Saturday, 2 March 2013


Had a super nice surprise the other night!
My man's 22 year old cousin from New York stayed with
us for a day and a half.
As she was helping her sister with some assignment over
the computer I opened one of my jewelry boxes where I
store my Bakelite and celluloid collection to admire them.
I took one spacer bangle out that I thought was glass, had
a look at it and realize that it might actually be Bakelite!
(I stored it in there because it was less likely to break than 
if I kept it with my everyday bangles.)
I tested it with Simichrome and it tested positive!

I got this yellow marbled bangle in a junk shop in Prague
years ago, I remember I paid 30 pence for it! (45 US cents)

I must say that it's pretty darn nice when something you
thought was quite useless becomes a very nice addition
to your collection.

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