SO
honored to be invited.
I can't wait! I'm charging my camera battery and emtying
the memory card as we speak!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Hi there!
I've been away for a while.
Went to Screamin' Festival in Spain.
I had a good time until I got food poisoning during the
festival Saturday's evening event where I passed out
because of horrible stomach pains and puked all over
myself, ended up in an ambulance.
I felt so ashamed because people saw me do this and
might have thought I was a classless drunk twat.
(I didn't drink any alcohol at all that day.)
I missed all the bands I wanted to see that night and I
missed the last day of the festival. :(

Discovered that Rock n' Roll Holidays that we used
to go to back in the days was back after two years so
we had another half week of party.
We had a great time at the pool parties on the roof and
I rediscovered a song by Billy Fury that my dad used to
play when I was a kid that I loved.

Here's a few selfies and finds.

Had a pretty decent hair day on the festival Thursday.

Me and my man at the evening event on the festival Thursday.

Managed to get me a nice tan after the festival was over.

Me and my man at the pool party.

Found these beauties in our hidden gem in Calella. 
It’s a little charity shop (goodwill) where we managed to 
find some neat stuff over the years. 
Got the peach 1960’s peignoir for €2 (= $2.65/£1.70) and 
the black 1950’s dress for €5 (= $6.70/£4.25). 

This carved Bakelite bangle arrived from Ireland while I was in Spain. 
(Won this on eBay for £11.50 = approx $18.) 

And these two marbled Bakelite bangles arrived from the Czech Republic. 
My postman was SO NICE to hold them for me since they were too large 
to deliver so they wouldn't be sent back.
(Won them on eBay, the green bangle was £12.70 = approx $20 and the 
creamed corn bangle was £9.55 = approx $15.)