Tuesday, 30 October 2012


We have officially no more room in this house for anything!
With the gruesome house prices here in the UK and a man
who doesn't want to learn Swedish and move there to make
a better life for us we have no other choice than to let go of
some stuff.
(I mean, do we really need 3 1950's/1960's cocktail bars?)

Here's two larger items I'm trying to sell at the moment...

1950's fold out sewing table with an Arrow sewing machine
Works fine and dandy!
The sewing machine is screwed on to the table and can be
folded down when it's not used. ..

Loads of space...

Bakelite pedal...

1960's teak cocktail cabinet
Well cared for...

Very chic...

Perfect for the mid century home...

I really hope these two wonderful items end up in a nice
home somewhere here in the UK.


Frocktasia said...

I have the same problem as regards to the 'NO SPACE LEFT' issue but my hubby has always wanted to give living in Sweden a bash, it's me who has been the stick-in-the-mud with that. I'm starting to come round to the idea though cause I'm so fed up with having to hand over most my wages to my landlord every month and I've also fallen out of love with life in the metropolis.
Approaching forty, my mind is now yearning for trees and fields not people and concrete and I think a medium sized town in Sweden would be the ideal place to satisfy that desire.
Good luck with selling your stuff, the bar cabinet is awesome, anyone would be lucky to get their hands on that beauty.

Vintage Coconut said...

Ohhh what a gorgeous sewing machine.
I am CRAZY about sewing machines *hehehe*
Love that cabinet too it's fantastic!