Sunday, 12 October 2014


It's been a while!
Life as a new mother has been great so far, except getting a depression
after I had to stop breastfeeding. I'm still really blue but I'm not letting it
take over my daily life.

What else? Oh, I don't know, not much to tell really.
Here's a few things from the last two weeks...

I managed to snag two Cowichan sweaters recently for a really decent price.
One for me and one for Dixon. £11.50 (approx. $18) and £5 (approx. $8).

Revamped one of my belts the other day.

This handsome fella turned 6 months today!
I can't believe the time passes by this fast!!!

And a couple of selfies with Dixon for good measure. ;)


Helena said...

Lovely to see a post from you. What a handsome boy! Forgive me if this is too intrusive, but I do hope that you are getting help for your depression. Don't diminish it or disregard it. It's not your fault, and people can help. For example, there is a support group which I think may be not too far away from you; of they are, I'm sure they'd know another which is nearer.

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