Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Hi my darlings!
I'm ill after a rather busy Hemsby weekend.
Went to bed at 4 AM every night and it was freezing
cold so it's no wonder my system had enough.
We went up in the early hours on Sunday to do the car
boot sale and I must say we did pretty well, except that
my man got a very rare 50's shirt stolen from our rack!
There were also some people who wanted to stir shit
but over all the weekend was OK.

I promised you a Prague post but I'm not well enough
to sit here for long so this will be a short one about my
latest finds, some from Prague and some from Hemsby.
I will post pictures of the clothes I bought in Prague in
a while.
The finds in this post are from the 1930's - 1960's.


Handbag, approx. £2.

Necklace, approx. £3.50.
Bohemian Retro

Coin purse, approx. £3.50.
Bohemian Retro

Brooch, approx. £3.50.
Bohemian Retro

Czech 1930's glass figurines, approx. £6/each.
Bohemian Retro

Handmade box, approx. £2.
Galerie Art Deco


Plastic trinket box, £2.

Necklace, £4.


Jema Rose said...

Jättefina saker!

Hoppas att du kryar på dig snart..!

KRAM, Jenny


Mrs Munster said...

The leaf necklace is really pretty!

tam said...

I love it all, especially the coin purse!!!!!! So cute x x

the real mia said...

Fantastik finds! I love that little pup purse for coins and the beautiful broach below it. Charming.

Leah said...

that white brooch with the spray of diamentes is absolutely beautiful, i'm so jealous!