Thursday, 24 October 2013


I'm in the process of sorting my hobby room out and
that also means finishing projects that's been hiding in
boxes for years.
I'm pretty much "there", just a few more things to tidy
but it looks a whole lot better than before!

Here's a few projects that I finally finished these last
two weeks...

I got this cigar box at a flea market in Sweden ages ago, the handle 
came from a broken vintage handbag and I used Fablon on the front 
and back.

A friend of mine in Russia gave me a ton of sweets at Screamin' Festival 
earlier this year because she knew how much I love the graphics of the 
wrappers after getting some in a Russian kiosk in Prague last year.
Best way to display cool stuff like this is to put it in a shadow box. :)

And here's a few more cherry necklaces!

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