Friday, 27 June 2014


It's been a while since I posted about any finds.
Here's some stuff I managed to snag on Etsy and eBay recently.

Vintage Chimayo bag, £8 ($13.60).

1940's "Telephone cord" purses.
White, £20 ($35). Multi color, £28 ($47).
My mother in law gave me money to buy myself something I 
really wanted as a "push present" and so I did! :)

Bakelite bangles.
Amber, £4 ($6.80). Banana £7 ($11.90).
I never turn down cheap Bakelite. ;)

1940's Mexican jacket, £31 ($52).
I've wanted a green one for ages!!!

Vintage belt buckle, £4 ($6.80)

Hand painted Mexican style skirt, £5 ($8.50).