Thursday, 8 October 2009


Sorry, no long post today.
I've been busy sorting through my closets today.
There was tons of 1950's/rockabilly clothes and
shoes that no longer want and I hope to get rid off
it all at Hemsby car boot sale on Sunday.
I thought that I would only bring two big bags but
ended up with four big bags, a box full of handbags
and a box with hair flowers and jewlery.
I'm way too lazy to list them on Etsy or eBay and
since Royal Mail can't do their damn job properly
I'm not gonna use their services.
They've been on strike for almost 14 weeks now!
It sucks getting angry emails from buyers when all
I do is my very best.

Need to pack the stuff I'm gonna wear for Hemsby
rock n' roll weekender
, still don't know what but I
got some time in the morning.
It's autumn so red or black is safe colors, it should
be easy to put something together.
Need to pack shoes that are easy to jive in as well
because I plan to do that a lot over the weekend.


Angel said...

Whatever you don't sell send me a piccy please!!!!

Mrs Munster said...

Hope you have good time in Hemsby. Royal Mail is a joke. One postman was moaning in radio yesterday how hard their job is now because people order from Amazon and Play (parcels too heavy to carry. Well, it's your job!)

Jessica Sandquist said...

ville bara säga; fan vad cool du är! älskar sakerna du köpt och hur du satt ihop allt :) stenkoolt. lägg gärna ut saker du inte får sålt på tradera ;)