Friday, 29 November 2013


Went to Bucks the other day to look at a possible important
purchase for the future but it turned out to be all wrong so no
go this time.
We decided to make a day of it since we were out & about
already so we scouted the charity shops in areas we passed
on out way home.
Didn't find much but I'm thrilled about my Hanukkah gift that
I got from my man... Scroll down...

Lot of vintage kitsch, £1.80. (approx $2.90)
I was over the moon to find a whole lot of these red flocked deers
for such a tiny sum! Two like these went for quite a lot on ebay UK
the other day!

1950's boat lamp, 50 pence. (approx $0.80)
Clearly a restoration project but still cool!

Stunning 1950's/1960's dress, £18. (approx $30)
Found this in a shop called Kitsch Me Quick and I fell in love with it 
on the spot! My man insisted on getting it for me as a Hanukkah gift!

45" rack & table wastebasket/flower pot, £1 each
(approx $1.60 each)
As many 45's as we got these racks are essential! 
The wastebasket will be prefect on my hobby desk.

Old bamboo bottle opener & compact mirror with light.
Because the shop manager loved my hair (faux bangs) and thought I 
was a sweetheart.


Mim said...

Those flocked deer are so cute.

And Happy Hannukah! (I know it was last week, but I hope you're still having fun...)

Miss Rascal said...

Thank you darling! Actually, last evening of Hanukkah is tomorrow night so you're still not too late. :) <3