Thursday, 17 January 2013


In October we did our last car boot sale for the year.
That's when I snagged this bracelet for 50 pence.
Last night I revamped this bracelet into a necklace.
The bracelet was too big, even tho I removed two of
the beads already and it gave me an icky feeling of
being static on the underside, quite annoying.
I also didn't like that I could see the elastic between
the "teeth", I know, this could easily be rectified by
some white beads but since the static feel was too
annoying I decided I didn't want to wear it around my
I couldn't list it on Etsy because I like the colors too
Last night, out of the blue, I saw this being a really
cool necklace and I immediately started to revamp it
and I was SO right!
I can't wait for sunny days so I can wear it with a cute
little outfit!

Click on the image for a better view.


Rosina Lee said...

Great idea, I have a shell one similar that I never wear and now I think I may mix it with some tiki beads for a new look. Thanks for the inspiration. xx

Kitsch n' Keen said...

Oooh, I dig how that looks! Great idea.

Miss Rascal said...

Rosina Lee: Sounds fab! I love to inspire. :D

K n' K: Thank you! :D