Monday, 21 January 2013


It feels like ages since I posted about finds.
Maybe because it's not car boot sale season and the
charity shops have started to really price their stuff.
Anyway, here's some of my latest finds.

1950's/1960's black sequin top, £2.50.
I almost missed this top, I was occupied talking to a friend that 
manages that particular charity shop and as I always do I had 
a second look before I left and there it was!

Close up.

1950's/1960's pale mint sequin top, £7.50.
This is what I call a splurge. I would never ever pay this much for 
a garment in a charity shop, ever, but this was in absolutely mint 
and unused condition. Haven't decided if I'm gonna keep it or not.

Close up.

Vintage embroidered angora cardigan, £3.75.
A bit more than I would have liked to pay normally (you know 
I'm cheap!) but a cardigan like this I just can't leave behind.

Close up.

Super cute gloves, £2.
My heart skipped a beat for these gloves, red and with a bow. *love*

Vintage Pyrex hostess set, £3.
Complete set! I just can't resist colorful Pyrex.

1950's shelf, £2.
I've got one in a smaller size and I can't wait to put them up on the wall!
This shelf wasn't supposed to be for sale, the manager of the charity shop 
was quite nasty about it when I asked, funny how I went there a few weeks 
later and there it was in a plastic box. This was meant to be.

1940's/1950's picnic bottle carrier, £1.50.
I guess this could also be used as a vase holder. :)


Frocktasia said...

You've bagged some great stuff there, both the tops are stunning...x

Kitsch n' Keen said...

You really do find the greatest things! I love the sequin tops (obviously, sparkly!) and the bottle fun :)

Rosina Lee said...

Fabulous finds as usual, I can never find the sequin tops here or if I do they are priced for well over $80 +

Zizzi said...

Fint med paljetter och broderier. Gillar hyllan skarpt också!

Miss Rascal said...

Frocktasia: Thank you kindly. Feels like hard work when it's not car boot sale season. :))

K n' K: Aw, thank you. Yeah, can't wait to carry some cider in that thing. :))

Rosina Lee: You must be joking?! :O

Zizzi: Tackar och bockar! :D
Vart hittar jag din blog numera?

La Dama Malvada said...

You marvelously scored amor!
love the glittery black cardi.
I really miss the boot sales.. yard sales here been sucking.