Sunday, 30 December 2012


Hey there!
Do you mind if I show you my latest Bakelite jewelry finds?

Short yellow necklace was a gift from my man and the
long necklace was a gift to myself, both from Prague.
Short cost 380 CZK (= £12 / $20)
Long cost 150 CZK (= £5 / $8)

Found the yellow, orange and green bangles in Prague.
Yellow & orange cost 280 CZK each (= £9 / $14.50 each)
Green cost 180 CZK (= £6 / $9.50)

These arrived through the letterbox while we were in Prague.
They were part of a lot (of 8) I bought on Etsy, thought they
would be Bakelite judging by the shape and they were!
The seller never mentioned anything about Bakelite so I really
took a chance and I'm glad I did!
They cost 90 US cent each (= 55 pence each)

Yum yum!

If you live in the US you might think these bits are expensive but
for me, living in the country where everything is overpriced, it's
absolute bargains.


Rosina Lee said...

ohhh great scores!

mesut said...

hi how much you want for this bakelite beads?

Miss Rascal said...

Rosina Lee: Thanks darling!

Mesut: They are not for sale.

Love Of The Hunt said...

You realize that in America you couldn't buy a Bakelite spacer bracelet for less than $50..and thats if you LUCK out.