Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Had a pretty nice day out today.
Went for a check up at the optician today and then
we went for lunch and to get my vintage fix at my
favorite vintage shop since it's not yet the season
for car boot sales. (They start next month.)
It's not car boot sale prices either but I think I did
quite well...

I guess I really don't have to mention that the stuff
are from the 1950's/1960's since most of you know
me by now...

Plastic basket, £9.50 (102 kr, $14, €10.50)

Perfect for my curlers!!!

Big wicker handbag, £6.50. (70 kr, $10, €7)

Case for my sunglasses, £1.50 (16 kr, $2.50, €1.60)

Here's some finds from two weeks ago...

Nubian boy for my collection, £1. (10 kr, $1.50, €1)

Really cool candle holders, £2 each. (20 kr, $3, €2)


Heather said...

That blue basket is definitley a nifty find! i love the color!

Little Rascal said...

Thanks sweetie! :)
A bit too pricey for this bargain gal but I would have regret not getting it on the way home. :))

Jema Rose said...

Superfina saker!!!

: )

KRAM, Jenny


Little Rascal said...

Tack gumman. :)

Zizzi said...

Älskar plastkorgen och glasögonfodralet!

Eli said...

Hej! Åh, snälla kan jag få låna bilden på de springande ljusstakarna och publicera på min blogg om jag länkar till dig? Köpte en variant av dem, sittande med gula huvuden när jag var i London, har visat dem och skulle vara kul att visa en (ännu collare) variant.
/Libby på femtiotalsjakten.blogg.se

Little Rascal said...

Zizzi: Tack stumpan. :)

Eli: Inga problem alls! :)

Tjuettan said...

Vilka fynd!!! Fin väska, perfekt till vårens första picknick, kanske!?

Glamour-Och-Fläskpannkaka said...

lovely things!

Randiga Tråden said...

Vilken härlig blogg, snygga katter.