Friday, 28 December 2012


I have a weakness for Eastern European/Russian things 
and when I found this Russian kiosk in Prague I just had
to get some sweets!
The woman in the kiosk didn’t speak a word of English 
but I still managed to get what I wanted and I thanked 
her properly.
I’m not going to eat any of it, it’s to keep, it’s to beautiful 
to unwrap.
This bunch will end up in one of my small shadow boxes.


ismoyo said...

So Pretty! I can very much understand you won't be opening them. But didn't you just buy one extra to taste? That's what i would have done. And than put the wrapper in my collage journal!
Happy anniversary-belated-birthday-and-chanuka-and-early-new-year!

Ivy Black said...

Not so much sweets as min works of art! How fab.

Miss Rascal said...

Ismoyo: I knoooow, I've been kicking myself since we got back, didn't think about it. I got some friends in Russia that I can ask and maybe they know about more sweets with that kind of awesome wrappers.

Ivy: Amen! :)