Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I'm a little behind with my posts...
I wanna start this post with good news.
I had a weigh in at the gym today and I now
reached my goal! 5 kilos gone!
I now have a personal goal to lose another 3
but I'm not in a hurry, it's more important to
tone up to be honest.

Monday night was Seder night and it was only
me and my man.
We were hoping to get the new Haggadah's in
time but they didn't show up.
We did a healthy all vegetarian Seder this year
with low cal grape juice instead of wine and we
had a nice soup instead of greasy latkes.
We also had a nice homemade no fat hummus
and low fat garlic dip and carrot sticks.
For dessert I made sesame flapjacks and chai

Our humble Seder table.
I love the kitschy table cloth!

My man saying the blessing...



husmodern said...

Maj gaaad, du är så snygg! How do you do it?

Jema♥Kitsch said...

Vad fint ni har det, och håller med "Husmodern", vad fin DU är!!!

: )

Duktig du är som lyckats gå ned 5 kilo, själv så behöver jag gå ned 15 kilo...inte helt lätt när man inte kan motionera så mycket på grund av värk, däremot så borde jag pröva att lägga om min kost, som kanske inte alltid är så hälsosam..!

KRAM, Jenny


tam said...

Yay to loosing and getting to your goal its fab news! You look so pretty in that picture x x

Zizzi said...

Fina fina du! Nu måste jag ta tag i mig själv jag också. Mitt mål är också att gå ner 5 kg. Borde röra mig mer.

Heather said...

Pretty! Pretty tabel, hope you had a wonderful Seder