Monday, 15 July 2013


On Saturday I was totally stressed out over the nasty
comments on tumblr.
I decided to get out and away from the computer for
a while to get my mind off things.
Since I'm alone and don't drive I decided to bite the
bullet and take the bus to a nearby car boot sale.
Of course it took so long to get there that most people
were packing up, I still managed to get a few things.
After the car boot sale I had to take the bus back into
town center and as I had to pick up a few craft bits I
had a scout in the charity shops and I found some more
things to drag home with me.
Amazing what a few bargains can do for a little vintage
hoarders mood.

Here's a selection of what I snagged:

Bangles, 50 pence each.
Approx $0.75 each.

Fruity vintage t-shirt, 50 pence.
Approx $0.75.

1980's Carmen Miranda-esque earrings, £1.50.
Approx $2.25.

Vintage sequin dress, £1.50.
Approx $2.25.

Vintage lurex jumpsuit, £3.
Approx $4.50.


Mariela said...

Love the earrings and slinky sequins dress.

MissFifi said...

Nice finds!!

Desiree said...

You made out like a bandit! Love the sequin dress.

La Dama said...

Great scores amor!
your gonna look so good in that gold dress.