Friday, 5 October 2012


I guess this might be the last car boot sale loot post for
a while. This is a few of my finds from last Saturday.

Vintage satin Hanukkah bush ornaments, £1 for the lot.
Need to get the kitsch factor even higher this year.

Vintage Bambi, 20 pence.
There's a few patches missing but I plan to take some off
the bottom and glue onto his face, if and when I got time
that is. Right now he looks like he's ready for Halloween,
like the skin is coming off and show his skull. :P

1980's He-man drawstring bag, 20 pence.
Someone clearly took and old pillow case and turned into
a drawstring bag for gym class, not successfully I might add.
My plan is to sew on some straps and make a tote bag out
of it instead.

Book, £1.
Cheaper than Amazon and eBay. ;P 

Vintage bamboo frame, 20 pence.
Perfect for notifications or whatever when I have a stall.
Or our living room...

Vintage bamboo jewelry box, £1.
I'm thinking this could serve well for the stall as well.
Nice way to show the jewelry that's for sale.

Vintage jewelry, £1 for the lot.
Love them both. I'm impressed with the handiwork on the
necklace, it's just so amazing.

Pretty make up bag, 20 pence.
Too kitsch and too good of a price not to get.

1960's coat, £2.
I was so happy when I found this because
I've been looking on eBay for 3 years now 
for a teal coat but without luck.
£2 for a nice coat is what I call a steal!

1950's nylon nightgown, £1.
I can't get enough of these and whenever I find
one for under £5 I always get them.


Mim said...

AAAH SATIN BAUBLES! I loved those as a child (1970s), the way they caught the light was so beautiful. They're quintessentially midcentury. Well found, Miss Rascal!

Perdita said...

Yes, I love those satin baubles too! Pure nostalgia!

Anikó said...

what a haul! <3

Sara said...

that 60s coat is marvellous, and how cheap! :o Amazing :)

Yours sincerely,
Sara from Ladylike Delicacy