Monday, 19 August 2013


Hi there!
It's been a while!
I've been in Sweden and Holland for almost a month.
I dread to make a post about my finds over there but
I will however post about yesterdays finds from a local
car boot sale.

Straw bag, 20 pence. (approx. $0.30)
This bag need a bit of TLC, I need to glue the straw on the handle 
into place and the grapes are scruffy, I might seal them with some 
decoupage glue.
I've been pining over this bag for a while and for 20 pence I don't 
mind that it's not in mint condition.

Bakelite bangle, 35 pence (approx. $0.55)
I'm not in a rush to make my collection bigger and I'm not spending 
a lot of money on Bakelite so when I find them cheap it's even more 
of a thrill.

Lot of Bakelite and celluloid buttons and buckles, £5.80.
(approx. $9)
The shapes and designs are amazing.
I want to make OTT rings out of the huge black buttons.

1940's/1950's hair remover, 20 pence. (approx. $0.30)
I'm NOT going to use this but the package is just so darling.

Faux fur jacket, £3. (approx. $4.70)
This jacket is absolutely stunning in real life.
As much as I hate cold weather I do look forward to be stylish 
this autumn and winter.

1950's jewelry, £1.50 for the lot. (approx. $2.35)
I just couldn't resist that little teak fish!


Rockabilly Redhead said...

Oh ,you were in the Netherlands? Shoot, I live there. Would've loved to meet you.

Miss Rascal said...

I should really be more open about my future adventures here in my blog!

I stayed at friends in a little village called Vragender in Gelderland.

Mariela said...

The straw purse is gorgeous! I adore straw and wicker purses. I have a small collection of them.